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A great flight

A very pleasant flight. Check-in was flawless. The crew was very nice and really fun. When we arrived in, the pilot invited us into the cabin. We...

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Economy CDG - MIA More than 3 years 11 reactions 267 views

A trip in time

The 767-300 parked on the tarmac at Roissy 2 had a new exterior. Unfortunately, the interior hadn't changed any since Julio sang about it. Despite...

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Economy CDG - MIA More than 3 years 6 reactions 327 views

A pleasant surprise this time

The check-in at Roissy happened in just a few minutes with no waiting. The flight crew was friendly, even though they still don't speak French, at not least officially.

The Boeing was still just as old, it's been fifteen years since I've been taking it and back then it was already a bit outdated. The food was very good.

AA has finally ended its ridiculous onboard policy: drinks are now free, although the selection is limited.

There are still no individual screens, so bring something to read.
The seats in economy class were tolerable, I've seen worse on Air France.

And best of all a "miracle" in Miami: I left the plane and passed though customs in 20 minutes, a first for me. I was early for my connecting flight!

However, to be honest they are still far from the top when it comes to overall quality.

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Economy CDG - MIA More than 3 years 5 reactions 182 views

Very good service

Great reception. The crew was very friendly, obliging and attentive. What's more, the meal and drinks served on board were very good. The seat was very comfortable and its inclination was perfect. The takeoff and landing were done smoothly. The temperature on the plane was very pleasant. I'm very happy with American Airlines.

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Economy CDG - MIA More than 3 years 8 reactions 266 views

Truly unpleasant return trips

Truly unpleasant return trips. The cabin crew is unfriendly but the ground crew, in Miami, is even worse. The plane was old, had no personal television screens, no leg room, revolting food and no children's meals.
To cut a long story short, never again!

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Economy CDG - MIA More than 3 years

3h30 de retard service inacceptable

Départ prévu à 11h50. 14h50 toujours pas décollé.

Dans l'avion depuis une heure et même pas un verre d'eau proposé !

Nous avions booké un vol avec British Airways via Opodo et sans nous prévenir à aucun moment alors que prévu depuis le début que le vol serait assuré par American Airlines !

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Economy CDG - MIA More than 2 years
Rudy A.

Limite Low-cost

Alors, enregistrement des bagages rapide, service au sol plutôt bon. Niveau confort: ca reste vraiment à désirer, siège pas confortable: dur, usé...

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Economy CDG - MIA More than 3 years 10 reactions 293 views

Vol très inconfortable

Machine vieillissante et équipements obsolètes (écran central commun, sièges très fatigués et très inconfortables).

Personnel de bord limite aimable, impression d’être en colonie de vacances de bas niveau !

J'ai eu l'impression de voyager à bord d'un très vieil autocar.

Nous avons effectués 2 vols avec AA à destination de Porto Rico via Miami et retour à 3 ans d'écart et rien ne s'est améliore !

A signaler quand même que ce sont les moins chers sur cette destination !

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Economy CDG - MIA More than 3 years 3 reactions 213 views
Jean Louis M.

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