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Good service airline

I flew from Delhi to Dubai. The ground staff and the cabin crew were warm, friendly and helpful. Aircraft was clean and fresh. Punctuality was the best part about their flight. Boarding, takeoff and landing were on time. Luggage also came out fast. A very good flying experience overall.

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Economy DEL - DXB 03/2020

On time performance

Everything worked well on both outbound and inbound flight. Landing was on time on both the days. On both the legs checked in luggage arrived pretty...

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Economy DXB - ZNZ 02/2020

Flydubai is indeed a great airline

I planned a week long vacation to Colombo with Fly Dubai. This vacation was planned for my parents so it was very important that they have a pleasant experience. Dad was assisted by a wheelchair while boarding as well as deplaning. Mom was also helped by the flight crew while going to the washroom and back. Tea was served without sugar as requested and food was also served warm and it tasted nice. My parents enjoyed their trip on both the routes. I would like to thank the airline and their staff for the wonderful flying experience.

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Economy CMB - DXB 02/2020

First trip with flydubai and I am very happy with the services

I am a frequent flyer but it was my first trip with Fly Dubai. I liked their customer oriented approach. Crew was companionate and friendly. Passanger on the seat next to me was reading a book and had his reading light on. After half an hour of reading he fell asleep, crew who was taking a round of the cabin noticed that and turned off his reading light. Then there was an elderly passanger trying to takeout her bag mid flight for something, a new guy crew who was serving food came quickly for help. I liked their warmth. Flight was also on time so a fantastic experience.

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Economy HGA - DXB 02/2020

Ample legroom

Flydubai is a budget airline and one has to keep this in mind before making the selection or keeping any high expectation. They have an option for luggage charges. Which means if u are traveling with hand bags pay only for that and not for the full luggage. They have veg and non veg option but of course there is not variety in these category which is understandable. Seat pitch is ok and legroom is also sufficient for average height person. All in all a good low cost airline

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Economy VCE - DXB 03/2020
Marina Lolita

Flydubai is a value for money airline

I have flown Muscat Dubai and back a few times and I am happy to choose Fly Dubai for travel each time. It’s a great value for money and light on pocket. Service offered is at par with a full service airline. The crew is friendly, pleasant and always ready to help. Ground staff is efficient too. I don’t book food in advance as I don’t eat on flights mostly so I like that Fly Dubai gives you the option to select or not select food. Their flight performance is on time most of the times. I like flying with Fly Dubai for so many wonderful reasons.

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Economy MCT - DXB 02/2020

Aircraft was clean and fresh

Flew from Riyadh to Dubai and back. Easy check in process and nice friendly ground staff on both the days. Very courteous and competent cabin crew on both legs. Aircraft was new, clean and fresh. Hat racks were spacious. Seat pitch was almost 32, with adequate legroom and arm space. Food was good. After the meal I watched something on Netflix on my laptop. It was an enjoyable trip.

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Economy RUH - DXB 03/2020

Visa change by Flydubai

Recently traveled to Yerevan for my visa change. Travelpoint had a offer going on and I thought of taking a small vacation. Pre-booked tickets with...

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Economy EVN - DXB 02/2020 2 reactions

Good service airline

I guess i am travelling with Flydubai since ages. Its a perfect budget airline in terms of all kind of service. Ground staff helpful, inflight...

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Economy DEL - DXB 02/2020
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Bhimrao Good budget airline to travel 4/5
Fernandish Good for all short distance travel 4/5
florabhim great legroom space and very comfortable seats 5/5

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