Astra Airlines : Nantes - Heraklion

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Pleasant Trip.

The departure flight was on a Boeing so it was a little old but comfortable. Departure was on time.

Cheerful staff, a sandwich (it was mediocre, but that's still a lot for a low-cost flight) was served free with a beverage.

The arrival was on-time.

The return flight was on an Airbus A-320 that was of course much more comfortable, left on time and arrived early.

Same conditions: flight crew was helpful and gracious, the sandwich was like the one on the departure flight, etc.

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Economy NTE - HER More than 3 years
Denis R.

Everything Went Well.

After reading reviews (almost all negative), we were apprehensive about using this airline on May 21 and 28, 2016, on the Nantes - Heraklion route.

Impeccable takeoff and normal flight but there was a huge windstorm from the Sahara over Crete.

Turbulences +++ and a very scary landing.

"Bravo for the pilot" said a colleague from a French airline, a passenger like us. (The morning planes tried to land 3 or 4 times before going to land in Chania or or Athens).

Perfect return flight with a smooth landing. The flight crew was very pleasant; of course the sandwich wasn't terrible but they offered various.
That's rare on a low-cost flight.

The Airbus was very clean.

Obviously the comfort on some of the seats left something to be desired because of a bar in the back.

So, future passengers, don't worry, just enjoy the flight.

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Economy NTE - HER More than 3 years 12 views