Air Arabia Maroc : Lyon - Casablanca Mohamed V.

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Repeated changes: not reliable

I've taken this airline twice, and both times the flight was changed at the last minute. My flight was supposed to arrive in Lyon at 11 pm but with the most recent change it arrived at 3 in the morning. It was impossible to leave the airport and go into the city at that hour (no transportation), but that's not the company's fault.
Conclusion: an unreliable airline that changes its schedules randomly without worrying about its customers.

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Economy LYS - CMN More than 3 years 5 reactions 85 views

Went very well

I have taken this airline 3 times and frankly I wasn't disappointed, and I was traveling with an infant. The crew was very friendly and didn't try to sell us lottery tickets like they do on some airlines.
I think the quality/price ratio was very good.

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Economy LYS - CMN More than 3 years 3 reactions 262 views

A recommended airline

A recommended airline. We left on time and arrived early, and they charged reasonable prices. No complaints about the security. The plane was new and comfortable, with a lot of space between the seats, unlike other low-cost airlines. Everything on board cost money, but that's normal on a low-cost flight. The crew was cheerful and mindful of our security.
I wouldn't hesitate to travel on this airline again. Recommended.

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Economy LYS - CMN More than 3 years 3 reactions

I don't understand why you put this airline on the blacklist

I don't understand why you put this airline on the blacklist. I have taken it very, very regularly (3 to 4 times) and neither I nor my friends, who took it as well, have had a single problem with them.
What's more I don't know of a lot of low-cost airlines that use new airplanes.

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Economy LYS - CMN More than 3 years 3 reactions

La première fois quand j'ai voyagé avec cette compagnie, les appareils étaient propres et confortables. Maintenant elles ressemblent à des cars de souks, sales, inconfortables, sièges cassés, toilettes condamnées à l'avant de l'avion (pour ne pas déranger les petites hôtesses). Il fallait traverser l'avion de l'avant jusqu'à l'arrière pour aller faire ses besoins ou changer un bébé.
En plus, le personnel, et notamment ceux du call center au Maroc ne sont pas aimables au téléphone.
D'ailleurs, le personnel navigant est souvent mal aimable sur les compagnies marocaines, notamment les nanas qui jouent un peu les petites prétentieuses.
Air Arabia, suivra-t-elle le chemin de sa soeur défunte Atlas Blue?

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Economy LYS - CMN More than 3 years 3 reactions

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