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The worst airline!

I am a frequent flyer with Jet airways. My last 3 trips with Jet were horrible...the flights were delayed, both domestic and international. On Aug 7th the Jetkonnect was delayed for almost 2 hrs from Indore to Mumbai and because of that i missed my Int'l flight to Singapore. When i approached the Int'l and domestic counter staff, they were very rude and unapologetic as if it was very normal affair for them. They told me to rebook the flight and they won't be able to help! I had to pay the full fare and had to book the next flight to Singapore. Pathetic service.

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Economy IDR - SIN 08/2017

Very good experience

The plane was a very recent Boeing 737-900. The cabin crew were very nice and professional. The comfort of the cabin was up to international standards. Punctuality was remarkable. The meal was good, the service very friendly. I recommend this airline and encourage all passengers to forget their preconceptions about non-Western airlines automatically being ones to be wary of.

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Economy JAI - JDH More than 3 years 3 reactions 17 views
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