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I’ll admit I’m an adventurous person, with little fear, I like extreme sports and am open to new crazy things. I have NEVER feared for my life more...

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Economy Pegasus Airlines MCT - SXF New

baggage claim is brutally sliw

traveled round trip Cleveland to Tampa, flight down was on time but Frontier only has 2 gates and planes at gates had maintenance problems. we landed at 3:20 and departed plane at 4:30. Then bags were not delivered to baggage claim until 5:50. On flight home, plane was on time, but again bag claim took 1 hour after we got off plane - horrible. Seemed intentional. Also watch for on line charges- they tried to bill me $20 to check in for return flight for seat on way down, which i paid for and had akready taken flight

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Economy Frontier Airlines TPA - CLE New


Winair, the company of shame! I travel around the world often and Winair is the worst company I have ever taken. I made two trips from France to St...

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Economy Winair SXM - SBH New

Nightmare Experience

My husband and I were in Lisbon, Portugal this past summer to celebrate our 30th anniversary. Our departure time was 9am on August 3rd and we were...

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Economy Air Transat LIS - YYZ New

Lost luggage

I did the check in in Guadeloupe 3 heures in advance. We were few passengers flying. My luggage did not arrive to Dominica. At Melville Hall airport there was a girl with no computer and even with any pen. I had to borrow her my pen for her to note my claim. She even did not care about my tag. I asked her if she was not going to contact the depature airport and she said that she will send them a message. The following day, I succeded to have someone on the phone in the afternoon who told me that she was familiar with my claim!!!!! It is my forth day without my luggage and I do not have any news yet...

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Economy Air Antilles Express PTP - DOM 01/2019

Worst airline customer service ever

On the 30th of November my Luxair flight was 3 Hours delayed which due to the EU passenger regulation (EG) Nr.
261/2004 entitles me to a 250€ compensation. I emailed the customer service and they claim that "the flight was only delayed 2 hrs 59 Minutes" - I was on the plane and it did not leave after 2hours 59 minutes - we were still standing on the ground. I also have pictures proving that we were still on the ground (with time and date) and they still rejected my claim. DON´T FLY LUXAIR - don’t support this corruption I will never fly with Luxair again! Spread the word.

Social media should at least give the power to the people to make this corruption and bad behaviour of a brand public so please share it.

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Economy Luxair TXL - LUX 11/2018

Appalling trip

Our flight BA109 to Dubai. It was delayed that’s understandable. We get on the flight all is ok until my son who’s 6 and autistic, wanted to watch a...

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Economy British Airways LHR - DXB 12/2018

Complete lack of care

We departed on the morning of Dec, 24th from London Southend with slight delay but the captain told us that thanks to favorable winds we would...

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Economy Air Malta SEN - CTA 12/2018 3 reactions

Beware of booking scam!

Upon checkin we were made to pay 120 EUR because when we booked we hadn't entered our middle names. The charge for this was 60 EUR each!!! Just...

Read more about « Beware of booking scam! »
Economy Blue Panorama Airlines TIA - GOA 12/2018

Amazing flight experience

The aircraft was clean. All of the seats were comfortable and the flight attendants were very friendly. Our flight took off and landed safely without any turbulence.

The only disadvantage (that applies to all Iranian carriers) is that they do not have proper systems for people to book and check-in online, as well as the fact that on short-haul flights other Iranian carriers offer much better food than Iran Air (they offered as some nuts, while on other carriers we were given rice with chicken or kebab as a meal).

Read more about « Amazing flight experience »
Economy Iran Air IFN - SYZ 09/2018

Fly only if there is a huge price difference

To begin, the prices that they show during the Flight Search page on their website are misleading since they do not even include having a cabin bag...

Read more about « Fly only if there is a huge... »
Economy Ryanair ATH - JTR 07/2018


UNITED AIRLINES EMPLOYEE WITH HORRIBLE UNNECESSARY ATTITUDE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE I have never been treated so poorly by an employee. I believe she...

Read more about « UNITED AIRLINES EMPLOYEE... »
Economy United Airlines SJD - LAX 12/2018

AVOID Ryanair!! (Unless urgent and no option

First of all, this airline is not cheap, there is filthy hidden costs that they don't show online when you first see the price. I suggest you choose this airline if only there is urgent trip and you are traveling with one backpack or one handbag (with water and snacks). The most irritating part is this airline deliberately assigns different seats to family member even if you check in the earliest possible time and even if the seats in your row is empty. I haven't seen such filthy practice in any other airline. Their carry on baggage size is smaller than other airline and the charge for checking bag is outrageous and to add to your misery they charge you double the rate when you check in at the counter. Also, better check in online or app, otherwise you pay for checkin at the airport.! If you planning a trip few months ahead, better choose any other airline than this one.

Read more about « AVOID Ryanair!! (Unless... »
Economy Ryanair AMS - AGP 12/2018

Horrible airline!

I am writing this review because i had a bad experience flying with Eurowings, The staff are not helpful , In our flight from Punta Cana that is approximately 9 1/2 hours i asked the flight attendance if she could lent us a blanket and she they do not have blankets , How is that possible not even one in such a long journey is not good service at all, And both of our flight were more than 45 minutes delay ( I was traveling with my for children).

I would never, Ever travel with EUROWINGS ever again and i wouldn't recommended to anyone ever.

Read more about « Horrible airline! »
Economy Eurowings PUJ - MAN 12/2018

Worst experience during check in process ending with denied boarding

Today I had a terrible experience with British Airways. My family (my wife and 8-year old son) was not allowed to check in to a British Airways...

Read more about « Worst experience during... »
Economy British Airways BRU - LHR 12/2018

Horrible airlines

We had a flight from Milan to Delhi via Kuwait on 15 december. We were about to land Kuwait when suddenly pilot informed we are unable to land bcoz...

Read more about « Horrible airlines »
Economy Kuwait Airways MXP - DEL 12/2018


I travelled for the first time with my wife via Kuwait Airways and would say that it was the worst experience of my life. It seemed like a never...

Read more about « Nightmare »
Economy Kuwait Airways LHR - LHE 12/2018
Hanan H.

Worst customer service

Flight delayed for more than 4 hours. No explanation given. No food or beverages provided.

Back in Doha, we complained for the delay and the bad service, they answered within 2 months and agreed to pay us back as per the European Convention and mentioned it would take 4 to 6 weeks to get the refund as soon as we provide our bank details. We did on 28 September. It has been 8 weeks now and nothing has come.

We have to contact them every 3 days, and every 3 days we get the same answer "we will check the problem and get back to you as soon as possible". And nobody gets back to us.

A lot of time wasted, service isnt good either. I was told today that there is no Manager in charge of complaints... so it is whenever the employees decide to process your refund....(!!). Not to mention they fully ignore any follow up you attempt by email. Surprinsingly, they blocked all social media to ensure you cannot complain publicly - great job!

Airport is below average. I was supposed to fly again with them next March, but I will find another airline instead.


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Economy Royal Air Maroc CDG - DOH 08/2018

Complaint of A KONSTANTELIOU Air Hostess on Aegean Airlines on 01st September 2018

Wrote the following Obervations to Agean Airlines Customer service department with valid Complaint Number four times during a period of two months...

Read more about « Complaint of A KONSTANTELIOU... »
Economy Aegean Airlines ATH - LHR 09/2018 1 reactions

No service tickets booked out of India.

My parents were visiting me to Toronto so I booked their tickets from Toronto with my agent. Unfortunately they couldn't travel. I was asked by jet to send the medical reports and other related documents for the waiver as I informed them before the the departure. I provided them all the docs and then they said they can not provide me waiver because tickets were not booked from Indian location. What the heck ex-cuse is that?? If the tickets were booked with jet-airways , how does the service level can b differentiated on the basis of booking location. If they can not provide same level of service why does they book it outside india, or atleast they should inform during booking that we can't expect same level of service as we r not booking from India.
I talked to even higher level,Ms kavita, support analyst- voice of guests, but so far no help. Hoping that they will resolve my issue soon.

Read more about « No service tickets booked... »
Economy Jet Airways LKO - YYZ 10/2018

Travel Agent

I started my experience with China Eastern Airlines in Chicago, IL. They messed up my original schedule and I had to be re-routed. That was Sunday, November 4, 2018. My luggage never made it to its destination. Currently, I still have no luggage. I understand things happen. The customer service has been nothing. Nobody answers phone numbers, nobody communicates the status of my bags. I went to the airport and spoke directly with a representative from China Eastern and told them about my situation. They routed my baggage to a destination where I am not staying or never was staying. So now, it’s Friday, November 9 and still no luggage. The best part is that the offered me for my inconvenience lounge access and a PRIORITY LUGGAGE TAG! What????? I have no luggage! It’s been a horrible experience! I work in the travel industry and will never recommend this airline!

Read more about « Travel Agent »
Economy China Eastern Airlines ORD - MNL 11/2018

Avoid at all costs

Was supposed to fly from Glasgow but they cancelled the flight and offered to fly us from London instead. They didn’t bother to help us get from Glasgow to London although these are different cities in different countries slmost 650 km apart snd it was their duty. It took me 1 year to get my money back from them and I intend to report them to CAA so they get a hefty fine. From their FB page I could see they make a habit to camcel flights without offering re-routing, they take advantage that people don’t know their rights or don’t want to fight with them. They also have delays most of the time.

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Economy Wizz Air Hungary LTN - OTP 01/2018

Veuling Airlines Scams Americans

Booked a flight from Nice France to Barcelona on Vueling for a weekend holiday. The morning of our flight we got an email that Vueling was...

Read more about « Veuling Airlines Scams... »
Economy Vueling Airlines NCE - BCN 07/2018

Rip off merchants that will ignore your complaint for months and then not address the issues in your complaint

Booking reference and/or flight number K69D48 and issue occurred on: 13/08/2018 I checked my case in at Helsinki airport and was informed that my...

Read more about « Rip off merchants that will... »
Economy Finnair HEL - ARN 08/2018

Four hour delay, one glass of H2O, no compensation

Croatia Airlines has joined Ryanair in my list of airlines to avoid. I flew from London to Split on 10 August 2018. The flight was more than four...

Read more about « Four hour delay, one glass... »
Economy Croatia Airlines LGW - SPU 08/2018

Horrible experience

The worst airline ever. Tactless rude workers at the gate. I was transporting an expensive art work to the exhibition and was out of the size for 10 cm. Employees proposed me to fold it into four parts and put into the backpack, or to leave it in a trash. They were enjoying the situation. I am disgusted and pissed on that company.

Second my experience with them is that they cancelled my back flight because I was late on the second part of my first flight, without letting me know. They refused to pay me the road back and were saying that this is my fault. I had to travel via bus one day longer because of them. And they stay ok with the situation, like no fault at all.

I recommend to avoid that horrible airline. Ukrainian service is Worst ever.

Read more about « Horrible experience »
Economy Ukraine International Airlines VNO - MUC 10/2018
Lena Tkachenka

Absolute rip-off!! DO NOT FLY.

How this airline is still allowed to be in business I don't understand. I for one am complaining to the CAA. They fleece you at every opportunity, deliberately seating you apart for one. But the biggest problem I have is that they close down the online check in and make it impossible for you to check in, and then charge you OBSCENE amounts, around 80 EUR for me and my partner to check it at the desk. What must it cost them? Around 5 pence in paper? How are they allowed to do that, and why do they feel the need to treat paying customers like that!?

Read more about « Absolute rip-off!! DO NOT... »
Economy Wizz Air Hungary VNO - LTN 08/2018

Worst Airline Ever

I am a violinist and I travel internationally all the time with my violin as my hand luggage. It has been fine with all airlines, except for Utair flight from Moscow to Yerevan. My fair included 1 checked luggage and a hand luggage of 10 kg. Despite the fact that most airlines don't count the violin as hand luggage, allowing me to take the violin and 1 extra hand luggage, with Utair I had only my violin as my hand luggage and they didn't let me take the violin. The violin fitted in the hand luggage compartment, but they still made me wait for the flight responsible until the very last second then told me they are denying my boarding. So, they put me in a condition of no-choice and made me pay 6000 rubles which is no way an equivalent to 50 euros as payment for excess luggage. Also, they never responded to our complaints. I will never choose Utair and would not recommend to anyone. Also flight attendants are very rude.

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Economy Utair Aviation VKO - EVN 09/2018

worst flight ever

The whole experience was a nightmare. They did not provide any blanket to anybody at flight. There was no supply of food I wanted. At the airport they behaved rudely and harassed me as I had German passport and kept questioning me how did I get German nationality which is none of their business. They started questioning me in German to confirm about my nationality which I would say is far too offensive.
They broke my hand luggage and threw away my stuff (hand cream) which I bought from LHR as they said they do not allow these things in their airport for security purpose. I have never faced this kind of situation as I travelled a lot for the last 15 years. The experience I would say outrageous and even if have to pay £200 more in other airways I would go for that.

Read more about « worst flight ever »
Economy Kuwait Airways DAC - LHR 10/2018

I URGE you to think very carefully before booking a flight with Pegasus Airlines even the CEO ignores your complaint!

My wife and I flew from Northern Cyprus, we took off on a 1hr 15min flight to Istanbul, 30 minutes in the captain informed us of fog at Istanbul and...

Read more about « I URGE you to think very... »
Economy Pegasus Airlines ECN - SAW 09/2018 2 reactions

My husband being offboard unfairly

Srilankan Airways, I don’t know how did you train your staff in Qatar and how could her be so dumb. My husband, canadian, had been stopped for...

Read more about « My husband being offboard... »
Economy Srilankan Airlines DOH - PVG 10/2018 1 reactions

Which Service?

On September 24, 2018, my husband and I were to return to Brussels from Dubrovnik via Prague at 14:40. We boarded flight OK4825 but could not take...

Read more about « Which Service? »
Economy Travel Service Airlines DBV - PRG 09/2018 1 reactions

You Luggage won't arrive!

I used to fly a lot with TK but until this time. We booked a flight with TK to Maldives to celebrate my husband 40's Birthday we had a connection in...

Read more about « You Luggage won't arrive! »
Economy Turkish Airlines TLV - MLE 07/2018

lost luggage every time!!!

My name is Aleksandra. I bought a ticket from UIA (Mexico City-Toronto-Kiev on July 9, 2018) and back (Kiev-Toronto-Mexico City on September 19...

Read more about « lost luggage every time!!! »
Economy Ukraine International Airlines KBP - MEX 09/2018 1 reactions

2 hour flight delay=missed connection=forced to buy fresh rail tickets - 150 Euros!

Upon landing at Birmingham (from Aberdeen) discovered that the flight to Lyon was delayed by over 2 hours. No explanation given at any time. We'd...

Read more about « 2 hour flight delay=missed... »
Economy Flybe BHX - LYS 08/2018

Absolutely terrible

Absolutely terrible. Online check-in was unclear and the summary of booking information, which I carefully went through in the morning of my flight...

Read more about « Absolutely terrible »
Economy Wizz Air Hungary LJU - CRL 09/2018

Worst Airline In The World

For over 3 months in advance of our trip, I attempted to contact IcelandAir about a concern I had with our names on our tickets not including our...

Read more about « Worst Airline In The World »
Economy plus Icelandair DUB - MCI 09/2018 2 reactions

They simply do not care

I would not recommend travelling with Cathay Pacific if you want to arrive with your luggage. My 71 year old mothers luggage was lost in transit and I received not a single apology from the Melbourne staff. I was told that this simply happens to lots of people. It took them two days to contact me despite numerous emails and calls, with the sole information I have been provided is that the bag never arrived in Hong Kong after being checked in at Heathrow. My mum is now not expecting to never see her case again, which contained all the Christmas presents for her 2 year old grandchild. Genuinely, Cathay Pacific have the worst customer service I have ever experienced for anything. Avoid if you can, they simply do not care about their customers. Sadly, we’ve got another flight to endure with them back to the UK.

Read more about « They simply do not care »
Economy Cathay Pacific LHR - MEL 09/2018

The worst service and flight company ever.

The boarding was delayed with 1 and half hours without any good reason (the weather was good, other flights were on time). The arrival hour should...

Read more about « The worst service and flight... »
Economy Wizz Air Hungary BCN - OTP 09/2018

Missing Luggage...5 into 7 day trip!!!

This is my first trip to the US & my first (& last time) flying with Icelandair. Arrived in Portland on Saturday 8th September 2018, today is Thursday 13th September 2018, I am nearing the end of my trip and guess what....STILL NO LUGGAGE!!

Despite numerous emails & international calls to their 'customer service's' department, I am still luggage-less & without any information about where my belongings are.

This has been a truly shocking & disappointing experience!

Well done Icelandair for ruining my first trip to the US & what should have been a memorable engagement trip for my partner & I.

Read more about « Missing Luggage...5 into 7... »
Economy Icelandair LHR - PDX 09/2018

Avoid this airline

A horrible exprience from start to finish. Booked 2 flights but did them seperately and for some reason 1 had no luggage. I immediately called to...

Read more about « Avoid this airline »
Economy Icelandair LHR - BWI 07/2018

Freebird Airlines with our First Choice Holiday

Used Freebird Airlines for our holiday booked through First Choice. I have flown in many Airbus A320s using most of the European airlines and I can honestly say this was one of the best experiences on an A320 ever. Flights out to Dalaman and back to Cardiff were perfectly on time actually landing a few miins earlier on both legs. On the return flight we were offered extra legroom with exit seats, however I declined these as I knew I would be satisfied with our allocated seats.
Cabin crew were impeccable. Smart, polite, very helpful and extremely friendly. Pilot and Navigator kept everybody fully up to date with flight progress. Aircraft comfort was excellent with decent leg room and in my opinion better than Lufhansa and British Airways and probably Thompson A320s as well.
Freebird Airlines, if by chance you read this, many thanks for two lovely flights, fantastic crew and the running of an extremely pleasurable airline. I would not hesitate to fly with you again.

Read more about « Freebird Airlines with our... »
Economy Freebird Airlines CWL - DLM 08/2018

Excellent on board service, poor service on the ground

I cannot complain about the on board service offered by WY. The seat in business beats the first class seat offered by BA as does the standard of the food and refreshments.

The crew were courteous and eager to please. Despite there being delays, the crew kept us up to date with what was happening and kept us supplied with refreshment. Other airlines have refused to open the bar until airborne.

The seat was extremely comfortable and I managed to sleep well, the blanket and pillow were very good quality.

Luggage in business always comes off the aircraft first and minimises the wait at the carousel.

Read more about « Excellent on board service... »
Business Oman Air DOH - LHR 06/2018

Would not fly again - would not reccomend

My partner and I took a flight from Dublin to London with Cityjet. The flight was delayed several hours due to weather conditions and they changed...

Read more about « Would not fly again - would... »
Economy Cityjet DUB - LCY 06/2018

The worst airlines!

Ukrainian airlines review First of all they gave one seat to 3 different guys ! I guess thats ok , it could happen in any airlines but 3 individuals...

Read more about « The worst airlines! »
Economy Ukraine International Airlines JFK - KBP 08/2018
Antonio perelman

Its how I imagine the mafia would run an airline, if they were in charge! Avoid like the plague!

I travelled about a month ago to Albania with Wizz and on my return I was meant to take Wizz to Budapest and Ryanair thereafter to London. The night...

Read more about « Its how I imagine the mafia... »
Economy Wizz Air Hungary TIA - BUD 08/2018

Worst Customer Experience

Consumer Be Aware! Do not fly SAS - Scandinavian Airlines! My family of four was turned away when we were checking in for our flight on 7/31/18. We...

Read more about « Worst Customer Experience »
Business Scandinavian Airlines System ORD - ARN 07/2018
colette M.


always late. they have no value for the passengers times & schedules & responsibilities. even though they know very well that those domestic flights are mostly connecting to other flights & mains of transportation. today i missed my other transportation bcuz of their delay. 55 minutes late from dallaman even though its such a quiet & unbusy airport. & only 5minutes before flying the pilot speaks that we r taking off after 5minutes. no opology, no explanation, nothing. boarding time was ,as usual, the flying time. i can't stand it anymore. rudeness & carelessness. the should be qualified to transport sheeps, not humans.

Read more about « horrible »
Economy Turkish Airlines DLM - SAW 09/2018
Hana H.

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