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Pleasant and distinct

Air Century is specialized in private transportation in the Caribbean. We were a group of 10 that would go from Punta Cana to Montego Bay, in Jamaica.

Reception was fine—simple, but sufficient. Departure was a little late, but this was due to customs and its famous excessive bureaucracy.

On board, there were 19 very small seats, which quickly makes you feel cramped! I had trouble squeezing my 1.82 m self during these two and a half hours of flight. The final hour was considerably long.

The airplane was somewhat noisy (hurrah for turboprop), but noise-reducing headphones work miracles. Service was complete: sodas, light and strong alcoholic beverages, many kinds of chips, a cheese platter, etc…. It was surprising considering the ultra-minimal side (no galley for the single flight attendant).

Otherwise, the pilots were nice and competent (many of them trained in the USA).

This airline is very professional and that is what matters the most! I’ll fly with them again (for sure), when my employer sends me again.

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