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6E / IGO

Careless Airline

Our checked in bag was completely drenched with water that smelled like fish (there was leakage of contents of some other passenger's bag).

We are vegetarians. We have had to dispose the bag and most of its contents since the stench just would not go.

The customer care representative of the airline cannot care less.

They bluntly refuse to assume any responsibility, they are only interested in the money they made out of flying us. Very disappointing.

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Economy HYD - DXB More than 2 years

Nothing but positive things to say

It was very good flying with Indigo, as usual.

I had a problem with my Visa card because I'd changed it between the time I made the booking and the day of the flight. However, the problem was easily resolved and the manager and everyone were nice and friendly about it.

Once onboard they said we could sit in some free seats next to the emergency exit, which meant that I, at 6 ft 3 inches in height, suddenly found myself in complete comfort.

The food and drink onboard had to be paid for, but the prices were reasonable (cheaper than at the airport).

In short, it was all positive.

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Economy BOM - COK More than 3 years 2 reactions 8 views

Petit saut de puce sans probléme

Un vol sans problème. Indigo a "fait le job"...…..
Nous devions avoir une correspondance avec un délai un peu juste pour Mumbai = Delhi.. avant même le décollage nous étions prévenu par SMS d'un premier retard sur ce second vol

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Economy IXE - BOM 02/2019

Incredible India ? Incredible airline !

INDIGO… voila une expérience pas ordinaire. Parti avec un groupe, je n'ai su qu'a la dernière minute la compagnie qui me transporterait de Delhi à...

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Economy DEL - KTM More than 3 years 11 reactions 15 views
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