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8Q / OHY

Horrible experience

There was a four hour delay at Vienna airport, no announcements were made. The airline rents the cheapest services from airport and the terminal...

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Economy VIE - ECN More than 3 years

CDG-Antalya Flight

- CDG-Istanbul departure flight that lasted 3h30min. The plane wasn't very new, there was no legroom and the seats were not that comfortable. But OK, it's a low-cost airline. I didn't choose the airline since I went through Voyage Privé. Nevertheless, the crew was very welcoming and friendly. The flight was on time and there were no problems.

- Layover in Istanbul then a domestic Istanbul-Antalya flight (around 1hour flight) still with Onur Air, the flight was slightly delayed. The plane was in very good shape, a little more legroom and more comfortable seats. The flight crew was just as welcoming and pleasant.

The return flight also went off without any problems. There were not delays.

I didn't know about this company and I was uneasy. However, after this trip, I recommend it and it's very affordable for a low-cost flight.

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Economy CDG - AYT More than 3 years

A Good Low-Cost Airline.

Pleasant flight with this Turkish low-cost airline.

The departure flight took off with a small delay but the return flight was on time.

The flight crew was pleasant. As is often the case on this kind of flight you had to pay for the meal, the drinks and the snacks, which were expensive and mediocre.

There was limited legroom and the seats were uncomfortable and sometimes didn’t recline at all.

The temperature in the cabin was too high.

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Economy AYT - CDG More than 3 years

A standard flight

After a somewhat turbulent departure flight on Atlasjet, we returned on Onur with no problems. On the other hand, there was some small turbulence landing at MRS, where we bounced on the runway during a violent landing that was followed by violent braking. If we hadn't braced ourselves against the seat in front we would have toppled over.

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Economy BJV - MRS More than 3 years 1 reactions

A flight without problems and a pleasant flight crew

Onur Air is a low-cost airline, but in Turkey I regularly read that it was a "regular" airline." The crew was very friendly and spoke Turkish...

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Economy CDG - IST More than 3 years 1 reactions 17 views

Perhaps we were lucky

Flew with this airline for a holiday in north cyprus.
The aircraft took off on time, the cabin staff were polite could speak adequate english, we were served a modest meal (very unusual on a charter)
Touched down in Anaytala to off load some passengers and refuel took about three quarters of an hour, flight time to Ercan 30 minutes .
Coming back flight was on time staff pleasant no problems.
Incidentaly flew with Onur about seven years ago on the same route and I was not impressed that time, very amature service.
I felt that they have upped their game, and would fly with them again, bearing in mind that this is a budget airline what more can we expect,

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Economy STN - AYT More than 3 years 1 reactions 6 views

Miserable experiance

Take off time should have been 11.55
Actual take off 21.40

The delay anouncement saying there was a technical problem came very shortly before the supposed take off time. Reason for delay given that a spare part was required, a couple of hours later we were told that a part could not be sourced, later still,told that another aircraft was needed and it was coming from Munich. Passengers were given £8 voucher each to purchase a snack

Many hours later when we at last were aboard, the unfriendly staff wanted to charge for the orange juice but after people complaining, a drink was given.

Return flight we took off 10 min early (6.20 am) but when arrived at Antalya ( as required )we were told to leave the aircraft with our belongings. Thought this was unusual as normaly you remain on the plane. For two hours standing in a line we were given no information as to the reason, eventually we were told it had been used for passengers from another flight that had been delayed earlier, reason given was it was an 'operational decision'.

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Economy MAN - ECN More than 3 years 1 reactions 24 views

Very good flight

I didn't know about this airline before, and when I read some online reviews I was not reassured at all about getting onto one of their planes (especially since I'm afraid of flying).

I was pleasantly surprised. Check-in at Bordeaux went well and the departure was on time. The flight crew was very welcoming and spoke English, French and Turkish. The comfort was minimal but on a 3h30min charter flight that's normal, I don't ask for luxury. The flight went by with no problems and the landing was smooth.

For the return flight (June 14, 2014), departure from Milas-Bodrum was very early. There were no problems at check-in, the departure was on time and the flight went perfectly. The flight crew also spoke French and was very nice and attentive to the passengers.

When it came to services everything cost extra, but that's normal on a "low-cost" airline. The prices weren't that high. If you want it for free, pay more and travel on a national company.

I my opinion, Onur Air is a good airline that meets both European and French security requirements.

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Economy BOD - BJV More than 3 years 8 reactions 91 views

Check-in, onboard sales

The check-in was utterly disorganised and finished five minutes before the scheduled take-off time.

There was no flight explanation in French on this flight.

I bought an item of jewellery listed in the onboard catalogue, but the attendant had to ask for it to be brought to them by telephone. It was supplied to me in a box, slightly damaged, just before the descent. Because it was a gift, I didn't open it, placing my trust in the honesty of the onboard sales staff. What a bad idea. Not only was it broken, but there was a jewel missing. I've been travelling for twenty years and this is the first time something bad like that has happened to me. I've worked for an airline myself.

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Economy AYT - CDG More than 3 years 1 reactions 61 views

A321 flight to Antalya

A nice flight. They were very organized, either on the ground or in the cabin. The cabin crew was not very welcoming, they were a bit angry. Why? Good question…. But, well....

The legroom was good, the seats were comfortable. There wasn't really any in-flight entertainment, which was a pity. The meals were a little better than with Air Méditerrané…. Takeoff and landing were mostly on time. Not much flight information was given—no doubt because the cabin was French and the cockpit was English. The luggage arrived quickly. Nice flight, overall.

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Economy CDG - AYT More than 3 years 15 reactions 70 views
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