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Our flight was cancelled with NO notification. No representative was present and we ended up having to book a replacement flight for triple the cost. When we called the airline no one answered the phone. Do not fly Travel Service!

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Economy DBV - BUD 08/2017

Never again

Booked through Thomson thought we were flying with them only to be told at the airport it was through a "third party". The plane was shabby and...

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Economy NCL - LPA 05/2016 4 reactions

Good Flight.

Very early departure, no problem checking in, friendly crew who spoke English and French and a good flight. The seats were close together but that's the way it is with most airlines.

There was a half-hour delay on the return but the plane was brand new and the crew was very friendly. In summary, a very good company.

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Economy LYS - FUE 07/2016


The flight was meant to be a Small planet airlines flight but we turned up at the gate to Travel service. I had never head of them before and didnt know what to expect.

The aircraft was immaculate and the cabin crew were very friendly.

The seats were comfortable and the food was great! The captain kept us updated throughout the flight and the landing was smooth.

There was no in TV and I didn't try the radio but the magazines were ok.

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Economy LGW - CFU More than 3 years

Worst delay ever

Almost 4 hours delay. Just sat at the airport and airline didnt orovide any usefull information.

Only "another half hour delay" again and again.

The crew on board was polite and efficient.

No entertainment programs or even radio.

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Economy TLV - AGP 07/2016


This is the second time I've used this airline. During our first flight none of the staff spoke French and the airplane was old (this was in 2014).

This time it was a pleasant surprise to have a French pilot. The flight attendants were also French and very pleasant, and they knew how to make me and my son comfortable.

A nice improvement.

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Economy RHO - CDG 05/2016

Good but Delayed.

The departure was delayed since the plane hadn't left France on time.

There was a two-hour delay which got cut down by 30 minutes thanks to the speed of boarding and the speed of the plane.

One flight attendant spoke French but didn't confirm what the Malta airport had told us (that the delay was due to strikes in France).

However, even though it wasn't their fault, they offered us a glass of water. Cheerful crew.

It was a different plane from the one on the departure flight, also recently renovated, with comfortable seats but screens that showed us the real-time position and estimated arrival time as the flight went on.

The sandwiches were the way they normally are (well-stocked but mushy).

A flight without problems and the luggage was recovered very quickly, which was a first for me in Nantes.

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Economy MLA - NTE 06/2016 2 views
Premier vol

Very good for a charter flight.

The plane had just been renovated (the seats even had that new-seat smell). There was more legroom than you would find on a bus. Registration and...

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Economy NTE - MLA 05/2016 140 views
Premier vol

A Little Airline Without Problems.

Problem with charter airlines: takeoff was very early in the morning and we had to arrive very early, 2 hours before, so 4 in the morning. This...

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Economy CDG - FUE 05/2016 2 reactions 410 views


Plane was on time, direct flight. The flight crew didn’t speak French and we didn’t understand English. Clean airplane.
I don’t know what they would do if there was a problem.

Short sentence phrase at the end of the departure flight while the plane rolled down the parkway: "The crew will abandon you at your final destination."

The flight was without incident except for the landing that was on one then two wheels and with a lot of jolts.

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Economy BES - ACE 03/2016 4 views
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