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Amazing flight experience

The aircraft was clean. All of the seats were comfortable and the flight attendants were very friendly. Our flight took off and landed safely without any turbulence.

The only disadvantage (that applies to all Iranian carriers) is that they do not have proper systems for people to book and check-in online, as well as the fact that on short-haul flights other Iranian carriers offer much better food than Iran Air (they offered as some nuts, while on other carriers we were given rice with chicken or kebab as a meal).

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Economy IFN - SYZ 09/2018

A Bad Memory.

Normal boarding, nonexistent welcome from the flight attendants, no movie during the flight, which was relatively short. The flight attendants...

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Economy IKA - DXB More than 3 years 2 reactions 17 views

A very good flight

No problems checking in. Our flight took off on time. The cabin crew was very nice. The service and meal were satisfying. However, with the exception of a magazine, there was no in-flight entertainment. I'm always very satisfied with Iran Air's service.

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Economy ORY - IKA More than 3 years 13 reactions 19 views

Very good flight

The service was pleasant, the food delicious, and the whole flight was very professional with very high safety standards. Unfortunately, the airline's fleet is about 20 years old, whilst that of Air France, for example, is only seven. This is down to restrictions and penalties imposed on Iran by Europe and America, prohibiting the national airline from purchasing Boeings and Airbuses. It will be no surprise to hear criticism of the airline and its safety standards from European and American leaders next.
Overall impression: perfect :D

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Economy CDG - IKA More than 3 years 12 reactions 79 views
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