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An Excellent Flight.

A very good flight, excellent crew. Comfortable seat with a high-quality meal. The entertainment was on a free tablet and was original and...

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Business YUL - NCE More than 2 years

A Very Good Experience.

This was the first time I've taken Air Canada's subsidiary, Air Canada Red, in Business class (premium red). Check in at the Nice airport was fast...

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Business NCE - YUL More than 2 years 1 reactions

A rather “beige” first experience

Unfortunately, my first experience with Rouge (Air Canada) was not convincing.

To begin with, it’s important to note that the seats are not equipped with individual screens (entertainment system), so I had to rent an iPad (charged 10$). I had to replace the tablet (faulty screen)…and the Wi-Fi connection with the other iPad was intermittent. The overall state of the airplane (the cabin) left to be desired: the carpet was worn in certain places, the button (the plastic exterior) to flush the toilet was broken, etc.

As for the legroom (in economy class), it was like with the main competitors (charters). The quality of the food served on board (a flight of 8+ hours) was just acceptable. A passenger (French) asked for a glass of water and received this answer from the flight attendant: “sorry, I don’t speak French.” Is it so difficult to learn some basic words in the language of Molière? It’s embarrassing to have mono-lingual (English) flight attendants on a flight between France and Québec! Bad business strategy. Well, note that Rouge has nothing to do with Air Canada’s regular flights. A pity….

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Economy NCE - YUL More than 3 years 4 reactions 53 views
Daniel H. Bonin

Okay flight...empty stomach

I went on this flight from Toronto Pearson to Las Vegas for touristic reasons. I could choose between this flight, which was on a Boeing 767-300...

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Economy YYZ - LAS More than 3 years 16 reactions 85 views


Nous avons embarqué dans l avion à 0H30. À 1h30 du matin, nous avions pas décalé . On nous annonce un souci technique ( chose qu'on envisageait car...

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Economy LIM - YYZ 05/2018 2 reactions
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