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Hello, I have a flight from Naples to Istanbul on June 14, 2020, I bought my ticket through my trip company. When I contacted them, I was informed that the flight was canceled, but no refund will be made in accordance with the airline policy. It was stated that I can only change the reservation time and date. As you know, the Covid 19 pandemic is a force majeure. You still want me to create a new reservation in an uncertain global pandemic. All companies are refunding money. Everyone should learn that you follow such a policy. In this process, I want you to correct this mistake made as a healthcare worker who is on the front lines. You have to deposit all of my ticket money.

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Economy Aegean Airlines NAP - IST New

Une compagnie d’escrocs

Je ne vais même pas décrire le vol.
J’ai pris un aller retour Paris Montreal du 26 décembre au 6 juin.
Le vol retour, bien évidemment n’a pas été fait en raison du coronavirus. Ce n’est pas leur faute. Par contre ces pourris m’ont offert un bon d’achat de 136 euros alors que j’ai payé 550 euros l’aller et retour. Ils me disent que c’est le prix du retour non effectué. Si je veux un vol retour, je dois rajouter 350 euros car ils ont décidé de profiter de la crise du coronavirus. Je leur ai demandé un remboursement car j’ai pu trouver un vol de rapatriement payant. Ils refusent et me disent qu’ils le mettent à mon crédit. Je serais Canadien, je pourrais m’en resservir. Mais moi j’habite en France et si je veux profiter de leur misérable geste, je dois retourner au Canada. Ce n’est pas dans mes plans. Au Canada, ils sont en ce moment très décriés car ils refusent de rembourser. C’est honteux.

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Economy Air Transat YUL - CDG 12/2019 2 reactions

Horrible Communications and Service, Worst Experience with a National Carrier

Really HORRIBLE SERVICE from a national carrier. Garuda Indonesia did not highlight in the bookings and/or confirmation that customers flying to...

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Economy Garuda Indonesia SIN - CGK 05/2020 1 reactions



Economy Sun Express LED - ADB 09/2018

Terrible customer service. Violates CAA regulations

Both of my flights scheduled for April have been cancelled by the airline. The airline does not refund the costs of the flights cancelled and thus violates the international regulations of CAA: https://www.caa.co.uk/Passengers/Resolvi... Moreover, the customer services are unresponsive - dead silence is what you get when you send emails requesting a refund. I would like to urge everyone to please never use this airline.

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Economy Georgian Airways LGW - TBS 04/2020

2020 experience with KLM during the global pandemic

I had the privilege of travelling with this airline as a charter plane during thw pandemic. As a teenager travelling alone, I was quite anxious and feared making a mistake and missing my flight,or losing something, or sitting next to some weirdo on one of the flights etc. Nevertheless the KLM staff were very warm and ensured we were comfortable. The available entertainment was also great, as there was good relevant music/ featured movies (from all over the world)/ podcast and video games. So on the first 8hr flight I was entertained. In addition to this the food was pretty good also. Maybe the best air pp Laine food I've tasted so far. Lastly, the price was reasonable. I saw the prices other airlines were charging that aren't as "prominent" as KLM and In can definitely say this the pricing is very reasonable.
As much as this may seem as a marketing tactic (by me writing this good review). I can definitely say it is sincere. I travelled fromKemya to Norway, and the reason I took the time to write this review is because I genuinely believe the deserve it

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Economy KLM Royal Dutch Airlines NBO - AMS 04/2020

I feel I've been stolen from

I had a family booking with Aegean over Easter 2020. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the flights were cancelled. This is understandable. What is NOT understandable is that Aegean now refuses to give refunds. This goes against EU commission rules 261/2004. Aegean does not care and completely refused to refund my booking of almost 450 Euro. I feel like I've been stolen from. They have offered a voucher, but since 2 of the party where coming from the United States, the whole trip has been cancelled. The credit voucher is useless for them. This is blatantly against the law to now give a refund for a cancelled flight.

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Economy Aegean Airlines KRK - ATH 04/2020

Good service airline

I flew from Delhi to Dubai. The ground staff and the cabin crew were warm, friendly and helpful. Aircraft was clean and fresh. Punctuality was the best part about their flight. Boarding, takeoff and landing were on time. Luggage also came out fast. A very good flying experience overall.

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Economy Flydubai DEL - DXB 03/2020

On time performance

Everything worked well on both outbound and inbound flight. Landing was on time on both the days. On both the legs checked in luggage arrived pretty...

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Economy Flydubai DXB - ZNZ 02/2020

Flydubai is indeed a great airline

I planned a week long vacation to Colombo with Fly Dubai. This vacation was planned for my parents so it was very important that they have a pleasant experience. Dad was assisted by a wheelchair while boarding as well as deplaning. Mom was also helped by the flight crew while going to the washroom and back. Tea was served without sugar as requested and food was also served warm and it tasted nice. My parents enjoyed their trip on both the routes. I would like to thank the airline and their staff for the wonderful flying experience.

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Economy Flydubai CMB - DXB 02/2020

First trip with flydubai and I am very happy with the services

I am a frequent flyer but it was my first trip with Fly Dubai. I liked their customer oriented approach. Crew was companionate and friendly. Passanger on the seat next to me was reading a book and had his reading light on. After half an hour of reading he fell asleep, crew who was taking a round of the cabin noticed that and turned off his reading light. Then there was an elderly passanger trying to takeout her bag mid flight for something, a new guy crew who was serving food came quickly for help. I liked their warmth. Flight was also on time so a fantastic experience.

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Economy Flydubai HGA - DXB 02/2020

Ample legroom

Flydubai is a budget airline and one has to keep this in mind before making the selection or keeping any high expectation. They have an option for luggage charges. Which means if u are traveling with hand bags pay only for that and not for the full luggage. They have veg and non veg option but of course there is not variety in these category which is understandable. Seat pitch is ok and legroom is also sufficient for average height person. All in all a good low cost airline

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Economy Flydubai VCE - DXB 03/2020
Marina Lolita

Flydubai is a value for money airline

I have flown Muscat Dubai and back a few times and I am happy to choose Fly Dubai for travel each time. It’s a great value for money and light on pocket. Service offered is at par with a full service airline. The crew is friendly, pleasant and always ready to help. Ground staff is efficient too. I don’t book food in advance as I don’t eat on flights mostly so I like that Fly Dubai gives you the option to select or not select food. Their flight performance is on time most of the times. I like flying with Fly Dubai for so many wonderful reasons.

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Economy Flydubai MCT - DXB 02/2020

Aircraft was clean and fresh

Flew from Riyadh to Dubai and back. Easy check in process and nice friendly ground staff on both the days. Very courteous and competent cabin crew on both legs. Aircraft was new, clean and fresh. Hat racks were spacious. Seat pitch was almost 32, with adequate legroom and arm space. Food was good. After the meal I watched something on Netflix on my laptop. It was an enjoyable trip.

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Economy Flydubai RUH - DXB 03/2020

Excellent customer service by FlyDubai

My mother and I traveled from Tehran to Dubai. My mother is 76 years old and needed wheelchair assistance which was provided by FlyDubai on request...

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Economy Flydubai DXB - IKA 02/2020

Visa change by Flydubai

Recently traveled to Yerevan for my visa change. Travelpoint had a offer going on and I thought of taking a small vacation. Pre-booked tickets with...

Read more about « Visa change by Flydubai »
Economy Flydubai EVN - DXB 02/2020 2 reactions

Good service airline

I guess i am travelling with Flydubai since ages. Its a perfect budget airline in terms of all kind of service. Ground staff helpful, inflight...

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Economy Flydubai DEL - DXB 02/2020

Great airline

I flew to Zanzibar to Dubai a week back. The flight was on time. Boarding was fast. Aircraft was clean. Seats had ample of legroom. Food was served...

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Economy Flydubai ZNZ - DXB 02/2020 1 reactions

Budget airline with great fare value

I had a very good journey with Flydubai. Other flights were expensive, so i had to look for alternative flight and that's how i end up booking Flydubai. Boarding was done as per the seat numbers which was hassle free. Take off was on time and we reached 10 minutes before schedule arrival. I am also very happy with the meal quality which was just like my kind of taste. Non spicy and very healthy meal with energy bar. I am very happy with my decision of taking my flight with Flydubai. Looking forward for more flights with them.

Read more about « Budget airline with great... »
Economy Flydubai CMB - ZNZ 01/2020

Client service is a joke

having any issue with your luggage ?! God save you, they’ll not even help you with your rights. After flying from London to Athens by Aegean...

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Economy Aegean Airlines LHR - ATH 02/2020

Indeed a great airline

I am a mother of two young boys, one is 3 and the other is 5 years old. On my way back to US i took a via flight to meet some friends in Dubai...

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Economy Flydubai DEL - DXB 01/2020

Happy customer of flydubai

My parents and I travelled from Colombo to Dubai on a Fly Dubai Flight. It was my parents first international trip. Staff at the check in counter was really nice, I requested her for wheelchair assistance for both my parents as both of them are in their late seventies and can’t walk for too long. The ground staff was quick to adhere to my request and provided wheelchair assistance to my parents till the aircraft. Cabin crew on board was also very helpful in assisting them whenever required. Flight seats were quite comfortable and spacious, we were at ease throughout the journey. I requested the crew to serve meal to my father first as he is a diabetic and needed to take his medicine, crew not only served my father first but also my mother at the same time. I appreciate the compassion and professionalism of the crew. My parents got wheelchair assistance from aircraft to the arrival hall as well. I am very impressed with the overall service we got from the airline. We had a very pleasant trip. I am looking forward to many more flights with them.

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Economy Flydubai CMB - DXB 02/2020

The worst customer service I have ever experienced

I had a months long saga involving a refund, that I will detail below, but the TL;DR version is Aeromexico promised a refund, over the course of 6...

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Economy Aeromexico CUN - HAV 01/2020

indeed a budget airline

its a budget airline, fare value is worth every penny we spend. Ground staff was kind in her tone and smiling all the time which gives to a warm...

Read more about « indeed a budget airline »
Economy Flydubai IST - DXB 02/2020 1 reactions


Cairo-Kiev-Gatwick. 15th Jan 2020 absolutely disgusting airline. staff were horrendously rude to a few other passengers who calmly questioned the...

Read more about « UIA AND THEIR DISGUSTING... »
Economy Ukraine International Airlines CAI - KBP 02/2020

great fare and great airline

Travelled with Fly Dubai for the very first time. For a student like me, low flight fare is what helps me decide which airline to pick. When I was...

Read more about « great fare and great airline »
Economy Flydubai DXB - BEG 02/2020 1 reactions

decent and value for money journey with flydubai

I had to travel to yereven for a urgent meeting. my travel agent was not answering my phone. At last I had to used their phone app to book my...

Read more about « decent and value for money... »
Economy Flydubai DXB - EVN 01/2020

dakar abidjan 02 feb 2020

I am senegalese citizen and I bought a returned ticket on feb 10, I should fly next day at 15:00. It is said customer service start at 07:00am so I called them to cancel my ticket as I decided not to go, I wanted to get cancellation and refund because my ticket is refundable. I got on phone call a person asking me to write an email with ticket reservation at online.sales@airsenegalsa.sn Indeed I did that, from 08:00 to 10:00 no email confirmation no response, I called back again they asked me resend the email and add this one: serviceclient@airsenegalsa.sn. nobody replying me until now 14:42 I called more than 30 times. this is the worst airlines I have travelled to more than 10 countries more than 20 times in my life. I am senegalese born and raised in dakar it s a big shame, this people are not working and the staff simply dont care at all about the customers. I will not advise anyone to take this flight. 500 Usd is gon vanished.

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Economy Air Senegal International DKR - ABJ 02/2020


AVOID AT ALL COSTS. ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE Was refused to check-in and was forced to buy a return ticket on the spot in airport as "i did not have visa...

Read more about « ABOMINATION OF CUSTOMER... »
Economy Lufthansa LHR - BKK 10/2019

Stole my suit case and items inside it !!

On Saturday 1st February 2020 my flight was from Ercan to London I had 3 suitcase. In turkey we don’t collect our suitcases as THERE JOB IS TO...

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Economy Pegasus Airlines ECN - STN 02/2020

Everything was smooth

everything thing was smooth in terms of services. The legroom is great and i had a comfortable journey. Take off and landing was smooth. After we...

Read more about « Everything was smooth »
Economy Flydubai SJJ - DXB 01/2020 1 reactions

Horrible and Cruel

I would like to review the flight itself, but Royal Jordanian prevented me from boarding it, even though I had a paid ticket. My offense was that I...

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Economy plus Royal Jordanian BKK - KUL 01/2020 2 reactions

great legroom space and very comfortable seats

Flew from Yerevan to Dubai last month. I booked my ticket through Fly Dubai’s mobile app and it was such a smooth experience.It is very fast and...

Read more about « great legroom space and very... »
Economy Flydubai EVN - DXB 01/2020 8 reactions

Finnair scam lies and ripoff

Lying cheating ripoff air line.
I bought 3 business class seats 2 adults and infant.
I changed my return and was advised all was fine only small charge for adults baby free.Checked in Heathrow no problem when arriving in Helsiki was extorted by a charge of 1500 euros to continue for my baby flight to Bangkok. They said pay or we refuse boarding.The said they look into the phone conversation and get back to me within 48 hrs which of course they failed to do and refund my money.
My point being if there was a fare difference l should have been advised at the time of booking which is normal procedure not have 1500 euros extorted from after first leg of the flight. It's a scam and blatantly RIP off. AVOID THEM AT ALL COST got a letter by email admitting they made a mistake but still refusing to give a refund despite it being their fault.

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Business Finnair LHR - BKK 01/2020

Worst ever experience - Very rude crew

I was flying with Pegasus on 04.Jan.2020 from Skopje to Istanbul on flight no. PC 352 with my wife and daughter. I want to complain on two of the...

Read more about « Worst ever experience - Very... »
Economy Pegasus Airlines SKP - SAW 01/2020 3 reactions

service could be better

its a budget airline with good facility. booking through their mobile app is super fast easy, safe and convenient. onboard service is good and they...

Read more about « service could be better »
Economy Flydubai DEL - DXB 11/2019

Horrible experience, even worse customer service

TL;DR: We got a flight delayed with over 24 hours due to a technical issue with the plane. I need to use a lawyer in order be able to get a...

Read more about « Horrible experience, even... »
Economy Flydubai SOF - ZNZ 12/2019

It was indeed a great journey with flydubai

I had an awesome experience. A pocket friendly business class and i wanted to experience them. I have used emirates couples of times in business...

Read more about « It was indeed a great... »
Economy Flydubai PRG - DXB 12/2019

switzerland airline

i cant beilive when i booked it i though it must be running on code share but what i actullay boarded was switzerland alirline which has halt in dubai on their way to oman. it was an amazing but very short experience. they gave us some refershments as it was a night flight and with 1 hours we reached our destination. overall great journey

Read more about « switzerland airline »
Economy Easyjet Switzerland DXB - MCT 10/2019

its an average airline but good in services

flydubai is known to be a budget airline, even thou they offer business class in few sectors. my travel with them was on my way to london and i had...

Read more about « its an average airline but... »
Economy Flydubai DEL - DXB 11/2019

Service was good

Travelled to Hargeisa recently. Initially tickets were booked with another airline but the flight got cancelled last minute so rebooked on Flydubai...

Read more about « Service was good »
Economy Flydubai DXB - HGA 12/2019 3 reactions

Thai Airways - Racist Airport Service Manager - Mr Pongpanata Phongsathienkul

My mother, wife and daughter were flying to Bangkok on 26 Dec 2019 on Thai airways TG 318 ( 3 Generations). On reaching the boarding gate, they were...

Read more about « Thai Airways - Racist... »
Business Thai Airways Intl BOM - BKK 12/2019 1 reactions

awful service that I've got from UIA costumer service

I would like to tell about awful service that I've got from UIA costumer service. in the IVR ( when you are calling, you have option to choose)...

Read more about « awful service that I've got... »
Economy Ukraine International Airlines TLV - KBP 01/2020

Wow experience with flydubai

It was wow experience with flydubai. I got a free upgrade to business class and had a great journey. I am a frequent flyer (cause of corporate tie...

Read more about « Wow experience with flydubai »
Business Flydubai DXB - DEL 11/2019 6 reactions

Do NOT fly with Pegasus! Flight cancelled!

I am not someone who complains easily, but Pegasus has really been horrific.

My wife and I came to Turkey for our honeymoon and what a horrible experience Pegasus has given us! The customer service was terrible today at Antalya airport. Really horrible!! Our flight PC2009 from Antalya to Istanbul was cancelled. No explanation or notification was given to us. We travelled all the way to the airport just to find that the flight has been cancelled. Then we waited in the queue at the Pegasus office for more than 3 hours with hundreds of other customers (the one lady next to us was over 80 years old!). When we eventually got to the front, the Pegasus employees were very rude. They said that the only option is to give us a flight for two days later (9 Jan)!!! I asked if they will pay for accomodation for us and they said no. How can we sleep on the floor for two nights in an airport!?! And to make it worse this is on our honeymoon!

From now on, we will only fly with Turkish airlines, never again with Pegasus.

Read more about « Do NOT fly with Pegasus... »
Economy Pegasus Airlines AYT - IST 01/2020

Used bus instead of plane, no food, no rerouting, no support

This is the worst airline I've ever used!!! I was flying from Bucharest to NYC via Belgrade. My first flight landed in Timisoara (TMR), a small city...

Read more about « Used bus instead of plane... »
Economy Tarom OTP - BEG 01/2020

Terrible experience

My first trip was 2 hours late, so that I could not get my connection in Tunis any more. I thought that this was not a big deal, but from there on, the experience became more and more terrible. I was scheduled for another flight 3 hours later, but each time the boarding time approached, the flight was rescheduled even more. The Tunisair staff was extremely inpolite and disrespectfull: they would turn away frome me in the middle of a sentence, not inform me properly on the actual situation and not even try to find solutions in my interest. Alltogether I had a delay of 10 hours. The food and water that was provided during this delay were ridiculous. Once arrived in Paris, my two bags were missing. They were delivered to my hotel 30 hours later.

Tunisair may be the cheapest, but the next time I will be willing to spend the double just to avoid them.

Read more about « Terrible experience »
Economy Tunisair TUN - ORY 12/2019

flydubai economy review

You can't really walk into economy class and expect the best service however, I can say that flydubai is one of the better economy class experiences I have had in recent times, hence this review. From decent legroom to a reasonable menu of food one can pre-order, flydubai is a reliable choice when you want to fly economy class.

Read more about « flydubai economy review »
Economy Flydubai DXB - HEL 12/2019

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