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Worst Airline Ever

I know this is not about the flight. I will say the seats were comfortable. I'm 6 foot even so the leg room wasn't the best but entertainment on the...

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Economy DCA - SJC 08/2016

Canceled flight

The airline canceled the flight at 7:45 pm the night before. The flight was supposed to leave at 11 am the next morning and the airline didn't offer any alternative solutions. There were 3 minor children who had to take the flight, so we had to go to the airport very early and found ourselves in a four-hour line before finally being taken care of. The departure was 24 hours later with another delay that made us miss the connecting flight.
AVOID AA, they are completely unreliable.

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Economy CDG - CLT More than 2 years 41 views

Shamefully dirty airline

The plane was shockingly dirty. My seat was covered with suspect marks. I called the stewardess, who was too disgusted to clean it herself. She...

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Business CUN - PHL More than 2 years 17 reactions 310 views

Great company!

The check-in was at terminals, which was not really practical. Then, once the luggage tag was printed, you then went to the counter to check the...

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Economy JFK - LHR More than 2 years 3 reactions 236 views


We traveled with American Airlines (at the bottom of our tickets it said British Airways, they must have a partnership) from CDG to JFK. Boarding and takeoff were on time. On the whole the staff was pleasant. The on-board entertainment was limited to several common screens with so-so movies.
The meals they served were good.

The cabin was a little old but what bothered me the most was the space available! When you have a flight that's 8 hours and 30 minutes you expect a minimum of comfort and I was very disappointed. We were very tightly packed and had very little legroom. The flight seemed endless to me. Otherwise the rest of it seemed OK overall.

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Economy CDG - JFK More than 2 years 3 reactions 106 views

An excellent airline

Departure from London was on time and we found the plane pretty new with touchscreens and a moon light (a soft light that is colored blue or red...

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Economy LHR - JFK More than 2 years 2 reactions 207 views

A great flight

A very pleasant flight. Check-in was flawless. The crew was very nice and really fun. When we arrived in, the pilot invited us into the cabin. We...

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Economy CDG - MIA More than 3 years 11 reactions 267 views

New A319, left ahead of schedule, WiFi on board…

A pleasant stopover at Dallas Airport, then it was time to set off on the one hour fifty-five minute flight to Atlanta. The plane was a new one, an...

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Economy DFW - ATL More than 3 years 5 reactions 102 views

A trip in time

The 767-300 parked on the tarmac at Roissy 2 had a new exterior. Unfortunately, the interior hadn't changed any since Julio sang about it. Despite...

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Economy CDG - MIA More than 3 years 6 reactions 327 views



To return to Europe from the USA, we chose to take American Airlines. Honestly, everything you read about this airline on the internet is very negative.
On the departure flight, we had a bird that wasn't that recent but at least it took us where we were going and that's what's important.

On the return flight, surprise: a brand new bird, a freshly painted B777-300 ER. The interior was great, with all-new screens that were the most recent generation. The flight attendants were more than friendly and the food was edible (it's still airline food, you can't really expect gourmet meals). Takeoff and landing were smooth and on time. In short, the best.

American Airlines is an airline like any other, admittedly the planes it uses on its less-frequented rouges are not that recent, but on the major routes, the planes are brand new with impeccable service.

Last comment, the luggage arrived in perfect shape, no problems.


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Economy JFK - LHR More than 3 years 6 reactions 222 views
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