Beware of theft on night flight!

Review of ramim about the flight Aegean Airlines between Beirut and Athens on 14/10/2016 in Economy
ramim A3 / AEE BEY / ATH
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 2 years ago.

In order to have a more fair review, I need to mention that Aegean Airline has good new air planes with neat & clean interiors, the service on board is good, they provide full fine meals & the hostess are friendly. however their security measures & their reaction in emergencies are null as is their customer service department who lacks morals & ethics!

I used to recommend this airline , until i got robbed on-board of flight A3937 "Beirut to Athens 14/10/16" & was mistreated by cabin crew & later on by customer relations. on that flight i was forced by the hostess to keep my small messenger bag in the pin & not under my seat as i was sitting in the exist row.

Before landing was completely over & when the doors were all closed, & passengers were seated i found out that all my money were stolen luckily i had all the serial number of my euros from the bank with me, so i directly asked the hostess to keep the doors closed & call airport police, as its easy to recognise the thief especially that two of the passengers saw an a guy returning my friend bag to the pin, so by crosschecking with my serial number we could have caught thief & returned our stolen money) instead the door was opened & the captain lied to us saying that police is waiting for us at the airport to leave the air-plane, at the airport we found no one, we were completely left alone searching for police, until the checkpoint officer helped us & called police officer, but our case was issued against a stranger. I reported my issue to customer relations later on as legally speaking when a crime occurs on-board it should be handled to official authority & not ignored, but due to cabin crew negligence i wasn't able to return my money.

I was surprised that customer relations are not professional & experts in time stalling! after 3 month of burdening international calls & sending frustrating emails, the case wasn't solved, also i wasn't able to contact the manager the entire time as they always claim she's not available!!

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By ramim, about Aegean Airlines, , close to Beirut, Beyrouth, Lebanon
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pls134 replied

Yes, there customers service is horrible I had two expensive sweaters stolen from my suit case they wouldn't let me file a claim said i had to do it at airport immediately after getting off the plane.

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