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Recent reviews

Mr khan

Horrible airlines. Always late. Ridiculous customer services. Absolutely nothing makes sense about this airlines.
If it is not 50% cheaper then other airline then don't travel. You will regret, guaranteed.

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Economy Saudi Arabian Airlines AUH - JED New
minhaj I.

Very bad flight attendants, racists, snooty and mean people. Worst family flying experience ever!!

The flight attendant were mean- and showed dis-respect to my elderly member of the family. Upon asking my grandfather she (the female flight...

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Economy Thai Airways Intl BOM - HKT New
Santosh Achwani

KLM does not care about you!

From Canada, we had planned a nice organized 5 day cycling tour in Tuscany and had planned to arrive in Florence 2 days earlier to make sure that we...

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Business KLM Royal Dutch Airlines AMS - FLR New


AVOID this airline at all costs!! I've flown a lot and this was the worst experience and worst company I've ever had to deal with. They cancelled our flight super last minute when everyone was already at the airport. Then, they wouldn't help anyone find any other flights and when we called customer service they said word for word "We can't help you you'll have to call back tomorrow". Now, fast forward 2 months and I'm STILL chasing them down for my refund! What an absolute joke and total scam. I will NEVER fly this airline and I'll be sure to spread the word as much as possible and tell others to avoid it at all costs as well.

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Economy Volotea ATH - JTR New

If you don’t care when you arrive, maybe Flybe is for you

I have never flown on time with Flybe yet. It is the most unreliable airline I have ever had the misfortune of using.

The route Southend- Cologne is perfect for me. But unfortunately I will change back to Stansted and Ryanair. The extra cost and time traveling to Stansted and putting up with the horrible airport (Stansted is awful), is still hugely preferable to the dreadful service Flybe offers.

Yes... it’s true! Even Ryanair is better. Even Ryanair from an awful airport is better...

Such a shame

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Economy Flybe SEN - CGN 08/2018

An embarrassment to Malaysia! AA Should be the Flag Carrier..

Worst airline ever... We found ourselves stranded in KL due to a catalog of errors and failings by the airline and misinformation given by their...

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Economy Malaysia Airlines KUL - DPS 01/2018
Adam G

terrible cheap airline

I try to check in at the desk to get my boarding pass almost tow hours before flight time and was told I need to check online or pay extra 110 Euros for two to check in! Also I only have 10 minutes to find a computer to log in Ryan air website and put my info in and check in! At the airport on international flight, have 10 minutes to get WIFI and Ryan air website very slow and froze on me and could not check in online as 10 minutes expired and they charged me 110 more Euros to fly! Never had used an airline that forced you to get boarding pass online or pay 110 more euros just to get boarding pass! Even water not free on the flight! Everything is add on and very misleading! Do not use Ryan air!

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Economy Ryanair BCN - FCO 07/2018

Very poor customer service! First and last time with Jet2

Flight was delayed by 1 hour and 10 min before boarding I was called by the gate to be advised that my seats have changed although I was travelling with an infant and a 6yo. The lady from customer service promised she will change my seats as they were before, after boarding the plane, but she never got on the plane nor sorted anything for us. Very poor and dishonest customer service.
Cabin crew also not very helpful, never smiling nor being polite.
Will avoid Jet2 in the future. First and last time for us!

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Economy Jet2.com REU - STN 08/2018

Do not fly with jet airways

Worst experience ever.My wife who was travelling with this airline was supposed to board flight from Jaipur at 3:50,it was delayed by 1 hour,due to which she missed her next connecting flight of same airline from Mumbai.She was pregnant which she also informed the ground staff as well as the air hostesses.The next flight which was arranged for her was next morning.You were supposed to make arrangements for her night stay as well as her food as she was almost unconscious and wasn't In a position to go out and get herself a room somewhere.Next time don't do this to any lady atleast.and specially when the halt is for whole night.please.
Nitin Kumar Garg

Read more about « Do not fly with jet airways »
Economy Jet Airways JAI - IXE 07/2018

Never Ever Again

The outbound flight to Amsterdam was disastrous. My husband and I were due to leave East Midlands Airport at 1pm. We finally left at 5.15pm, which...

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Economy Flybe EMA - AMS 07/2018 1 reactions
Julie Hoyle

Great job Alyna

Not the flight the serve I got after making a lot of very stupid mistakes on vacation in Ukaine, if I tryed to go some place it was always the wrong...

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Economy LOT Polish Airlines KBP - WRO 07/2018
Dick Tracey

Was charged twice on luggage and spoken badly to when I went to let them kniw

I have travelled all over the world but was so rudely spoken to by the customer service desk and the girl who spoke to me in a terrible manner refused her name and her colleagues did the same .

Aegean actually charged me twice for luggage and spoke down to me. Not only did they make the mistake but they rudely and angiky spoke down to me

Disgusting airline

I have a photo of the girl who was rude and will be pushing it but I don’t Argean really care to improve their services so I could be wasting my time

Read more about « Was charged twice on luggage... »
Economy Aegean Airlines ATH - MJT 07/2018

unacceptable behaviour of six passengers and part of the cabin staff during the flight

the plane was supposed to depart at 10.30 in the evening. we set off at 11.00 with a short delay but that was no problem. during the flight the captain announced that the cabin lights would be dimmed in accordance to night travelling regulations.( that was the case when a week ago we travelled from Larnaca to Barcelona)
Last night though this did not happen.
The cabin lights were very slightly lowered and the cabin crew kept serving the six young people in the row in front of me , alcoholic and other drinks. they were talking and laughing loudly and it was two oclock in the morning.??????
My complain was met with more laughter and irony.

Read more about « unacceptable behaviour of... »
Economy Vueling Airlines BCN - LCA 07/2018

Poor customer service

We had planned to have a two day visit in Amsterdam before joining a Tuscany tour on June 6. After checking into our room we received a message from Transavia that our June 8 flight was cancelled because of a planned strike of Italian air traffic employees. We were able to rebook our flight to the next day so we would be in Pisa I'm time for our Tuscany tour but we missed one day of our two day stay in Amsterdam incurring extra expenses of the room in Amsterdam and a prepaid visit to the Anne Frank museum of $250. We filed a complaint with Transavia and were denied. $250 is a lot of money to us as we are both retired. If you can fly with another company please do as Transavia certainly will not look after the customers interests.

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Economy transavia AMS - PSA 06/2018

What an awful service

First time on an Easyjet Plane, and it will be the last time I accept an easyJet flight, even if it is the cheapest flight available. Why? Well not...

Read more about « What an awful service »
Economy Easyjet STN - IBZ 06/2018

Extremely Bad Service

The flight from Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur was a new flight MH4. It was hard to call for the steward/stewardess as the button was too far. I'm in an...

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Economy Malaysia Airlines LHR - KUL 07/2018
nia H.

Condor at Frankfurt - Highway to hell

100% I wish to NOBODY!!! Have you ever been **cked up because of airline company mistake??? So you will support me in here: 7th July 2018 10:30 AM I...

Read more about « Condor at Frankfurt -... »
Economy Condor (Thomas Cook) FRA - CUN 06/2018
Andrey V.

My first air travel Spicejet review

My view on jotting down a Spicejet Review. I saw a heavy rush during morning hours at Mumbai airport, which is a common knowledge and most people will try & reach early to avoid any unwanted issues. However, nothing can prepare you for long queues and that too, Mumbai crowd! However, I am amazed at the level-headedness and dexterity of the ground staff at airports. In this case, SpiceJet who manage such an unruly crowd so nonchalantly that gives the most seasoned customer care professionals goosebumps in their midsection. Within 10 mins I had my boarding pass and then ushered to the waiting coach whizzing past the security check. Kudos to Priyanka, the check-in counters executive and thank you to SpiceJet.

Read more about « My first air travel Spicejet... »
Economy SpiceJet BOM - CCU 03/2018
Luna Sravan


The flight was programmed to depart at 4:45 pm and suddenly without any mail information or any other kind of information they had delayed the flight at 9:10pm. I had to be interested by my self because I did not find the flight on the screen to let me and other people like me know that the flight had been delayed at 9:10 and it did not start again at 9:10 am but 9:35 a half hour more late like it was not enough. The girls on the host sportel were rude and arrogant the worst customer service. I missed an important job meeting for the blame on them and they did not even have the trouble to reimburse me or even be heard.

I will totally not recommended

Read more about « Horrible »
Economy Blue Panorama Airlines TIA - FCO 07/2018

Do not fly woth Sleazyjet

Don't fly with easyjet. I was due to fly from Paris to Nice in May and our flight got cancelled, so easjet booked us a hotel for the night (nice of...

Read more about « Do not fly woth Sleazyjet »
Economy Easyjet NCE - BRS 05/2018

Flights from hell... Airline doesn't care

Departing San Francisco to Las Vegas an hour flight was cancelled due to Mechanical was booked on a flight to Seattle to Las Vegas 5 and a half hour flight no food no drinks no compensation

Celebrating my daughter's birthday we have now lost our hotel that we had to pay for and all the activities we were doing tonight.
We had not eaten as we were going to eat when we arrived in Vegas they did not offer its food or drink or any compensation the worst Airline ever worse than the cheap airlines

Call the airlines they said sorry this is the best we could do No Remorse whatsoever in them they put ice on a flight San Francisco Seattle Las Vegas 5 and 1/2 hours

Will never fly this Airline again and I am a frequent flyer they do not care about their customers only the dollars they make they had no remorse whatsoever

Read more about « Flights from hell... Airline... »
Economy Alaska Airlines SFO - LAS 07/2018 1 reactions

Worst airline i've ever travelled with

On June 23rd we flew from Budapest to Odessa, having to change in Kiev, where our flight was delayed. The big shock was arriving at Budapest airport...

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Economy Ukraine International Airlines ODS - BUD 06/2018

June 2018 Vacation

Flight was cancelled twelve hour before boarding. Was not changed. This was a family vacation. Was not notified to this day of why it was cancelled. Had to get another flight from a airport in a DIFFERENT state. Had to drive in the middle of the night to another state for a new flight. When we got there the flight was delayed from 7:00,8:00,9:00,10:00. Yes! It was changed FOUR times. Coming home after the trip the flight was delayed a hour, then we finally got on the plane & was delayed TWO more hours! This was the first time flying JetBlue & It was the worst flight experience going and coming!

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Economy JetBlue Airways RIC - BGI 06/2018

Rip off, dirty, uncaring

Worst airline. Staff did not even smile like on other airlines when we got on to the plane. Inside, the interior was old and dusty. The toilet was...

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Economy Srilankan Airlines BKK - CMB 06/2018


THEY ARE THE WORST COMPANY EVER! We were in Tenerife, they canceled a flight, lying the all day not admitting that and keep saying the flight was...

Read more about « THE WORST COMPANY EVER »
Economy Thomas Cook Airlines TFS - LGW 02/2018

The best air travel experience ever

Not only the most efficient, courteous airline i have ever traveled, but one of the best overall customer experiences with any company. I will talk about this company to any one who will listen. They upgraded us from HEL-LHE-JFK to direct flight and got us 2 rooms in a very nice hotel. We were able to sleep in and get home 6 hours earlier. The only reason I am able to be at work now. Our experience to SVO the other way was just as good. The flight left 20 minutes late, not because of Finnair, but because SVO basically shut down to watch Russia beat Spain in penalty kicks of the World Cup game. Everything else about the flight was top notch. Food, comfort, check in and boarding.

Read more about « The best air travel... »
Economy Finnair HEL - JFK 07/2018 1 reactions

Worst airline and worst Customer service ever

Flew to Frankfort for Cancer to treatment. They lost luggage which had my cancer medication and clothes for the stay. They promised it would be...

Read more about « Worst airline and worst... »
Economy Condor (Thomas Cook) MSP - FRA 05/2018 1 reactions

My depression

I flew to Minsk for five visa-free days. With me, I had a small purse with a purse and documents. All my things, clothes, hygiene products, souvenirs were in the luggage. In Minsk, the weather changed, it was very cold and I fell ill. Several times I tried to call the number at the airport, but no one picked up the tube, or was busy. Today is the fourth day, no baggage. Tomorrow morning, I'm leaving. Without everything.
Everyone knows that in Europe there are no such prices as in Belavia. for this amount that I paid for the flight, they did not return my things to me, ignored all my calls and provided me with a depressive condition.

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Economy Belavia CDG - MSQ 06/2018

Worst Experience Ever!

Me and my friend had the worst possible experience with Pegasus and Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) staff; on June 29th 2018 we were going from...

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Economy Pegasus Airlines IST - IKA 06/2018

Horrible customer service

Recently my wife and kids traveled to Jordan on RJ (Royal Jordanian) in June 2018. I had purchased their tickets back in March 2018 from my travel...

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Economy Royal Jordanian JFK - AMM 06/2018

Horrible Employee "Welcome to France, you have no power against me"

A serious system problem overcharged my girlfriend for her additional baggage. The Iberia/Vueling supervisor came to check, and instead of checking...

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Economy Vueling Airlines CDG - LGW 06/2018

Destination change, without notice, day before flight

Booked a return flight from London Stansted to Bastia, departing 1/7/2018 and were issued with e-tickets confirming our travel.
Tried to check in online in the early hours of 30/6/2018 (i.e. 30 hours before departure as instructed) only to find that our outbound tickets now seemed to relate to a flight to Ajaccio, departing more than 10 hours later so hat we would arrive at Ajaccio just before midnight on Sunday 1st July.
We have hotel accommodation and car hire reservation arranged in Bastia for 1st July but efforts to contact our booking agent (budgetair.co.uk) have been unsucessful sofar - no answer to any of the contact numbers provided or response to urgent emails seeking explanation/solution.
Air Corsica - unable to contact anyone based in UK and their suggestion (FAQ) on website is to raise any query with airport check in desk - not so straightforward when airport is c.170 miles away from home.
Completely unacceptable and any suggestions for action/contact much appreciated - urgently!!!

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Economy Air Corsica STN - BIA 06/2018

Best Budget Airline 2017, 2018 and beyond

My family and I switched to Flybe in a bid to avoid Ryanair and it's the best decision we ever made. We used to fly to London Stansted but we switch...

Read more about « Best Budget Airline 2017... »
Economy Flybe DUB - SEN 06/2018
Mama Caoimhe

Delays, delays, delays

In one trip I had to fly Tunis Air 4 times. Only one of them was not delayed. The first one, from Amsterdam to Tunis was delayed for 6 hours. The return flight was delayed for 3 hours.
Positive: the crew was nice.
The planes are old. The toilets don't function well so even if you feel adventurous enough to fly Tunisair, don't accept a seat close to the toilets. The smell is unbearable.
The temperature was way too hot. Passengers had to ask for A/C and still it was way too hot.
The quantity of the food is average, however the quality is really bad.

The service of the flight attendants in the plane was good, however ground staff in Tunesia Airports was rude.

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Economy Tunisair AMS - TUN 05/2018

Exciting for a 13 y.o.

For a kid at that age, the whole experience was exciting. The entertainment included watching the view through the window, flight controls, and pilots doing their job. There were no snacks or meals, or flight attendants. Our tickets were the old red carbon copy coupons, all hand written. One would check in at the gate, walk to the aircraft, show your ticket to the pilot, and hop on. On this day, it was warm outside, and inside the plane. Take off was normal but exciting. Landing is even more exciting, landing at a big airport with big airliners there. Convairs, DC-3, 4, &6's, Connies, and a F27. The staff and crew were very courteous and professional.

Read more about « Exciting for a 13 y.o. »
Economy Air Midwest DDC - ICT More than 3 years

worst service and support from staff as we were not allowed to board the flight

Hi, Am Dalu Baburaj, Myself & My friends namely • Anand • Aravind • Aswin recently made a trip to Russia for the FIFA World Cup 2018. Our tickets...

Read more about « worst service and support... »
Economy Aeroflot SVO - DEL 06/2018

A Comprehensive review of SWISS / EDELWEISS Airlines overview of flights between Costa Rica and England via Zurich rated on a scale of 1 – 10 , 1 being Terrible , 10 being excellent .

Punctuality. We used four flights on this particular trip with Swiss Air or its share code partners , of which NONE were on time according to the...

Read more about « A Comprehensive review of... »
Economy Swiss BHX - SJO 06/2018

Attacked by passenger then victim blamed and laughed at by staff

I experienced a traumatic incident on my flight with Jet2 yesterday, whilst travelling alone.. I was aggressively harassed by a man and when I...

Read more about « Attacked by passenger then... »
Economy Jet2.com BHX - REU 06/2018 2 reactions

Another delay or regular delays....

Left greek hotel on time at 18.30 for 45 minute transfer. Flight due to leave 21.55. Advised not to go through security until 2200 earliest as there was a delay (delayed outward also). Finally left 2340. Staff ushering us on board gave garbled explanations about cause of delay, contradicting each other so no proper reason given. First few rows were issued with a blanket. I was row 8 and asked for one as it was very cold on way out. Attendant was abrupt - "No - the captain will turn the heating on later". Up to my knees was cold the whole way. Older attendant was pleasant and professional. Seat/legroom ok.
Having spoken with other holidaymakers on the island and staff this kefalonia flight operates with a regular delay. Minimal rereshment choice. No complimentary drink for delay. Was the captain really out of hours?
Luggage handled efficiently although scratched.

Read more about « Another delay or regular... »
Economy ASL Airlines France EFL - MAN 06/2018

A terrible experience

Outbound on 10 June. The flight time was delayed by 35 minutes on the departure day and changed without notification. I was then told by a passenger that the time had been changed several times and had started as an early morning flight. At the airport a delay of c another 2 hours came up up on the screen. We were not given any refreshments, apology or explanation. No entertainment. By ushering us down to the gate and waiting there 20 minutes on the stairs on the managed to just avoid the 3 hour deadline. After an extremely cold journey without a single complimentary drink for the long wait we arrived around midnight instead of 6pm in kefalonia and reached our accommodation at 1.30 am. I'll avoid this airline in future.

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Economy ASL Airlines France EFL - MAN 06/2018

Stranded in another country!

Horrible service. I booked a flight from a different airline into Amsterdam which was delayed, so I missed my KLM flight. I assumed they would move...

Read more about « Stranded in another country! »
Economy KLM Royal Dutch Airlines AMS - SLC 06/2018
Sam S.

Customer service nightmare

My husband and I were flying from Dublin to Amsterdam before this flight. Unfortunately, that plane ended up taking off an hour later than expected...

Read more about « Customer service nightmare »
Economy KLM Royal Dutch Airlines AMS - SLC 06/2018

Typical budget airline

Very few daily flights on this route so Malindo was only one available. Aircraft presented well, flight crew courteous, seating ok for this aircraft, flight time short so found everything adequate. Departure went smoothly, arrival Penang fine. Major issues with luggage - excess baggage which days before the flight we knew we had. Accessed airline website to advise and pay days before the flight for our excess baggage - site kept refusing to allow to access. Finally gave up. Arrived airport early. Told had to pay 720RM excess, would have been half this cost had I been at airport 4 hours earlier per their website (which I could access). Remember the flight cost was 199RM including 15kg baggage.!!! Airline rudely unrelenting, emailed complaint, kept avoiding the issue. Never again Malindo - very unprofessional

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Economy Malindo Air MKZ - PEN 05/2018

Worst company

I bought a ticket for my aunt, as a gift for her birthday. Wanted she made a trip to Israel. It was her first flight in life!!! Can you imagine how she was exited. But them spoil everything! She passed a strong checking, interview where they talked with her like with a criminal, undressed her. Didn’t give her a water, took all her stuff and pills. Poor, she was so much scared.. Is it normal to act like that with people ? It is not human! It’s rude and irrespectfull. There is no service at all! I’m very andry and totally disgusted with them!

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Economy El Al Israel Airlines KBP - TLV 06/2018

Lies and extra payments for nothing!

My hubby is a tall man. 6'6" or 198cm. We always book exits if possible, even if its extra. We were happy on our flight back home we found a "second exit row" is "only $45 per person more" so we PAYED it. On our flight we learned row 23 middle is average small row and they wanted another €80 or $100+ per person to "upgrade" us....so we payed extra $90 total for absolutely nothing!!!
Also on our flight to Europe crew was over an hour late without any explanation and we nearly missed connective flight!
But with the extra payments and lies about extra room they really made me mad! Do not pay them and do not fly with them!

Read more about « Lies and extra payments for... »
Economy Condor (Thomas Cook) FDF - LAS 06/2018

Greedy, Non-empathetic airline. AVOID

I fly numerous airlines all over the world; and Finnair customer service and supervisory staff are the worst I've experienced in 60 years! We are flying them in a few months; and I've had to call them 16 times (supervisors almost impossible to reach) to try and talk to them about a severe medical condition my son recently experienced. He almost died and is having significant issues. Doctors say he cannot fly for the rest of the year. We tried to cancel the tickets; for a refund OR a credit for the future.

They are like INCONSIDERATE, NON-APATHETIC robots! We have doctors letters, etc. and they don't care! They want their cancellation fees; no one could have seen this coming; that his doctors would say no travel (he's had condition for years and it never affected his travel options until now).

Cold hearted, inconsiderate people and management! GREEDY - Not valuing a long term client who travels often! Stupid, in my opinion. If they don't value people; they don't deserve your business either!!

Read more about « Greedy, Non-empathetic... »
Economy Finnair LAX - LHR 06/2018 1 reactions

Avoid if you have a choice

I fly weekly and only ever take flybe if there are no other options. The latest issue is the last straw. Today I needed a quick exit from the plan to get to an appointment. I paid for seat 1b and all was fine. Checked in...still fine (other than the online system failing and me needing to resort to printing my own boarding pass). Get to the gate and they have moved my to the back of the plane. No apologies and no refund. Apparently it's a me problem not a flybe problem.

On the plane the seats are very uncomfortable...worn out. Aircon is almost non existent.

Annoncemennts are uninformative...left sitting with no aircon in the heat for 15 min without explanation.

And all this for more money than your average b7dget airline

Read more about « Avoid if you have a choice »
Economy Flybe DUB - SOU 06/2018
Karl D.

no gate to board made us missed a fly and rip off us last minutes tickets

We could not find the gate to board after checked in, we called them they told 15 minutes they come. We lost 4 hours no one come. They kicked us out of the air port 10 minutes before the next fly to ask us to pay for the next 5 minutes fly. How come we get a new tickets and check in security and walk to the gate for 5 minutes? the new ticket is 10 times expensive than the one we paid! What the rip off??? Never want this easyjet exist any more! Never want to see or fly with easyjet again! Terrible air fly!

Read more about « no gate to board made us... »
Economy Easyjet LTN - CDG 03/2018
Man C.

Worst airline/customer service ever experienced...

This airline is without a doubt, the WORST airline I have ever travelled with. Absolutely awful customer service. Both my wife and I got sick from...

Read more about « Worst airline/customer... »
Economy Jet Airways AMS - YYZ 03/2018

Worst airline ever

American Airlines is LITERALLY THE WORST airline I've ever flown. My 5:00 a.m. flight to Charlotte was delayed a little over an hour, because the AC...

Read more about « Worst airline ever »
Economy American Airlines EWR - CLT 05/2018

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