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On time

Read a few reviews before a flight and was a bit worried.

Luckily everyone got on board on time, there was no delay, even came a few minutes earlier (flight to Palma). I was especially happy that there were no loud and noisy travelers... everything went smoothly and the flight already felt like vacation.

The crew was really friendly and helpful, I liked that their uniforms somehow match plane interior - colorful. Enjoyed complimentary coffee and some candies during the landing.

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Economy MAN - PMI More than 3 years
Shelly S.

Good price

Flew with them earlier this summer, had a nice experience and tried again, this time with my friend. With them you get what you paid for.

The tickets were cheaper in comparison to other airlines. The flight was on time both times, to and from Tirana.

Staff doesnt seem tired at all and smiled, the captain even said a few jokes to enlighten the mood. It worked. The leg room seemed ok, I enjoyed sandwiches, they tasted really great in comparison to other food that I have tried on other airlines. Had a cabin bag and some luggage, everything was ok with it and I did not even wrapped it to plastic.

Would not hesitate to fly with them again and recommend to others.

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Economy LGW - TIA More than 3 years
Shelly S.

Never ever again.

Booked a weeks break to Kefalonia, an island we love and have visited many times, never heard of small planet airlines until this visit.

To cut a long story short we had a 29 hour delay at Manchester airport, we were given excuse after excuse, you name it it happened to our flight, eventually after a near riot from frustrated passengers a plane was flown in from another Greek airline to take us on our holiday, loosing 2 days of our holiday, to date we have heard nothing from the so called 'small planet airline' no compensation, no reply to emails, no one is interested.

I seriously doubt anyone will ever hear from them, never ever again would I recommend or travel with this unreliable set up.

Good luck if you dare to use them.

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Economy MAN - EFL More than 3 years

Never again

Flight delayed by 14.5 hours. Should have flown at 18.30 and weren't told anything until 21.00.

Had to come back next day for 7am flight but was sat on tarmac for another 2 hours as 180 peoples luggage had "disappeared" apparently.

Flight crew and captain were fine but organisation is awful.

On return journey airport did not have passenger list and delayed check in by 2 hours as they had to enter all passenger details manually (about 10 mins per person).

Wrote to small planet for the legitimate compensation (as per EU law) and still havent had even a response after 3 weeks.

Everyone we spoke to on outward flight said they would never fly with them again.

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Economy MAN - RHO More than 3 years
henry walton

Smooth and simple

Took off on time (although first time for ages we have actually had to board a bus to the aircraft) with excellent friendly crew including pilot. Would have no hesitation on travelling with them again (if it hadn't been for the return flight ...........).

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Economy LGW - PVK More than 3 years
Nigel J.

5hr delay

Once on board the flight was fine - added bonus of a boiled sweet for the descent! This is definitely a budget airline and I suspect this is seen through the planned maintenance (or lack of) of each aircraft.

They have more than their fair share of "technical issues" (ours was broken air conditioning unit apparently) for this very reason.

They really need to up their game in this respect. Having said that, outbound flight was great in all aspects.

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Economy PVK - LGW More than 3 years
Nigel J.

Fantastic both ways!

Flew from Gatwick to Corfu and back through olympic holidays, great flight both ways, all on time, fantastic crew and a modern interior, would recommend and fly with them again!

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Economy CFU - LGW More than 3 years
Jordan M.

No problems experienced.

Despite what I have read about Small Planet Airlines our experience was good.

We flew out from Manchester to Chania on 16th August and back on 30th August. Any delays were minutes rather than hours and the service both ways was very good.

On the return flight the Captain came out from his cockpit to welcome us which is not something I recall experiencing before.

The senior cabin crew member on the return flight was very funny and provoked much laughter from the passengers.

For myself, therefore, I have no grumbles but the stories of huge delays do trouble me and SPA clearly needs to sort out this side of its business, and if it continues, Olympic Holidays, with whom we travelled, needs to reconsider its position otherwise it will lose business.

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Economy MAN - CHQ More than 3 years

Never again!

2 hour delay - added insult to injury onto 2.5 hour delay on outward journey.

Pilot invited all to look in cockpit - took an hour to get thru all passengers who q'd up along the plane. And this apparently made us miss our take off slot! (Really?)

Ran out of sandwiches 6 rows in when finally took off.
Worst of all, one Passenger broke several safety regs - including smoking on board and using his phone.

Other passengers shocked and complaining.

Never ever again!

Appalling - frightening and lax.

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Economy PMI - MAN More than 3 years

Never again!

Flight delay 2.5 hours... just terrible... and delayed on return journey too.

Along with a passenger who broke numerous safety regs including using phone, smoking whilst in flight.

Never ever again!

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Economy MAN - PMI More than 3 years
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