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Budget airline with great fare value

I had a very good journey with Flydubai. Other flights were expensive, so i had to look for alternative flight and that's how i end up booking Flydubai. Boarding was done as per the seat numbers which was hassle free. Take off was on time and we reached 10 minutes before schedule arrival. I am also very happy with the meal quality which was just like my kind of taste. Non spicy and very healthy meal with energy bar. I am very happy with my decision of taking my flight with Flydubai. Looking forward for more flights with them.

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Economy CMB - ZNZ New

Happy customer of flydubai

My parents and I travelled from Colombo to Dubai on a Fly Dubai Flight. It was my parents first international trip. Staff at the check in counter was really nice, I requested her for wheelchair assistance for both my parents as both of them are in their late seventies and can’t walk for too long. The ground staff was quick to adhere to my request and provided wheelchair assistance to my parents till the aircraft. Cabin crew on board was also very helpful in assisting them whenever required. Flight seats were quite comfortable and spacious, we were at ease throughout the journey. I requested the crew to serve meal to my father first as he is a diabetic and needed to take his medicine, crew not only served my father first but also my mother at the same time. I appreciate the compassion and professionalism of the crew. My parents got wheelchair assistance from aircraft to the arrival hall as well. I am very impressed with the overall service we got from the airline. We had a very pleasant trip. I am looking forward to many more flights with them.

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Economy CMB - DXB New

indeed a budget airline

its a budget airline, fare value is worth every penny we spend. Ground staff was kind in her tone and smiling all the time which gives to a warm...

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Economy IST - DXB 02/2020 1 reactions

Everything was smooth

everything thing was smooth in terms of services. The legroom is great and i had a comfortable journey. Take off and landing was smooth. After we...

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Economy SJJ - DXB 01/2020 1 reactions

great legroom space and very comfortable seats

Flew from Yerevan to Dubai last month. I booked my ticket through Fly Dubai’s mobile app and it was such a smooth experience.It is very fast and...

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Economy EVN - DXB 01/2020 8 reactions

service could be better

its a budget airline with good facility. booking through their mobile app is super fast easy, safe and convenient. onboard service is good and they...

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Economy DEL - DXB 11/2019

Horrible experience, even worse customer service

TL;DR: We got a flight delayed with over 24 hours due to a technical issue with the plane. I need to use a lawyer in order be able to get a...

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Economy SOF - ZNZ 12/2019
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Bhimrao Good budget airline to travel 4/5
Fernandish Good for all short distance travel 4/5
florabhim great legroom space and very comfortable seats 5/5

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