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A flight with a 2-hour delay following a change of planes, then at the end of the runway the plane stopped and returned to the tarmac-- there was a problem with the landing gear (pressure).
It took another 3 hours for repairs and return to the airport.

The staff at the Nantes airport were very disorganized. Nothing to eat or drink even though there were some very young children.
Return to the plane 5 min before the 3 hours and takeoff.

The pilots were professional and nice.

On the other hand, it has been impossible to get any financial compensation despite numerous reminders from us and from the Thomas Cook Agency.
I do not recommend this airline.

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Economy NTE - JTR More than 3 years 1 reactions

Amazing Trip, Excellent Crew. Thanks Again.

Takeoff was on time, super crew including the pilot. I would use this airline again without hesitation. Thank you for this wonderful trip. In...

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Economy LPA - CDG More than 3 years 1 reactions
Nini 91

Terrible. Fifteen-hour delay on the departure flight.

Our flight, scheduled for 6:10 am, didn't leave until 9:00 pm–15 hours late. On board, despite the delay and a request from all the passengers, you had to pay for food and beverages. Even the crew was shocked!

We don't know why Heliades always works with this airline. Probably for financial reasons. One thing is certain, we'll be going back to Greece but never on this airline.

In addition, it should be noted that the on board comfort is spartan.

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Economy CDG - JTR More than 3 years 5 views

Very Disappointed. 13-hour Delay Due to a Breakdown on the Plane.

The flight went well. They offered breakfast because of the delay (tea or coffee with candy, a chocolate bar), terrible.

No on on the flight crew spoke French.

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Economy NTE - JTR More than 3 years


The plane was on time, comfortable with a crew that was attentive and good-humored. Pleasant flight. You could follow its progression thanks to the...

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Economy HER - BES More than 3 years 3 reactions 23 views

Very Pleasant.

The plane took off on time. Pleasant crew.

Takeoff and landing were smooth. For someone like me, who gets uneasy during these maneuvers, it was very reassuring.


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Economy NTE - OLB More than 3 years

Good flights despite negative reviews

Having read all the negative reviews before travelling, we felt very concerned about what we would find.

Check in at Manchester was quick and informative, gate number and boarding start time given. By the time we took off it was 25 minutes late, we had a good flight time, therefore expected to arrive on time.

Flight service was good, staff efficient and friendly. We started our approach into Corfu in good time, we were then informed by the Captain that we would have to circle as another plane was making its decent, which we did four times, landed 15mins late.

On return, the flight landed 1/2 late, informed by Captain this was due to air traffic control problems in France, causing delay in leaving Manchester.

All set to go, then flight slot changed by 35 minutes, seat belt signs removed, people allowed to move around the plane, use toilets. Staff again efficient and friendly, arrived back 35minutes late. We had no problem with Small Planet, and would fly with them again. We did have to queue outside at Corfu airport, check in desks not open on arrival, but kept informed by reps.

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Economy CFU - MAN More than 3 years 1 reactions 6 views


Check-in was fast and easy, departure was at the scheduled time, and they offered a glass of water and a chocolate brownie during the flight.
The suitcases showed up quickly after arrival: around 30 minutes!

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Economy NTE - PMO More than 3 years 8 views

A Much, Much too Long Wait

We arrived in at 12:15 pm and waited much too long before the plane arrived at 5:45 pm.

Plus, there was an unexpected layover in Toulouse.

We arrived at the Dubrovnik, Croatia airport at 10:30 pm.

While we were on the plane all they offered was 1 glass of orange juice and that was it.

We were frankly disappointed with the flight and with this airline.

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Economy LYS - DBV More than 3 years 1 reactions 48 views


Flight time changed 2 days before holiday so needed to get in touch with everyone concerned including changing taxi.

Driver kind enough to make a special effort as had other jobs. Flight 2 hours late taking off as someone couldn't count bags. We were stuck sitting on the plane. No drinks offered not even water.

Flight dreadful, 4 staff for whole plane 3 of which were totally untrained and did not know where anything was. (God knows what would have happened if there had been an emergency.) Ice in drink ? They had to walk complete length of plane for each ice order.

Managed just one pass of trolly just as the seat belt light came on for landing, 3 hours flight. Seats uncomfortable, plane scruffy.The crew were in the scruffiest ill fitting worst uniforms I have ever seen. Just a minor point I suppose but points to the attitude of the whole airline.

Never ever again.

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Economy LGW - JSI More than 3 years 3 reactions 43 views

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