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Never experienced anything like it

The bulk of our voyage consisted of a two-leg, Paris to San Jose flight with a stopover, all with United Airlines. No complaints about the first flight, Paris to Newark: good meal, good film, on time, helpful cabin crew. By contrast, the Newark to San Jose flight was one hour behind schedule and the film onboard had to be paid for. The meal was measly: basically very mediocre. The worst thing that happened occurred on the return journey. A one-hour delay, which had already been announced four hours before departure, ended up as two hours, and this bearing in mind we were only going to have two hours available in Newark before catching our connecting flight. Nobody was waiting for us as we disembarked to get us through the security checks quickly, contrary to what had been announced; because the other planes were waiting for us. It's a miracle we managed to catch the plane; and once again, the drinks were paid for and the meal was pathetic. Never again with United. I think we would have had a real nightmare if we'd missed our connecting flight.

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