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Departure time changed without reason

This is a warning for those of you that are thinking of using this airline in the future.

I booked a return trip with STP Airways from Lisbon to Sao Tome e Principe in March 2018 departing 00:05 -16th June.

After receiving the booking email confirmation, I booked a connecting flight from UK to Lisbon leaving six hours between flights, in case of delays on departure.

Beginning of this month, STP Airways sent an email advising the departure flight had been changed to 21:45 - 15th March.

Cutting the story short, after numerous emails and telephone calls to the airline, I was forced to change my UK departure to an earlier flight in order to be able to make the connection in Lisbon.

STP Airways claimed no liability and I was left with a GBP400 bill.

My personal advice, DON'T BOOK TRIPS WITH THIS AIRLINE unless you are prepared to spend a load of cash changing bookings or cancelling trips.

A concerned passenger

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