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P9 / PAL

Worst Airline

In my opinion, the reviews have shown that flights are delayed or cancelled, and the planes do not have the modern equipment necessary to fly...

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Economy LIM - CUZ More than 2 years

Disgraceful service

I strongly advise you not to travel with this airline, especially if Cusco is your destination (departing from Lima) or vice versa. As this airline...

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Economy LIM - CUZ More than 3 years 7 reactions 36 views


I recommend this airline to all foreign nationals travelling to Peru. It's usually the cheapest, and it's very reliable. In 8 trips, I've only experienced a single delay of 20 mins on just one occasion. Excellent value for money, and the planes are comfortable and in good condition, with cabin crew members who are all smiles and willing to serve.

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Economy LIM - IQT More than 3 years 3 reactions

Une heure de retard

Retard annoncé, mais durée non précisée. Ce sera une heure dans la partie vols nationaux de l'aéroport de Lima
Confort mediocre, peu de boutique, bars ou restaurants aucune prise en charge (vol court courrier)
Pas d'informations
Embarquement non tatillon, dans un vieux 737 de la Lufthansa
Vol sans histoire dans le temps imparti
C'est le prix à payer poud gagner quelques dollars par rapport aux vols Latam

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Economy LIM - AQP 01/2019
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