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Cabin atmosphere and service were the best

Having also taken Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium for the departure flight (BRU - VAR), I had to fly with this airline again, a little by chance, after a big disappointment with Jetairfly.

The departure went pretty well, and I was pleasantly surprised by the return flight.
It was even faster and more punctual. I must be one of the few travelers who didn't buy a package but instead just a flight on its own, and I found myself in a good 70-someting mood coming back from a vacation in the sun.

The staff was all cheerful and thoughtful. Right after takeoff, they told us that because of a strike in Belgium, they hadn't been able to get any hot meals for the plane. This could have been a bad situation but they knew how to handle it. Even though the hot meals would have cost extra, they offered all kinds of unlimited snacks and drinks for free.

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Economy BOJ - BRU More than 3 years 1 reactions 23 views

Very satisfactory

We traveled with Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium a few days ago and we were overall satisfied with the airline. The departure flight, from Liège to Palma de Mallorca via Lille (a technical stop to disembark and board other passengers without us having to leave the plane), was on an A320 from Sata Airlines (which Thomas Cook was renting for the summer season). The plane was recent but we were really jammed in (even worse than on Ryanair) but OK, considering that the flight was pretty short, it wasn't that serious. On the other hand, the return flight (Palma-Liège via Ostend) was on a Thomas Cook A320, which was a recent and clean aircraft. Without having to ask, we had places near the emergency exit (truly excellent pitch). In order to get an in-flight meal you had to pay an extra fee while buying the ticket. Considering what the passengers got for what they paid (a terrible, small sandwich and beverage) I'm perfectly happy to not have reserved it. Besides that, the flight was perfectly fine and I recommend this airline.

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A two-hour delay! A mediocre low-cost

A flight scheduled for 12:45 noon that took off at 2:50 p.m.

This flight passed by Corfu and arrived with more than 100 passengers at Zakynthos, where another 10 people boarded and where there was a delay of two hours!

The plane was filled up with the passengers inside (with a fire engine nearby).

Why make us what two hours before takeoff time while Thomas Cook already knew of the delay in Brussels.

On board, safety instructions were given only in Dutch and a crew that was only motivated to sell watched and other goods, teddy bears, etc….

In short, a mediocre low-cost!

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Brussels-Tenerife flight

I had the pleasure to use this airline for a vacation flight From Brussels the Canary Islands.
It was a charter so initially we didn't expect the best service but we were pleasantly surprised.

Perfect timing, and the check-in went by without any stress.
The bilingual flight crew was very pleasant and even moved us so that we could have 3 seats for the 2 of us and our baby.

Good service and in-flight meal that met expectations, with a cold/hot beverage A320 in good shape. They showed a movie during the flight and also showed a map so we could follow the flight's progress. Really great. Recommended.

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Les sièges confortables, petit bémol je n'avais pas beaucoup de place pour les jambes.
Films durant le film seulement un écran suspendu donc pas le choix de choisir un film on nous l'impose, repas mangeable et copieux. décollage et atterrissage en toute douceurs. par contre il ferait assez froid dans la cabine durant le vol. Ponctualité au top et information. claires et précise donné en français, anglais et néerlandais. le personnel était très souriant, on pouvais tout leur demander

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Agréablement surpris !

On a toujours des à-priori à propos des compagnies charters ou tour-opérateurs du style Thomas Cook. Quelques fois, ces à-priori sont vérifiés, mais...

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