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Value (price + quality) 3,17 / 5
Comfort 2,35 / 5
Costumer service 3,22 / 5
Your opinion of security 3,22 / 5
Food 2,36 / 5
Management of luggage 3,43 / 5
Comfort 2,35 / 5
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fanfan77 1 hostess was crying, the 2nd was on her knees praying 3/5
cp27 An airline that endangers the lives of its passengers 1/5

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Bad image?

We came back from Kos and made the departure and return flight with Astra Airlines onboard an Airbus A320. The trips went well. The seat comfort was could have been better.

Besides that the onboard service was perfectly decent.

We didn't have any technical problems or strange noises.

Previous reviews weren't reassuring, but when things go well it's important to mention that too.
Bon voyage.

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Economy KGS - NTE 08/2016

Perfect Flight.

I read reviews of this airline and I was not reassured at all.

Our Lyon - Heraklion round trip went very well.

Takeoff was on time both ways, the flight attendants were very friendly and cheerful. They actually provided food (sandwich and beverage) on a charter flight and a low-cost airline. A small piece of candy was handed out when we landed.

There were a lot of young children and the flight attendants were very busy.

It's true that the seats were a little stiff but that was the only negative point.

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Economy LYS - HER 07/2016

Pleasantly Surprised.

We had France-Heraklion return and departure flights. There was no problem with the punctuality of either flight.

The plane was clean and the seat was comfortable, no bar in the back and they could recline.

There was complimentary food service on board (ham and cheese sandwich on white bread as well as water, soda or coffee).

The flight attendants were available and cheerful.

Our luggage was delivered quickly. We'll be using them again.

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Economy CDG - HER 06/2016

Perfect Flight.

Perfect Flight from Lyon to Corfu.

On time, with fast registration and check in.

The crew was friendly.

The landing was perfect considering that the Corfu airport's only runway is very short.

Considering the preceding comments, I was very nervous, but ready to travel with this airline again.

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Economy LYS - CFU 06/2016

Pleasant Trip.

The departure flight was on a Boeing so it was a little old but comfortable. Departure was on time.

Cheerful staff, a sandwich (it was mediocre, but that's still a lot for a low-cost flight) was served free with a beverage.

The arrival was on-time.

The return flight was on an Airbus A-320 that was of course much more comfortable, left on time and arrived early.

Same conditions: flight crew was helpful and gracious, the sandwich was like the one on the departure flight, etc.

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Economy NTE - HER 06/2016
Denis R.

Luckily it wasn't expensive

The positives:
- Inexpensive.
- Charming flight crew.
- They served as a snack.

The negatives:
- Really uncomfortable seats. Not a lot of legroom and the back of the chair was very hard.
- Arduous check-in.
- Departures were really early in the morning.
- Layovers that wasted a huge amount of time.

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Economy KGS - CDG 06/2016

Everything Went Well.

I was uneasy after reading some very negative reviews and upon realizing that the plane in which we would be flying was one where you could feel a bar in your back on the seats, but everything went well - very punctual.

On the return flight we took a different, larger Airbus that was newer and didn't have the bar on the seats. Everything went well when it came to the schedule.

Cheerful flight crew - attractive flight attendants.

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Economy NTE - CFU 05/2016

Everything Went Well.

After reading reviews (almost all negative), we were apprehensive about using this airline on May 21 and 28, 2016, on the Nantes - Heraklion route.

Impeccable takeoff and normal flight but there was a huge windstorm from the Sahara over Crete.

Turbulences +++ and a very scary landing.

"Bravo for the pilot" said a colleague from a French airline, a passenger like us. (The morning planes tried to land 3 or 4 times before going to land in Chania or or Athens).

Perfect return flight with a smooth landing. The flight crew was very pleasant; of course the sandwich wasn't terrible but they offered various.
That's rare on a low-cost flight.

The Airbus was very clean.

Obviously the comfort on some of the seats left something to be desired because of a bar in the back.

So, future passengers, don't worry, just enjoy the flight.

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Economy NTE - HER 05/2016 12 views

Destination Kos May 2016

We used this airline despite the bad reviews we read on the internet and to our surprise the trip went really well.

No delays and the flight crew was friendly.

Small snack and free beverages.

The only little drawback: the cleanliness of the airplane and a lack of legroom.

For the record, one flight attendant spoke French.

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Economy CDG - KGS 05/2016 1 views

Perfect Flight.

After having read so many negative reviews about Astra Airlines, I can say that I was stressed out about flying with them.

In fact, none of the things I'd read about happened, the opposite in fact.

The seat was in good shape and the interior was clean.

The departure flight took off with a ten-minute delay. On board service was very good. Friendly flight attendants.

It's true that the sandwich wasn't good but considering the price that's normal.

Perfect return flight, takeoff was on time.

Luggage arrived at the destination without problems.

In short, no problems with this airline.

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Economy LYS - HER 05/2016
Chrystelle D.