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Very good flight with no delays

I have to say that before leaving I was very uneasy considering the exaggerated reviews I'd read. Our flight was scheduled to take off at 6:15 pm...

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Economy CDG - HER More than 3 years 7 reactions 669 views

Good for a charter flight, agreeably surprised

After having read some of the reviews I was a little uneasy about using this company.
The results: light luggage (33lbs), good flight crew, drinks and sandwiches cost extra (the price was reasonable) and the most important thing, the departure and return flights were on time (the return was 15 min. early).
Very good for a charter flight, I was pleasantly surprised.

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Economy CDG - HER More than 3 years 4 reactions 553 views

Very disappointing: the plane was a heap of junk

This was a flight departing Paris for Heraklion on the 19 August, 2014, with arrival at destination scheduled for 2:20 pm. Well, when we arrived at the airport, ours was the one plane that was delayed.

No information was provided. We had no choice but to wait.
We ended up delayed by more than two hours! When we got on the plane it was dirty, there were armrests patched up with large pieces of sticky tape, the cushion on my daughter's seat was loose from the metal frame, all the services onboard have to be paid for, there were pieces of chewing gum stuck to the document holder, etc. The landing on the outbound flight was horrible! We had no choice but to use this airline, but I know there's no way we will be using them for our next trip!

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Economy CDG - HER More than 3 years 9 reactions 703 views

Catastrophic. Stay away!

First of all, this Paris-Heraklion (Crete) flight left 30 minutes late. Then they announced to us that one of their planes had had a problem in Moldavia, which meant we had to go to Moldavia to deliver a wheel to this other plane. This was unacceptable. We ended up arriving in Heraklion more that 3 hours late. What's more, they did nothing to make up for it. We boarded the plane around 6:30 pm and we arrived around 3:00 in the morning but we didn't have a single meal. Considering that we hadn't eaten for 12 hours, that is a big deal. And that's not even mentioning the seats that wouldn't stay upright and basically turned into beds as soon as you pushed on them. In short, I will never use Hermes Airlines again.

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Economy CDG - HER More than 3 years 3 reactions 531 views

One to avoid

A thirty minute delay on the outbound flight and one of three hours on the return flight (arrived at 2:30 am, so no local RER trains from CDG). The attitude displayed by the crew was deplorable, with neither hellos nor goodbyes.
Seated in row three, I got the benefit of a conversation (in Greek) between two stewardesses, who spent the flight seated and chatting (it was impossible to sleep). I should just point out that rows one and two were empty yet the passengers were squeezed together towards the back of the plane in cramped seats.
I can see why the travel agent didn't mention the name of the airline at time of booking!

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Economy CDG - HER More than 3 years 8 reactions 625 views

Nothing to Report - Paris-Heraklion

The flight went very well. Takeoff and landing were smooth and everything was on time. So there you got, a short message to reassure the people who read all the different reviews.

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Economy CDG - HER More than 3 years 7 reactions 285 views

Ça va !

Avant de partir, j'ai regardé les commentaires... Ça va !

Quand on prend un vol charter de 3 heures, il ne faut pas demander des prestations 5 étoiles.

Le 14 juin, j'ai voyagé avec cette compagnie. Le vol était à l'heure, les hôtesses sympathiques. Le confort était sommaire, trop chaud et peu de place... mais le vol ne dure que 3 heures.

Pas de problème sur le vol du retour.

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Economy CDG - HER More than 3 years 2 reactions 493 views

Pas ponctuel ! Décevent

Nous arrivons a Paris Charles de Gaules tranquille pour aller en Crête.
Nous allons à notre stand et là il y aura 10 minutes de retard...
D'accord, 20 minutes passé, 2h de retard maintenant , puis 4h , "pcg" nous a offert un repas c'était des... Pasta box.

Continuons nous arrivons pour embarquer, nous montons dans l'avion, pas de place et tout est sale, des chewimg-gum coller dans les papiers de sécurité.

Nous arrivons pour atterrir et là atterrissage très brusque, mes oreilles étaient entrain de partir j'avais mal et là on roule très vite et coup de frein brusque, mon cœur est parti bon.

Nous partons d'Heraklion une semaine après, tout se passe bien à art l'entretien de l'avion... A l'arrivé pas de valises, nous attendons 10mn puis 20mn et là le bruit de l'aéroport et suite à une erreur de bagages ils arriveront avec 3h30 de retard, pas de repas rien ! Très décevant

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Economy CDG - HER More than 3 years 1 reactions 303 views

Commentaires scandaleux

Nous sommes partis de Paris CdG pour Heraklion (A/R). J'ai eu le malheur de lire les commentaires sur ce site juste avant de prendre l'avion, autant...

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Economy CDG - HER More than 3 years 10 reactions 690 views


Le départ était prévu à l'origine le 13/08/2013 à 19h50. En arrivant à l'aéroport, on nous signale que notre vol aura du retard, départ à 00h10 sans...

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Economy CDG - HER More than 3 years 7 reactions 179 views

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