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Avoid This Airline.

The airline was part of my trip with Etihad Airways: it took a day and a night. Flight: (AB 7495 flight sold as EY 1401.19 August 2016. Boarding...

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Economy AUH - TXL More than 3 years

One of the Worst Airlines

The tickets were very expensive, the service was appalling, the plane was a wreck and to top it all off there was a 30-minute delay.

Bravo, Germany.

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Economy TXL - FKB More than 3 years

Flight canceled without warning

There was no flight. We weren't warned and we had to scramble to pay for another night, buy 3 plane tickets for Paris and 3 train tickets and despite our complaints we weren't reimbursed for our expenses. They are basically thieves. Impossible to communicate with. No consideration for our problems.

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Economy DJE - MLH More than 3 years

Disappointed once again

We never wanted to travel on Air Berlin again since we had bad experiences before and the unpleasant staff did not help.

Three years later we decided to try again on a round trip flight to Moscow since the price and the schedule were good for us.

In reality, the plane was late every time and we had to pay for our luggage twice, which cost us €120 extra to take one little suitcase since carry-on luggage had to be small and weigh less than 17 lbs. (difficult in the middle of winter).

This company is a scam and they are not trustworthy. Luckily this time the staff was pleasant!

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Economy DME - TXL More than 3 years 1 views
cécile W.

A good experience

I arrived at Orly's South Terminal three hours early thinking there would be traffic on the way. The Terminal was deserted at 6 am. The counter...

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Economy ORY - TXL More than 3 years 1 reactions 219 views

Excellent flight

A very pleasant flight with Air Berlin. The plane was almost empty and it was easily possible for each person to have two seats to themselves...

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Economy MIA - DUS More than 3 years 39 reactions 435 views

Not the best, frankly

After being transferred to a gate right at the end of the airport, there we were: 250 people waiting for more than an hour, all caused by a delay...

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Business AUH - HKT More than 3 years 4 reactions 368 views


We were victims of overbooking by the airline and my husband and I were separated: one took the last place on this flight and the other was offered a flight with a stopover in Berlin that would arrive at the destination at 10:30 p.m. (instead of 10:40 a.m.)—thus almost 12 hours afterwards. It took some tough negotiations for them to accept to put me on the following direct flight at the price of another victim, as this flight was already more than full…. These practices are shameful and the compensation is usually below the damages suffered.
Not considering this small detail, the flight went well. The crew in the plane was friendly, but they spill coffee very easily. The sandwich had no taste.
The level of comfort of the flight was normal.

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Economy PMI - SCN More than 3 years 1 reactions 204 views

Guaranteed satisfaction

An airline we couldn’t love more! An intuitive and easy to use website, check-in procedures are simple, with an automatic generation of a passbook...

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Economy ORY - TXL More than 3 years 3 reactions 50 views
Ken I.


Everything began at the Berlin TXL airport, which due to its small size has shown itself once again to be extremely practical. Boarding was quick...

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Economy TXL - ORY More than 3 years 12 reactions 433 views
Ludwig P.
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