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3K / JSA

8 hours delayed just 10$ compensation

Jet star asia informed us 3hours prior to départure that the flight is delayed...just before the check inn should open. We have 8h delayed as the aircraft is coming from singapore. No compensation just 10$ for refrshment. That the first time and last time that I booked with them for sure, i will definetly book next time with a regular airline in order to not face anymore this situation, 8h is really huge, in addition it was my connecting flight, so I stayed at the airport without sleeping..because your connection flight was supposed to take off at 6am and not at 2pm. It’s a shame that European regulations do not apply internationally. With 8h delayed, at least we get full refund of the ticket.

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Economy DRW - SIN More than 2 years

Good quality/price ratio

The seat was like any economic class I've had before. Just enoug for my legs (I'm pretty tall), reclining was ok for a little snap.

There is no screen, only a basic magazine, not very interesting. There is no meal included in the price, but one can add meal for around 20$.
When landing and take off where regular. Security is explained like every time. There is also the little paper about how to proceed in case of an emergency.
The temperature was a bit cold when you're used to singaporian weather.
Online checking 48 hours before, print at the counter the boarding pass. No queue.
Boarding around 30 mins before take off, organized by rows

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Economy SIN - SUB More than 3 years 1 reactions 13 views

It's fortunate that the flight only lasted one hour and forty-five minutes!

- I've already used low-cost airlines such as Vueling in the past, but I absolutely do not recommend Jet Star, especially for tall people. I'm 5 ft 3 and I was so cramped and uncomfortable in my seat that it was impossible to sleep throughout the whole flight.

- The cabin crew were cheerful and the plane was is in good condition, but that does not make up for the sense of suffocation due to having people on both sides, as well as the one in front!

- I'm on my way to Bali. I can't yet provide an opinion about the baggage transfer, but the Jet Star stewardess at the check-in in Phuket did not really inspire confidence. Let's see if the baggage gets to Bali with me.

- I do have three other flights to take with Jet Star, ones that have been booked for several months, but I definitely won't be using this airline again after that.

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Economy HKT - SIN More than 3 years 1 reactions 81 views

Always late

All of the three flights had delays of at least one and a half hours (up to four hours). They were actually waiting to fill their plane before leaving…and sent us an e-mail two hours before to let us know (we are on vacation, I don’t check my e-mails).
Otherwise, the service is the bare minimum.

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Economy SGN - HAN More than 3 years 1 reactions 37 views

A pleasing surprise

A very nice flight with this low-cost airline. A fast check-in with a king crew that didn't pay much attention to how many kilos you were packing in your checked luggage. A quick boarding on a new A320. A kind and present cabin crew available throughout the flight. As comfortable as a Vietnam Airlines flight – only without the snacks, of course. A toy giveaway for kids. Arrived on time. Nice flight.

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Economy HAN - DAD More than 3 years 7 reactions 236 views

Good airline

The airline itself is good. The hostesses are nice and smiling. The airline is a low cost one though, so drinks and snacks have to be paid for. The...

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Tweet from the airline
Economy SIN - HKT More than 3 years 6 reactions 207 views

The airplane was an old 737

The airplane was an old 737. The seats were very cramped, but it was a cheap, low-cost flight.

The flight left on time. They offered beverages and a snack, which cost extra. The quality to price ratio was acceptable. OK. The cabin interior was old: the 737 was very outdated.

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Economy SGN - DAD More than 3 years 3 reactions

Général: Rapport qualité prix excellent. personnel aimable et bagages non perdus!

Confort: Siège ultra confortables en cuir et large... Plus large que sur air france pour rentrer à paris avec 15 heures de vol...

Service: Low cost... charriot payant pour boissons comme easyjet ou ryanair

Sécurité: Décollage, vol et atterrissage parfait!

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Economy SIN - REP More than 3 years 4 reactions
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