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Paris-Dakar flight

I have unfortunately bought tickets with this airline last February and, following the events in Libya, I'm still running after Go Voyage, who sold...

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Economy ORY - DKR More than 3 years 42 reactions

Brussels Dakar flight

On a Brussels-Dakar-Brussels flight in December 2009 I was very pleasantly surprised by the service, the niceness of the crew, the meal quality, and above all the price: SN Brussels 850 euros, Royal Air Maroc 650 euros and Afriqiyah Airways... 399 euros! I'm not too sure what's happening now with the incidents occurring in Libya. Does someone want to take the airline over? Ground it? Difficult to say.

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Economy BRU - DKR More than 3 years 2 reactions

Brussels Cotonou flight

They have very good planes and good pilots. They are often delayed, but that's mostly down to bad organisation at the African airports they serve (electricity outages; lazy, incompetent staff; inadequate and badly used infrastructure, etc.).

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Economy BRU - COO More than 3 years

This is a monumental rip off

This is a monumental rip off: tickets bought this year will not be honored since the airline is grounded and isn't responding to any calls; it's...

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Economy CDG - JNB More than 3 years 29 reactions

We ended up stranded in Dakar

We ended up stranded in Dakar on 2/22/11, with no rerouting to another airline, and no information besides that the flight had been canceled. The...

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Economy DKR - LYS More than 3 years 7 reactions

The flight was canceled and the airline didn't even tell me

I bought a ticket from Paris to Dakar via Tripoli on Afriqiyah. The flight was canceled and the airline didn't even tell me. A few hours before the...

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Economy CDG - DKR More than 3 years 27 reactions

Personally I have no complaints

Personally I have no complaints, I was actually pleasantly surprised. I hadn't told the airline that I am a vegetarian and without complaining, the crew decided to put together a meal for just me. I found that extra attention very nice. I was traveling a little off season so there was no problem with the luggage, neither the departure nor the return flight had problems.

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Economy LYS - DKR More than 3 years

A pleasant surprise

This Lyon-Ouagadougou flight on Afriqiyah was a pleasant surprise.
The plane was comfortable and clean with a friendly and helpful staff, good meals and videos that let you stay entertained. There were 10 of us and the icing on the cake was that despite the layovers and the amount of luggage, and how unusual it was (some of it was not packed very carefully) none of it was lost or damaged. I started out a skeptic after having read some uncomplimentary reviews. Instead I was even more impressed.

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Economy LYS - OUA More than 3 years 2 reactions
nadedja bonita


General: Catastrophic. There was a delay, they lost our luggage and above all there was no information provided. Can anyone provide a tip about how we can get compensation?

Comfort: Good.

Service: Horrible. They lost our luggage and didn't provide any information.

Security: OK.

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Economy BRU - ABJ More than 3 years 2 reactions

Bonjour à tous, Avec deux amis, nous avons fait le voyage Paris-Tripoli (aller le 6 janvier 2011 et retour le 20 janvier 2011). Rien à dire sur...

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Economy CDG - TIP More than 3 years
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