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5O / FPO

Another delay or regular delays....

Left greek hotel on time at 18.30 for 45 minute transfer. Flight due to leave 21.55. Advised not to go through security until 2200 earliest as there was a delay (delayed outward also). Finally left 2340. Staff ushering us on board gave garbled explanations about cause of delay, contradicting each other so no proper reason given. First few rows were issued with a blanket. I was row 8 and asked for one as it was very cold on way out. Attendant was abrupt - "No - the captain will turn the heating on later". Up to my knees was cold the whole way. Older attendant was pleasant and professional. Seat/legroom ok.
Having spoken with other holidaymakers on the island and staff this kefalonia flight operates with a regular delay. Minimal rereshment choice. No complimentary drink for delay. Was the captain really out of hours?
Luggage handled efficiently although scratched.

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Economy EFL - MAN 06/2018

A terrible experience

Outbound on 10 June. The flight time was delayed by 35 minutes on the departure day and changed without notification. I was then told by a passenger that the time had been changed several times and had started as an early morning flight. At the airport a delay of c another 2 hours came up up on the screen. We were not given any refreshments, apology or explanation. No entertainment. By ushering us down to the gate and waiting there 20 minutes on the stairs on the managed to just avoid the 3 hour deadline. After an extremely cold journey without a single complimentary drink for the long wait we arrived around midnight instead of 6pm in kefalonia and reached our accommodation at 1.30 am. I'll avoid this airline in future.

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Economy EFL - MAN 06/2018

nearly 3 hours late - no reasons or apology given.

The flight was delayed by 3 hours and we were told at check in and given a £7 meal voucher. No other updates were given or reasons for the delay.
We eventually got on the plane and arrived at our destination far later than anticipated meaning we had to drive to our villa in the early hours of the morning - far more tired than we should have been - ruining the first night / day of our holiday.
The airline is extremely basic and whilst the crew on the plane were pleasant and polite they gave no apology or explanation for the delay.

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Economy MAN - EFL More than 2 years

Late and lack of transparency from #olympictravel staff

Delayed flight again as also delayed on inbound flight on 13th August. Olympic travel staff didnt have a clue what time the plane was due in. Shambolic. Told to 'go to a local bar and ask for discount' and the staff also said 'well it was on time last week!' like that would help us.
Seems that there are many delays and no one at ASL or Olympic Travel are doing anything to resolve. No one cares. Poor poor service. Excuses given were 'weather over Italy' but yet all other flights had arrived fine. Would not recommend Olympic Travel or ASL to anyone!

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Economy EFL - MAN More than 2 years

Awful experiance

My daughter and I were really looking forward to our holiday together in Crete we queue up at the check in desk at Manchester airport (16.00 pm) only to be told that check in had been suspended. We waited and waited then we got told a member of the crew was unwell so only 100 passengers could travel, the 48 of us that were left could have a £10 voucher and wait another hour to see if they could make alternative arrangements. After another hour and a half we were told we would have to stay at an Hotel overnight. After a lot of waiting around approximately 24 hours later we were told our holiday was cancelled. Never again will i travel with ASL France. I am still awaiting to hear about compensation nearly 2 weeks after...JUST AWFUL

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Economy MAN - HER More than 2 years
Suzanne Duncan

Worst airline I've ever ever traveled with.

Booked a holiday through Thomson Holidays and were given ASL Airlines France for our departure flight. Arrived at checkout desk 3 hours before...

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Economy GLA - PMI More than 3 years 14 reactions
Marie R.

Pitiful Flight.

Low cost from A to Z. Old plane, worn out. As for the flight attendants . . . Their conversation was obnoxious. They openly made fun of the...

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Economy LYS - JTR More than 3 years

Economy Plus Class

Very nice flight crew, old plane and little space for each passenger. The air at foot level was cold for the entire flight: unpleasant. Flight...

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Economy CDG - HER More than 3 years

Very Good Flight.

Flight from Heraklion to Paris CDG. The flight lasted 3 hours and 15 minutes. Takeoff + landing without problems. The flight crew was very...

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Economy HER - CDG More than 3 years

Very Good Low-Cost Flight.

Takeoff was on time. The flight crew was friendly, there was a little message from the pilot and takeoff and landing were smooth. The seats were...

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Economy LYS - OLB More than 3 years 1 reactions
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