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A3 / AEE

Amazing employees!

After a nightmare experience with United (who rebooked us with their Star Alliance partner Aegean) including several delays, and cancellations, we...

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Economy MCI - ATH 05/2019

Complaint of A KONSTANTELIOU Air Hostess on Aegean Airlines on 01st September 2018

Wrote the following Obervations to Agean Airlines Customer service department with valid Complaint Number four times during a period of two months...

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Economy ATH - LHR 09/2018 1 reactions

Was charged twice on luggage and spoken badly to when I went to let them kniw

I have travelled all over the world but was so rudely spoken to by the customer service desk and the girl who spoke to me in a terrible manner refused her name and her colleagues did the same .

Aegean actually charged me twice for luggage and spoke down to me. Not only did they make the mistake but they rudely and angiky spoke down to me

Disgusting airline

I have a photo of the girl who was rude and will be pushing it but I don’t Argean really care to improve their services so I could be wasting my time

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Economy ATH - MJT 07/2018

Lost baggage and refused refund after death certificate supplied

I flew from Heathrow to Larnaca and back in October 2017. On my return Aegean airline lost my luggage. I waited four weeks before I had to chase...

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Economy LHR - LCA More than 2 years 1 reactions

The worst airline we have ever encountered!

We had a connecting flight from Athens to Milos and halfway on the plane, we were told that the flight needed to return back to Athens because of...

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Economy ATH - MLO More than 2 years 5 reactions

A pleasant surprise

Didnt expect that much, as heard mixed reviews.

Well was proven totally wrong! A good welcome when boarding followed by pre-flights fizz.

For a short flight, was offered to hot choiches for a main course. Unvortunately I chose the veal which was overcooked and chewy, but the rest of the offer was very good quality Greek food. After main course, a fine desert followed. A pleasant surprise was a Metaxa whcih ive never had before.

For a short haul internal european flight in business class, the seat pitch is the same as economy but have the advantage of the middle seat being blocked out, much as Swiss, LH BA do, so cannot complain about that as im used to that,

Throughout the journey the cabin crew were friendly and attentive and gave excellent service.

Would definately fly with them again.

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Business FRA - SKG More than 2 years

Horrible Airlines

Airline stewardess was rude. I had two sweaters stolen out of my baggage and when I got to the hotel called to file a claim. They stated I couldn't since I had to do it immediately after I got off the plane with my luggage. Who checks their baggage immediately after getting off plane says, NOBODY!! I spoke with several customer reps who were straight up rude and even a manager.Nothing was resolved I was SOL. Do not fly with this airlines if you do not have to and at the least CHECK your baggage before leaving the airport. Their employee know they can steal because most people do not check them and they can't get in trouble. Very sad and bad experience and customer service.

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Economy HER - ATH More than 3 years

Horrible airline

They asked me for a return ticket or they would deny my board while I'm being European citizen my destination being another European country. I have noticed them doing this with Eastern European citizens especially. There are better European airlines to fly inside europe who don't misstreat you due you're nationality. I would like to congratulate Aegean Airlines for violating my and European Schengen rights.
They pride of being an line state airline but except the free food and beverages and which the kosher meal was really boring on-board they are really just an low cost airline wich even more bad costumer support and you are even allowed only 8kg of hand baggage .

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Economy OTP - LHR More than 2 years 12 reactions

Beware of theft on night flight!

In order to have a more fair review, I need to mention that Aegean Airline has good new air planes with neat & clean interiors, the service on board...

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Economy BEY - ATH More than 3 years 10 reactions
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1122 Amazing employees! 5/5
rakesh Complaint of A KONSTANTELIOU Air Hostess on Aegean Airlines on 01st September 2018 1/5
Loucas A. E. Their Miles & Bonus scheme is a joke! 3/5
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