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I chose your site to write my review as there were similar ones to mine. I do not know how other sites give glowing reports about this airline. It was my first flight with them and my last. The security was almost non-existent which led to us being stuck on the runway with the engines running for over an hour whilst they counted the passengers. The information given to us was conflicting and by the time we took off I was really nervous. According to the pilot we had to do a detour because there was a storm over Germany (although I would not have thought that the route went over Germany) so presumably we went over France. We were told at the airport there was a delay because of a French Air Traffic Controllers strike. All in all I do not know why our flight was delayed by 2 and three-quarter hours (15 minutes less than the time they would have to pay compensation). I will never fly with them again and advise my family not to as I believe they are not safe.

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Economy MLA - MAN New 1 reactions


I wish to make an official complaint regarding the complete lack of customer service that my husband and I received from your company. We were due...

Economy GLA - ALC 12/2017 2 reactions

Unbelievably poor support and booking system meant flight prices went up 50% in the time it took them to answer one simple question!

While attempting to book a flight I had a basic question about luggage that I thought it would be best to clarify with them before clicking to...

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Economy RHO - STN 08/2017

Absolutely disturbing

Verry poor easy jet is far superior Like the holiday nightmare wit jet 2 flat was just as bad Was advised work was going on in a hotel that they...

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Economy MHT - TFS 08/2017
Becky fretwell

Late again & filthy !

Outbound and inbound both over an hour delay. Seating area and toilets filthy! Annoying promo music and lyrics trying to entice you to book a Jet2 holiday at every opportunity! No-way!

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Economy SKG - MAN 07/2017

A Fantastic Low-Cost Airline

We left MAN with around a 20-minute delay because of traffic at the airport. Boarding went very quickly. The seats on board were comfortable. Ours...

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Economy MAN - GVA More than 2 years 5 reactions 26 views

Rip off Airline

This airline charges an excessive charge for failing to turn up with a boarding card. It is essentially extortion at 17.50 for a flimsy piece of...

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Economy MAN - DLM More than 2 years 1 views

Excellent pilot, excellent cabin crew

Absolutely lovely flight with a fun pilot who kept us aware where we were all the time.
Lots of leg room, very clean plane, will always fly Jet 2 now thompsons and Thomas Cook want to get there act together and follow Jet 2.

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Economy LBA - PMI More than 3 years 2 reactions 7 views
Louise H.

Worst flight i have been on!

For a first time flyer with Jet2, i had the worst experience with them. I would definitely not fly with Jet2 again. We first arrived at check in...

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Economy BFS - TFS More than 3 years 3 reactions 13 views

High quality low-cost

Being used to fly with Ryanair, I was satisfied with the services of this airline. The onboard welcoming was like in a big airline and the cabin...

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Economy LBA - PRG More than 3 years 13 reactions 20 views
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