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Review of ART about the flight IndiGo between Bangalore and Male on 14/01/2019 in Economy

I took a flight today from Bangalore to Male(Maldives).The plane was supposed to take off at 1:40 in the afternoon but the flight was delayed and when I finally was able to board it was around 2:30.It took another whole hour for the plane to take off at 3:30 pm which at that point we could have arrived at our destination had we took off as planned.Other assengers who were traveling to Male was not as forgiving as I was since they had missed their sea planes to the resort .The leg space was fine for me and I am 6 foot 3 so seating won’t probably be much of a problem.Since I had taken my lunch beforehand I didn’t order anything onboard so I can’t say anything about the quality of the food other than the fact that it was convienient and affordable.i only wish they would provide ear plugs.After arriving and receiving my luggage after conveyor belt I noticed one of my luggage was missing.I am assuming that it was a problem on behalf of the IndiGo check in staff back in Bangalore as I saw it pass through the conveyor belt.It is probably in immigration.If any IndiGo staff sees this please inform me

Overall rating
1 / 5
Value (price + quality)
1 / 5
On the ground
Check-in and boarding
1 / 5
Management of luggage
1 / 5
On board
Costumer service
1 / 5
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By ART, about IndiGo, , via its phone
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