Astra Airlines : Lyon - Heraklion

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Perfect Flight.

I read reviews of this airline and I was not reassured at all.

Our Lyon - Heraklion round trip went very well.

Takeoff was on time both ways, the flight attendants were very friendly and cheerful. They actually provided food (sandwich and beverage) on a charter flight and a low-cost airline. A small piece of candy was handed out when we landed.

There were a lot of young children and the flight attendants were very busy.

It's true that the seats were a little stiff but that was the only negative point.

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Economy LYS - HER 07/2016

Perfect Flight.

After having read so many negative reviews about Astra Airlines, I can say that I was stressed out about flying with them.

In fact, none of the things I'd read about happened, the opposite in fact.

The seat was in good shape and the interior was clean.

The departure flight took off with a ten-minute delay. On board service was very good. Friendly flight attendants.

It's true that the sandwich wasn't good but considering the price that's normal.

Perfect return flight, takeoff was on time.

Luggage arrived at the destination without problems.

In short, no problems with this airline.

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Economy LYS - HER 05/2016
Chrystelle D.

Très bien passé

Malgré l'appréhension en lisant certains avis sur le site notre vol s'est bien passé pratiquement à l'heure.

Service offert de boissons, sandwichs, bonbons.

Bien sur le sandwich pas le top mais l'important c'est le geste.

Pas de distractions et informations à bord.

Je n'ai pas souffert d'inconfort sur cet Airbus A320 à l'enseigne de Air Moldova.

Décollage et atterrissage en douceur.

Prêt à voyager de nouveau avec cette compagnie.

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Economy LYS - HER 08/2016

Avion complètement obsolète, 23 ans d'âge

Bruit de moteur effrayant.

Train d'atterrissage qui ne sort pas.

Avion dérouté sur Athènes.

Nous avons frôle la mort.

C'est inadmissible de laisser voler des avions dans cet état.

Aucune explication, avion posé en catastrophe.

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Economy LYS - HER 06/2016