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Customers are thieves!

I tried several times to book online for my wife and I using my credit card. The airline website requires a security check, which I allowed. But the system concluded that card is stolen and refused my payment. I called Visa twice, they haven't received any request from the airline. I called the airline agents several times and beg them to contact their IT about the problem. All they did was to blame me for the mistake, ask me to cancel and book again (which I did 7 or 8 times) and pay attention each time to enter my credit card number as if I were a 5 years old. They are not understanding and cooperative at all. Very frustating experience!

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Change date of the ticket costs more than the ticket itself !

This is the worst experience ever I had with the airline companies. On their website I booked tickets for our family for a wrong date and immediately contacted them. What they told me is that the cost of changing the dates would be more than the tickets itself.
Each response from customer care took 24 hours.
This is absolutely frustrating!

Highly would not recommend using the company.

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Flight departed one hour earlier

Be careful! Air Lituanica changes schedule without information of their clients! 09 Dec 2013: Flight from Prague to Vilnius should be at 11.50, but...

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