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Overbooked flight and incompetent staff

The airline overbooked the flight and there was no room on the plane.

Instead of finding me another flight, I was sent to the wrong counter and then the staff member simply left.

There was no one available to book another flight and I was finally helped by someone from a completely different airline.

These guys are practically scammers. The worst staff and no concern for passengers.

Will demand a refund.

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Economy YYZ - SKP 05/2017

Worst airlines of India

Sometimes back I took Jet Airways flight when I was served with stale sweets.

After this I was apprehensive in travelling by this airlines.

Recently, I again travelled by this airlines because of it's timing was suiting me. After using it's toilet I found that there was no soap in dispenser.

One of the crew members informed me that the matter was already on the books but nobody cared to rectify it.

Fortunately, another crew member gave me his personal face wash so that I can wash my hands. My other acquaintances had same kind of experiences with this airlines recently. I'm travelling by this airlines since 20 years and I find that their standards are degrading rapidly. One would find better services at lower prices in other airlines.

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Economy CCU - GAU 04/2017

Worst airline ever (especially for special diets and allergies): Indian customer service at its worst

I booked my whole Indian holiday with Jet Airways: out of 6 flight, only 1 was on-time (international had 5 hours delays while other companies for same destination were all on time…).

Forget about special diet, they have 2 choices: veg and non-veg. For the rest they’ll apologize a lot but you’ll never get your special on any flights. I traveled for 8 hours on 1 apple and a plate of fruit. Crew promised upgrade as compensation for next flight but it never happened.

Staff ignores you, maybe because they don’t speak good English?

Ground staff are useless as they can’t help with connecting flights. Neither will partner companies.
Toilets are filthy, with pool of liquid on the floor, sinks are flooding. They have never been cleaned once throughout the flight.

In-flight entertainment is not relevant or old. Vintage movies and 10 year-old TED talks are the best you find.

Do yourself a favor, book with any other company than jet airways, anyway price is the same.

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Economy AMS - DEL 03/2017

Inadequate Information on Cancellation charges

I had purchased a one-way flight ticket from Toronto to Mumbai by Jet Airways but had to cancel due to unexpected circumstances. When booking the flight, the terms included ticket refund available for cancellation, however the cancellation fee was not stated. After cancellation, I found that I was charged CAD 322 (approximately 48% of the cost of the ticket) for the cancellation. I found this unacceptable, especially when the cancellation fee is hidden from the customer's view when making the booking. I have been charged a cancellation fee of up to Euro 120 on other airlines, but this was ridiculous. Jet Airways would not respond to my query on how they arrived at the cancellation fee, merely stated that this is as per their rules, which again is hidden from the customer. I am posting this to increase awareness of passengers booking flights with jet Airways.

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Economy YYZ - BOM 01/2017

Flight on a Refrigerated Plane.

Seats: there was room, which was nice.

Films: very good but no French versions.

Meal: gross and the snacks were distributed reluctantly. And covered in ice.

A good flight from a technical perspective.

Temperature: 45° degrees Fahrenheit with fan for 10 hours. Horror! Everyone was sick and wrapped up in the clean (?) blankets. Back to cold reality.
You would expect announcements in French on a Bombay-Paris flight but no.

Flight crew was relatively friendly.

Punctuality: extra.

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Economy BOM - CDG 02/2016 7 views


I traveled with this airline for a Paris-Bangkok trip that included this 10-hour Paris-Bombay flight.

The flight left 1 hour late because the plane was not ready. Overall my flight went well, despite the fact that the airplane was old and the seats were uncomfortable, possibly because of their state of use (a lot of sagging). They were also rather narrow.

The staff spoke English with an accent that was almost incomprehensible and seemed annoyed at the smallest request. The food was edible, no more (know that they served basically the same meal on all 4 flights that I took on this airline).

There was very little entertainment onboard. The film/music choices were pretty limited if you wanted something other than Bollywood.

Overall, the rest of the trip was without problems, but I wouldn't use this airline again.

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Economy CDG - BOM More than 2 years 4 reactions 128 views

An airline to avoid

The planes were immaculate and there was sufficient legroom, which is not always the case with quite a number of airlines. Everything else was...

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Economy BOM - CDG More than 2 years 16 reactions 2,1k views

Definitely not top quality

The times of the outbound and return flights were changed, twice even in the case of the return flight, which meant our three-hour stopover in Abu Dhabi in the middle of the night increased to one of six hours. The space between the seat rows was very limited and many of the seats tended to lean back too much even when in the upright position, no doubt due to them being worn. On the outbound flight the seats were very dirty, with traces of food and all kinds of liquid. The screens were old, the image quality low and the programmes (few in number) kept jumping as you watched. The food was decent and the cabin crew were nice and very patient.

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Economy MAA - AUH More than 2 years 1 reactions 174 views


The leg room was good, the reclining was good enough. There was no entertainment facility since it was an international flight. The meal was hot and fresh. It was by a well known company ( Taj Sats). The quantity was sufficient and the quality was superb.

The landing as well as the take off was smooth and safe. The in flight temperature was cold...necessary on a hot day! The messages from the captain was regular. Other facilities were good too. All over it was a good and a pleasant flight

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Economy BOM - CCU More than 3 years 1 reactions 9 views

Problems with luggage, no one to speak to about it.

The trip from Brussels to Toronto went by without any problems.
There was a four-hour wait in Toronto following the loss of our luggage.

There was no news about it during our entire stay in Toronto (4 days), and no response to the telephone calls and e-mails that we sent.
We miraculously got our luggage back on Thursday at the return trip check-in.

Compensation when we asked: $40 CAN (a pittance)

On our return to Paris they lost our luggage again. All of it.

The worst was that at no time were you ever able to speak to an actual person:
1 / ****';
2 / '';
3 / ''
4 /
Plenty of sites but still no information.

Everyone can have problems, but having them repeatedly is a sign of bad management, disorganization and assures bad service.

If you don't have a problem, why not use Jet Airways? Otherwise avoid it.

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Economy BRU - YYZ More than 2 years 2 reactions 335 views

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