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Avoid At All Costs!

No wonder my holiday was such a good deal - this is the worst airline I have error flown on and I've seen many in my day!

Uncomfortable seats, unfriendly flight attendants, and the icing on the cake was that after discovering that I had left something of value on the plane literally 5 minutes after deboarding, I was not allowed to go back on and get it. "The cleaning crew will find it and return it to the airport services team, you must continue through security and customs and leave this area."

Since this was a small electronics device worth 160 euros, it was not returned, probably stolen by the employees or the airport's cleaning team.

Horrible way to end a nice holiday! NEVER AGAIN TAILWIND AIRLINES!!

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Economy BJV - LEJ More than 2 years

Really really bad service

Delay of 2,5 hours - No notice! No compensation, not even a recognition of the issue.

No free meals, drinks or snacks on board and no use of credit card for buying refreshments.

I have anxiety of flying and I have never felt so unsafe and scared onboard a flight. The flight attendants stayed behind the curtains for 1 hour after take-off, so they couldn't reassure me (and other nervous passengers).

We couldn't hear the messages from the Captain, only a few words here and there.

We detected smell of smoke 4-5 times, maybe the crew smoking?

I will never fly with this airline again.

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Economy AYT - HAM More than 3 years


Had the (dis)pleasure of flying with this outfit when Thomson used them for our return flight from our Turkey holiday. What can I say other than "really rubbish". 3 hostess's which only 1 of them spoke any English - and she hid behind the curtain in front galley for most of the flight. Took them 2 1/2 hrs to do the drinks round, not because of a lot of sales just that they didn't know what they were doing. Poorest service I have ever experienced in many years of flying. Suggest you avoid this airline.

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Economy AYT - STN More than 3 years
Andy B.

Old and Dirty Plane.

The seats were uncomfortable with no headrests.

The flight crew was not very friendly and in order to get a glass of water, just one by the way, you had to wait until two hours after takeoff, the same time that the meals for the higher classes were served.

There was no in-flight entertainment, no screen or radio and you were told not to use tablets, computer games and smartphones during the flight. At least read a book, the flight is very long.

Otherwise, there was no delay or problems with boarding or luggage.

On the return flight they didn't offer a snack. I would definitely avoid this airline in the future.

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Economy BRU - ADB More than 3 years

Absolutely terrible

Mostlikely the worst airolines I have ever had a chance to travel with. Old planes with absolutely zero space for legs, stinky non functional toilets, only 2 counters for ca. 180 people for check-in - result almost 2 hours of waiting in the line. Would never recommend to anyone.

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Economy AYT - PRG More than 3 years

One of the worst airlines

The flight started a little late but the plane was clean and in a good condition.

After boarding the airline announced their medieval security restrictions which do not allow any electronic device during the complete flight (even in flight mode) which is completely unacceptable in the 21st century.

Also the language skills of most of the personal was very bad. Some texts (like the Security restrictions) were prerecorded but some other were simply not understandable at all (like for example instructions for starting/landing).

The airline also does not provide any free snacks or drinks which is not the greatest service on an 4h flight (at least a drink would have been nice even water would have been sufficient).

No Entertainment options were given (not even music over headphones) which is a terrible combination with the restriction on electronic devices for the duration of the complete flight. Would not fly with them again.

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Economy AYT - STR More than 3 years 1 reactions

Worst flight ever

Our flight was via Erfurt - unexpected - but ok. We were not able to choose a seat. Than people tried to change seat on there own. We got told by the flight assistant that we have to sit were we are and if do not follow her instructions they will write down our Name and they will report it to the international flight authority. This treatment is unacceptable and far away from my understanding of customer Service. I will never book a flight with this airline again.

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Economy MUC - AYT More than 3 years

Nice plane - B737-800, very nice Pilots - Horrible services

I flown with this company yesterday. The flight was ok, pilots were ok too, but staff is really horrible. No drink and food for three hours. We had stopover in Antalya, no water, no food.

They were really unfreandly and they were walking and offering food and drink twice per flight. Really horrible.

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Economy AYT - PRG More than 3 years
Marek Auterský

Appalling airline

Despite paying nearly £100 extra, for extra leg room seats, these were not available and to make matters even worse 6 other passengers had the same problem.

The food was tasteless, at best - even for economy - and the duration of the flights, totalling 6 1/2 hrs, including a mandatory stop in Turkey, had to be endured with no working onboard entertainment.

The seats were of minimum sizing, and the cabin crew not especially friendly - certainly few smiles. One of the few plusses was the pilot managed to land the plane on the undercarriage and at the correct airports.

Check in staff at Stansted were friendly and helpful, however in Ercan they were the flipside of the coin. Messages by cabin crew and flight deck were difficult to understand. Definitely the worst airline I have flown with and I will never set foot on a Tailwind plane again.

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Economy STN - ECN More than 3 years 2 views

A delay but still a good flight

We left 20 Brussels-Zaventem on August 20. Our flight was supposed to take off at 5:50 am.
We were all assembled in front of the designated departure gate but after many long minutes of waiting following the call for boarding we had to change planes and go to the gate for those going to Antalya: a 40-minute delay.

The flight went well: no turbulence, but the plane was old and noisy. The seats weren't clean.

The return flight was on August 31. There was a projected 45-minute delay at check-in but in the end we arrived in Brussels on time.
Same comments for this plane.

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Economy BRU - BJV More than 3 years 1 reactions 15 views
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