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2,67 / 5
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Value (price + quality) 2,67 / 5
Comfort 2,33 / 5
Costumer service 2,67 / 5
Your opinion of security 3,5 / 5
Food 3,5 / 5
Management of luggage 3,5 / 5
Comfort 2,33 / 5
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Not bad despite a lot of vibrations!

The flight was supposed to take off at 8:10 pm and boarding should have begun at at 7:35 pm. It finally began at 10:30 pm, and the plane took off around 10:50 pm. Other than that, it was a very good takeoff. There were a lot of vibrations during the flight (the plane was constantly ascending and descending.). The flight crew was very nice, but we didn't get a drink because we were at the back of the plane and the beverage cart was empty by the time it got to us. The people a few rows in front of us got something to drink :( !

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Economy DLM - BRU More than 3 years 6 reactions 120 views

Not bad at all!

The check-in started a little after the projected time, but all of the passengers were boarded quickly. The plane took off 10 minutes late. It was very calm flight despite a few vibrations that were nothing serious. Very nice stewardesses, and water, tea and coffee were free! We arrived in the Turkish sun 10 minutes late. In sum, a very good flight despite the age of the plane (TC-TLA).

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Economy BRU - DLM More than 3 years 2 reactions 84 views

An unacceptable level of service

Positives :

Departure on time
Leg room good on outward flight on row 4
Staff generally polite
Stable flight with very little turbulences

Negatives :

Very old scruffy plane
Food appalling - scrambled egg in a pool of liquid soaked into bread.
Lap tray broken
No option to purchase a soft drink even when left on runway for 1 hour 40 mins in extreme heat and no aircon - we were treated more like animals
Poor communication from any staff as to the real reason for this delay
No male stewards
Too few staff who seemed unable to deal with drunken female passengers who should never have been allowed to board
Late changes resulting in totally unacceptable flight times on return journey
Poor leg room in centre of plane on return flight

If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is!

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Economy MAN - ECN More than 3 years 3 reactions 73 views

Very good

The flight left on time. The stewardess was cheerful. This was a very good flight, with the only problem being the state of the plane's interior. I...

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Economy BRU - AYT More than 3 years 158 reactions 250 views

Not bad

This flight was good overall. There was enough space for your feet and the meal was good but didn't change: a cheese sandwich on both the departure...

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Economy MLH - AYT More than 3 years 6 reactions 105 views

A very nice flight

I just came back from a vacation where I made a round trip flight with Tailwind Airlines. In light of some of the comments on this site I was a...

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Economy BRU - AYT More than 3 years 6 reactions 247 views

Really terrible, even dubious

There was just one baggage handler to deal with the checked luggage.
It was impossible to know what to do with our stroller. At check-in they sent us to another window, which was farther away, then, to increase our irritation the woman there put down her personal cellphone to send us to the information desk and swore that she didn't know what to tell me.

The takeoff was delayed by 1 hour and 40 minutes because of the single baggage handler. Furthermore, the "hood" of one of the jet engine stayed open for a long time before our departure, during the loading.

The interior of the plane was dirty, and there were some candy wrappers that had been on the armrests for quite a while.

The reheated sandwiches they served us were like the ones they serve on the train, or worse.

My two-year-old daughter had an outbreak of skin spots 2 days after we returned, having put her fingers everywhere and then in her mouth during the flight.

Finally, the children's life jacket they gave us must have been found in a dump considering the amount of grime on the bag.

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Economy AYT - ZQW More than 3 years 2 reactions 102 views
Fabrice M.

Old plane, but nice flight!

No delays! Nice legroom. Delicious meal, attentive and kind flight attendants. Very old plane, but you couldn't really feel it. No screen, just a...

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Economy LGG - ADB More than 3 years 174 reactions 194 views


Boarding began 30 minutes before the flight. The first to board were the people in the back rows of the plane. Safety instructions were given in...

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Economy BRU - DLM More than 3 years 21 reactions 159 views

A very good flight

Nothing to say about this flight. The plane was maybe a little old, but I think that the experience on board made us forget that. The cheerful...

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Economy ADB - BRU More than 3 years 9 reactions 132 views

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