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Absolutely Perfect Flight.

Once again everything was flawless. Despite lots of confusion in the departure lounge in Rhodes (all of the passengers on two different flights, one for Lyon and the other for Linz, had to change flight in the room in 10 minutes), the flight took off and we arrived in Lyon 10 minutes ahead of schedule. Great flight without a single problem.

The crew as as friendly as they were helpful; we've been seeing more and more crew members who speak French on flights going to and from our area.

I was lucky enough to travel in the first seat, 1A, a seat usually reserved for business travelers and not vacationers. Lots and lots of legroom and a great view from the window during the trip.

This was by far the best flight of all the one's I've taken to date.
Bravo, Aegean Airlines.

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Economy RHO - LYS More than 2 years

Dont fly with this airline!

I will never ever fly with you again! I lost my baggages on my way to Cairo, 3 days later I got a text that my baggages arrived. When I got to the...

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Economy ARN - CAI More than 3 years 4 reactions 2 views

Very Good Flight.

The Greek airline that is on a roll!

The plane was well-maintained and clean and the crew was cheerful.

Flawless punctuality and service.

There was an impression of safety as well as good baggage handling.

Good in-flight meals.

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Economy CDG - JTR More than 3 years


A very good flight, hot meal served on board and a charming flight crew.

Video program and plane's progress were shown on a screen.

The plane was an obviously recent Airbus 320 with enough legroom.

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Economy CDG - RHO More than 3 years 1 views

A perfect connecting flight.

In addition to the flight itself, which was efficient, reliable and on time, Aegean should be commended on how well they handled the connections: the luggage was perfectly managed despite a short wait time, the call center provided lots of information, etc.

The Athens-Heraklion flight is very short (25 minutes for the flight, outside of takeoff and landing), but was perfectly on time despite boarding having been delayed due to a few late passengers, all with a smile and a satisfying snack.

There was no screen on the plane, which was a little older, but which wasn't really a problem.

The landing at Heraklion was a little complicated but the pilots managed it very well, which earned them applause from the whole cabin (this is not common on Aegean, since out of 7 flights it was the first time I saw it happen.).

In short, excellent service as usual.

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Economy ATH - HER More than 3 years

Excellent flight except for a few incidents

A very standard and very satisfactory flight on Aegean: it wason time (very important for assuring that we would be on time for our connection), hot meal, clean cabin, Geovision and flight attendants who were very cheerful and welcoming even though they had to deal with problems such as very strong turbulence and a sick passenger.

However, we did have an unpleasant experience boarding, especially because the premium lines weren't identified, the passengers were sometimes noisy and the cabin temperature was a little hot. Not that I'm criticizing the airline, which provides excellent service in Europe.

It's also noticeable how much the progress they've made with French: people at Aegean's call center now speak it perfectly and the announcements are also now made in a French. It's true that they're recordings, but at least they are there.

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Economy CDG - ATH More than 3 years 4 reactions 3 views

A vacation in Crete

We left from terminal 3 at Roissy CDG.

This flight went by perfectly:
- It was punctual.
- The flight crew was friendly.
- A meal was included in the flight.
- There was enough legroom + footrests.
- In-flight information was provided on a retractable screen.
- The landing was carried out perfectly.
- Basic magazines provided.

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Economy CDG - HER More than 3 years 1 reactions 11 views

A pleasant surprise

I was expecting a classic low-cost airline, i.e., nonexistent service and flight attendants as cheerful-looking as bulldogs.

Contrary to my expectations, the cabin crew was smiling and very pleasant. We were served a meal during the flight. They even met the special request about the menu that I made. The size of the seats was very nice.

In short, a very nice flight.
Competition with another Nantes-based company (Transavia) might be prompting this good service.

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Economy HER - NTE More than 3 years 26 views

A good flight but it could have been better

The seats were comfortable and there was enough legroom. There was a television but it was just to show us where we were on a map.

We had some lunch, which was simple and good. The takeoff was normal. As for the landing, even though there were low clouds the contact with the ground was very smooth. The temperature in the plane was good.

The check-in was very long. We had to stand and wait for twenty minutes before boarding the plane. We were allowed to bring 33 pounds of luggage. The cabin crew was pleasant. We arrived in Athens on time.

The only problem was the placement of the passengers: there were four of us and none of us were next to each other, and the same was true for several other families.

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Economy NTE - ATH More than 3 years 32 views

Feel flight

I was on an Aegean flight. It was wonderful. The services were awesome, the A320 was new. The flight attendants were friendly too. Also there was an...

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Economy LED - ATH More than 3 years 9 views

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