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Flight delayed, but awesome flight attendant

This was the last of three flights departing from Grenada in the Antilles. There was an initial delay of about 30 minutes that was followed by another one of about 40 minutes and no one gave us any information. Apparently the same ground crew that operated our flight was handling another one just before and they were delayed. It’s not a very dramatic delay, but the lack of information is always a little frustrating.

Also, as they informed us of the second delay, via the intercom they asked all passengers to present themselves at the boarding gate counters to check in again. This is an unusual procedure and they gave us no explanation for why we were having to do this.

The flight went with no problems. I also have to raise my hat to the single flight attendant on board, who with a smile and a positive attitude made us forget about this unfortunate incident.

The airplane was a small regional jet. It was not very comfortable, but, since it was a one-and-a-half-hour flight, you can survive. No in-flight service because the flight was too short.

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Trop de retard

Après avoir débarqué de notre vol de New York et avoir mangé nous rejoignons notre porte d'embarquement situé a l’extrémité du terminal d'où partent...

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