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Review of Roby Balboa about the flight Jet Airways between Kathmandu and London Heathrow on 02/05/2018 in Economy
Roby Balboa 9W / JAI KTM / LHR

Flying from London to Mumbai, there was an overbooking, and they were looking for volunteers willing to leave on a later flight in exchange for a compensation. This problem turned into a blessing for me, since I was leaving for a long holiday and was not short of time, but it could have been an incredible nuisance. But, from the start, Jetairways presents itself as an airline with inconveniences.

The real problem started on the way back. I was due to fly from Kathmandu to Delhi on Wedensday 2nd May, on the 09.55 flight, on the 9W263, and then i had only one hour connection before boarding the VS301 at 12.55 from Delhi to London.

The problem started in Kathmandu, where without any explanations we left with around 50 minutes delay. As a consequence of this, once we arrived near Delhi, we were not given the clearance to land as there were other flights scheduled to land at that time. As we couldn't fly for too long waiting for the clearance, given that the fuel was about to finish, we were diverted to Jaipur, where we waited for more than an hour, on the planbe, finally returning back to Delhi at 3 pm. By this time we had only been given the usual light breakfast on the flight, and nothing else.

On arriving in Delhi, Jetairways personnel took me and the other people directed to London to the transfer area, and they gave us a sandwich and a small bottle of 200 ml of water. It was 3.30 pm. In the transfer area there is a tiny bar that only accepts rupees, and none of us had them, as we were not supposed to stop in Delhi for long, and we couldn't go out the transfer area to change any money. The Jetairways representative, Anuj, didn't give us any news whatsoever on what was happening, always remaining quite vague. I asked what form of compensation they would have provided us for this problem, and he rudely answered that there was NOT going to be any compensation, that it was not a Jetairways problem if Delhi airport had not given them clearance. I told him, and I repeat it here, that not getting clearance was a CONSEQUENCE OF Jetairways delays in leaving, so the problem started with their unexplained delay. He then said that it was not Jetairways problem if there had been bad weather in Delhi, and it was the first time I heard this excuse, at around 5.30 pm. Nobody had mentioned bad weather until then, and when we were above Delhi it was around 11.30 am, and there were no signs whatsoever of storms or bad weather in general, so I told him that I didn't accept this explanations either.

At 6 pm I started being thirsty, and asked for some water, and I was told to go and drink it from the fountain near the toilet. Having had 3 bouts of diarrhea in my month in India, I don't trust Indian water anymore, and I told him. He didn't even reply. There was a lady working with him and she also didn't offer any help.

At 7.30 pm I asked for some food and again something to drink, and he mumbled that we first had to get the boarding passes and then we could go to a restaurant. But the boarding passes were going to be obtained only 3 hrs before our possible departure, so at around 10 pm. This means that at 7.30 pm we still had no idea IF and AT WHAT TIME WE WERE GOING BACK HOME.

I told Anuj that I was too hungry and they couldn't let us wait until 10 pm to eat, after providing us with a small sandwich at 3.30pm.... I was begging for food, and that is already inhuman, but what is worst is that he kept saying he couldn't do anything. In the end, a man who was there at the transfer area and saw me crying for the frustration bought me a tea and a slice of cake. I had to rely on a stranger's kindness because Jetairways completely left us down and seemed NOT TO CARE ABOUT US IN THE SLIGHTEST.

Then, Anyj and the lady left together, giving no explanations and staying away for more than an hour, taking the lack of care to a totally new level. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE. THEY HAVE AROUND 15 PEOPLE WAITING TO KNOW WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN WITH THEM, AND THERE IS NO ONE TO TELL US ANYTHING OR TO GIVE US ANY FOOD? Absolutely ridiculous, totally unprofessional, unacceptable and inhuman! WHERE IS JETAIWAYS DUTY OF CARE? They have a legal obligation, if not a moral one, to ensure the wellbeing of their clients!

I went back several times, joined by the other customers, asking to the personnel of Air India, who was there, to call a General Manager or someone to talk to. Around 9pm, Gagan Deep Bhagria from Jetaiways arrived, and it's easy to understand how he had to deal with a bunch of people who by then were really angry for the total lack of DUTY OF CARE THAT JETAIRWAYS SHOWED FOR US. We inquired about the food, and he said that it was on its way.

We eventually got our dinner at 10pm (with no cutlery), and at 10.30pm I was personally finally told on which flight i was going to be (BA142, Delhi-London, leaving at 01.50 am on May 3rd) while other people have been less lucky than me and didn't have any news still by the time i was taken to the boarding gate.

Finally, to finish the whole disaster, i was shown a photo of my luggage taken from the Kathmandu flight and put on the British Airways one, to confirm that they had taken the right luggage, and i discovered that they had lost my rucksack cover.

In conclusion: 13 hrs delay, they lost my rucksack cover, and they did not provide us with any food or water for 7 hours.
To finish it off, they refuse any compensation.
Jetairways: service at its possible worst.

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By Roby Balboa, about Jet Airways, , close to London, England, United Kingdom
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