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Review of shyamal about the flight Jet Airways 9W228 between Bombay and New York Ny/Newark Inl on 30/07/2014 in Economy
shyamal 9W / JAI BOM / EWR
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

At around 1:15 boarding of the flight was announced but since i was in the first row i have to wait for the other trailing row passengers to board first. My seat was one of the 4 best seats of economy class with maximum leg room and a window.After boarding i found someone seating on my seat, so i have to call crew member to confirm my place.They got off my seat and the one besides me, the lady who made herself comfortable on my seat gave me some bad looks. They provided cushion and a blanket( not like one we use at home a compact one). There was a small screen on the wall in front of me for displaying some information for passengers. The pilot announced the takeoff of flight at 2:45 am almost half hr late as per schedule due to heavy rain.

Finally, after half hr from takeoff snacks were provided. I switched on the TV and it had very good collection of indian movies, songs and lot more(cheers to Jet Airways).Out of them only two movies were out of my pool of watched movies- mickey Virus and Jolly LLB,so i decided to go for the second one. I preferred non veg food accompanied by Red label whisky and a beer.

I was feeling light and slowly I slept. The moment I opened my eyes I was flying on Europe. Now It was time for my first halt at Brussels-Belgium, I was provided with breakfast snacks which included fruits, omelet, potato with black coffee (horrible), my mistake as i didn't asked for juice.

The pilot announced the landing and the electronic devices were switched off. I got out from plane and went through security check. I was happy that Brussels Airport provided free complementary wifi for half hr, so u can inform ur relatives abt ur current location.

They offered lunch which included rice, chicken gravy, paratha, yoghurt,kheer followed by 2 pegs of vodka after half hr which was a tonic for me to sleep.

The journey from Brussels to Newark was in daylight, so I cant open up the windows as it brought sunlight inside cabin. Now I looked at the screen in front of my seat which showed all the parameter like outside temp, speed, altitude, our route trajectory etc.. This is what I want to tell u- I was flying at the height of 11587 m with a speed of 976 km/h and the outside temp was -62 deg Celsius. It was a 6000 km journey from Brussels to Newark which is to be completed in 7 hrs.

Again i slept nicely watching a movie and this time it was Mickey virus. Again when i woke up we were 3 hrs from destination. Then they provided snacks 2 hrs prior to landing. It was a veg roll with a drink but i preferred an orange juice as its risky to have hard drinks coz i have to go through the immigration.

It was a very good and comfortable 16 hr flight and due to the stop at Brussels, i felt relaxed as i can stretch my body during the break. Thanks to Jet Airways for making it a good one !!!

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By shyamal, about Jet Airways, , close to Clemson, South Carolina, United States
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