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Recent reviews

Do not fly with this airline - unfriendly customer service

I had a flight today from Bangkok to Ranong. I am fully aware that I booked a low-class ticket. However, at that night there was heavy rain in...

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Economy Nok Air DMK - UNN New

Terrible airline - flights are delayed with no real reason.

Our flight was significantly delayed because of "weather conditions at the destination airport". Well, I checked the arrivals in our destination airport and figured that there were at least 5 other airlines landing at the same time with no issues. Only our flight was delayed, because (as I guess) they put a small plane that cannot tolerate any deviations in weather.
The Belavia manager at the airport was absolutely unhelpful and even didn't try to solve this situation. In conclusion I really advise to never fly with Belavia.

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Economy Belavia MSQ - KGD New

Total scam!!! Never again!!

The airline's way of making money is by making you pay a120€ fine (60€ each way) for not writing your middle while booking your flight, even thought the option was never given during the booking! After going on Tripadvisor I realised that hundreds of people got cheated the same way!! It's nothing less than organised crime and nothing is being done to stop it!!!
It ended up costing me twice as much as flying with a decent airline!!! So this was the first and the last time I ever fly with them!

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Economy Blue Panorama Airlines TIA - FCO New


In July 2017 myself, my wife and 2 children aged 1 and 3 travelled to Mauritius. As a regular kestrel Flyer, I expected better treatment and better...

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Economy Air Mauritius LHR - MRU 07/2017

Don't fly TAP

Worst service I've ever experienced! First the flight was overbooked, then they offer money (a credit card) and a new flight for the next day...

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Economy TAP Air Portugal LIS - LHR 10/2017
Catarina Schedel

Aggravating! Atrocious.! An airline that blatantly does not care about its passengers.

No Condor check in agents at YVR, only substitute agents freelancing from other airlines like Mexico airlines. Agents do their best to appease desperate passengers being told flight is overbooked. Wheelchair bound passengers helpless left at their own .No assistance available. Condor has not registered their request and provided for assistance. Plane delayed at gate and on tarmak. Missed connection in Frankfurt. Crappy food served. Attempts to communicate with Condor by email and phone unsuccessful. No customer service.
On the positive side: toilets, so the smallest ever seen, had sufficient paper towels.

Recommendation: avoid whenever possible.

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Economy Condor (Thomas Cook) YVR - FRA 10/2017

Do not ever buy tickets from Etihad. will steal off money from you and no customer centre for you. no respect at all for customers

I was advised that etihad is the best airline ever. now, i am writing this to people to know that this is a scam and second worst airline ever. DO...

Read more about « Do not ever buy tickets from... »

Reply from the airline
Business Etihad Airways CAI - MEL 10/2017

The continuing story from the "Impolite and bad service"

I waited for a report back from the customer support department of the Emirates head office but after a few days I didnt recieve any reply.I thought...

Read more about « The continuing story from... »
Economy Emirates DXB - PNH 08/2017

Female flight attendant yelled at me for me voluntarily taking our trays to the back!

I can't help but want the world to know how bad my sister and i were treated by Alitalia when we were to take our flight from Rome to Winnipeg...

Read more about « Female flight attendant... »
Economy Alitalia FCO - YYZ 09/2017 1 reactions

Very bad experience, every flight, consistently, very bad (unless you like to be treated like cattle)

My company started to book me on easyJet (Flexi fare). What a nightmare ! I've waited 10 flights to see if things would improve... they didn't :-(...

Read more about « Very bad experience, every... »
Economy plus Easyjet LGW - CDG 10/2017

A reasonable experience let down by catering

I have seen reviews posted over a year ago highlighting the poor food but having just experienced a return trip between London and Vancouver, I have...

Read more about « A reasonable experience let... »
Economy plus Air Transat LGW - YVR 09/2017

The worst airline we have ever encountered!

We had a connecting flight from Athens to Milos and halfway on the plane, we were told that the flight needed to return back to Athens because of...

Read more about « The worst airline we have... »
Economy Aegean Airlines ATH - MLO 08/2017 1 reactions


I will not comment about the bad services of the airlines since you can read lots of reviews about this. My complaint is more about the insufficient management and indifference of the cabin crew against an uncomfortable situation created by passengers. On 15th of september I flied from NY to Kiev in a plane full of Hasidic rabbis who are extremely unrespectful people, they were not sitting at their place, gathering at the exit gate to pray where I was sitting,walking around continuously, singing as if it was their private plane. They were still standing still and getting their cabin bagage while we were landing! The problem is that the crew did not seem any interest to manage the situation, except one lady to whom I asked to take control but she was too delicate to warn them so I had to argue with these people for 10 hours because they were jeopardising our safety standing at the exit gate, disturbing me by continuously passing in front me, making rumour and didn't let me sleep. THIS COMPANY DOESN'T CARE ABOUT THE COMFORT OR SAFETY OF THEIR PASSENGERS. SPEECHLESS!

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Economy Ukraine International Airlines JFK - IEV 09/2017

18 hour total delay

Don't even know where to begin. After a 3 hour delay due to extended maintanence we got on the plane which smelled with uncomfortable. Got on the runway and then stopped. We sat there for over an hour, before we found out the plane had a fault and we would have to wait to be towed off the runway. Messages from the pilot very difficult to understand. Staff were not rude but not overly apologetic.
Finally got off the plane to find out our flight originally meant to leave at 8am would leave at 2 the following morning meaning an 18 hour delay. Basically Enter Air thought it would be okay to put everyone on an old broken plane. Thankgod it never actually left the ground. 2am flight still left late. Flight home late too. Food options okay for a 4 hour flight. Sent off my compensation letter a month ago and heard nothing yet. Will never fly with them again.

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Economy Enter Air MAN - RHO 08/2017
Amy smith

Lack of service

To begin with the online check in doesn't make much sense.
When you book a seat you would be able to check in 14 days before departure. We managed to do so for the flight to our destination, but it seemed impossible for the return flight, even less than 14 days before this flight. When calling the UIA srvice desk and asking for an explanation they couldn't give a straight answer, and the employee never came back to me after she left me hanging on the phone to do some further inquiries of her own. The second time I called I got some b.s. explanation. Checking in for the return flight isn't possible before making your flight to your destination because in case you wouldn't make the first flight you would already be checked in for the return flight which you are not going to make... Like I said, b.s!!!

The flight itself had a delay of an hour, and asking a stewardess for the reason you don't get an answer but just a stupid smile.

Half the flights we made with UIA were delayed, and when having another option we wouldn't fly with them.

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Economy Ukraine International Airlines HRK - KBP 08/2017

The worse airline and costumer service

My first and worse experience with Condor airline, stay away from this airline! After more than 3 hours delay in Frankfurt with no explanation, 11 of us lost our connection in Vegas. First of all, Condor airline doesn't have any office in US. Although in Frankfurt they assured us that they will take care of our connection flight, after an hour searching for a representative, a lady told us that Condor never take responsibility for any lost connection!
We had to spend the night in Vegas to find a new ticket the next day.

Read more about « The worse airline and... »
Economy Condor (Thomas Cook) HHN - LAS 08/2017

Appalling Customer Services - avoid at all costs

Flybe has an appalling customer service and try at all costs to squeeze more from customer. In most cases you can't change your flight online within 36h of your flight (i.e. if the check-in has been made) and they phone service operate reduced hours. Result, if you have an emergency in the evening and need to change your early morning flight, forget about it, you will be given a no-show and completely lose your ticket. They won't even let you pay a fee, the booking is wasted.

My son had to be taken to A&E overnight and I tried to change my flight at 1am. Flybe won't let you do it: neither online or over the phone are available. I emailed Flybe be during the night I called customer services the next day. I then emailed Flybe the doctor's prescription as requested and still received a "Sorry, there's nothing we can do, your ticket is voided".

Recommendation: do like many others and just avoid this terrible airline. If not for the tiny planes, bad in-flight service or the minimal overhead storage, do it for the appalling customer services.

Read more about « Appalling Customer Services... »
Economy Flybe ABZ - LCY 09/2017
Davi Q.

Insulting behavior at the airport

My name is Ali Afzali Kusha and I am a full professor at The University of Tehran. I had an unpleasant and in fact very bad experience with the...

Read more about « Insulting behavior at the... »

Reply from the airline
Economy Etihad Airways LAX - AUH 07/2017 8 reactions

Dangerous Airseychells

Hi There, It was very worse, staff(Lulu) in Joburg at counter are very rude. I was travelling from Johannesburg to Hyderabad ,my booking  number is...

Read more about « Dangerous Airseychells »
Economy Air Seychelles JNB - HYD 09/2017

They hire theifs!

We flew from London to Malta and when we arrived to Malta, we were the last couple to get off the plane and all that were left on the plane were...

Read more about « They hire theifs! »
Economy Air Malta LGW - MLA 09/2017

Don't take Vueling Airlines!

Our group of 10 people's flight has been canceled with unknown reason, emailed them many many times over 6 months. We still have 6 people haven't received our refunds, we've went to their counter directly in Barcelona and they said they cannot do anything then asked me to call customer service. Their attitude was awful during the call and they still do nothing afterwards. Today I just found they put my email into blacklist when I tried to sent email to them. This is the second bad experience from them, our first one was the flight has delayed for 5 hours, and we nearly missed our cruise! Please everyone don't take Vueling Airline! They cannot be trust completely!

Read more about « Don't take Vueling Airlines! »
Economy Vueling Airlines BCN - FRA 06/2017

20 days and still not able to refund my tickets

I have reserved flying tickets on flight XG2340 from Hurghada, Egypt to Frankfurt, Germany on 01.09.2017.

Unfortunately, due to delays in my Visa issuance I had to cancel my tickets by sending an email to crm@sunexpress.com on 28.08.2017 with reference number 1708-SUN-07934, however, NO ONE REPLIED ME.


On the flight day someone contacted me and told me that in order to be refunded I have to send documents that prove that my Visa was delayed, and I did sent the required documents on the same day as requested. NOW IT IS 20 DAYS AFTER I HAVE SENT MY REFUND REQUEST AND NO PROGRESS!!!

Read more about « 20 days and still not able... »
Economy Sun Express HRG - FRA 09/2017

No wheelchair given and luggage not trasferred

My parents traveled from London to Ahmedabad via delhi.
Even though we booked wheelchair assistance for both in advance, only 1 wheelchair was given.
The ticket was booked from Belfast - Ahmedabad. And check-in luggage was supposed to come directly at Ahmedabad. Also, it was told same at the time of check-in. But still the Jet airways guys asked to take off luggage at Delhi airport and transfer ourself. It was so difficult for senior citizens.
The flight was delayed by 1 hour.
Overall, worst experience with Jet airways

Read more about « No wheelchair given and... »
Economy Jet Airways LHR - DEL 09/2017
amit solanki

Bad customer service and baggage handling

Flight itself was ok, about 50 min, nothing special to add. But they lost our baggage, if we didn't persistently call the airport we wouldn't have our bags for a week because they are lazy. One bag was badly damaged and valuable thing was missing from the bag. We did everything they told us to do to report it but they didn't honor it and it took 3 months for them to pay us around 20% of the replacements and extra expenses we had for days. Very rude, try to blame it on the customer, if you don't live in Slovenia and your only communication is over emails it takes 2 to 3 weeks for them to reply even if you send them email right after they sent one. That day they lost baggage for 3 different passengers and when we had our return flight there were two more passengers that said they lost their bags so this is normal for that airline. It was a cheaper option to fly with them, but it was not worth the extra cost later. I would never fly this airline again. Hope this helps someone.

Read more about « Bad customer service and... »
Economy Adria Airways MUC - LJU 06/2017

Child abuse on board

We've all had bad experiences with Airfrance but on September 12, I had the absolute worst experience imaginable on flight AF570 from Paris to...

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Economy Air France CDG - CAI 09/2017

Nasty airline

Booked and paid $14000 for 9 passengers 8 months back. Received an email couple of months back informing about rescheduling of flights. We got it rebooked and have been waiting for tickets for the last 2 months (Case#2017081937008923). I have called their customer service relentlessly for the last 2 months and have even emailed the CEO Peter Bellew and head of customer service for understanding the delay. No one has any answer, we are still waiting for our tickets. Kindly stay away from this airline, it's just going to give you grief, book your tickets with a decent airline.

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Economy Malaysia Airlines SYD - BOM 09/2017

A pleasant surprise

Didnt expect that much, as heard mixed reviews.

Well was proven totally wrong! A good welcome when boarding followed by pre-flights fizz.

For a short flight, was offered to hot choiches for a main course. Unvortunately I chose the veal which was overcooked and chewy, but the rest of the offer was very good quality Greek food. After main course, a fine desert followed. A pleasant surprise was a Metaxa whcih ive never had before.

For a short haul internal european flight in business class, the seat pitch is the same as economy but have the advantage of the middle seat being blocked out, much as Swiss, LH BA do, so cannot complain about that as im used to that,

Throughout the journey the cabin crew were friendly and attentive and gave excellent service.

Would definately fly with them again.

Read more about « A pleasant surprise »
Business Aegean Airlines FRA - SKG 09/2017

Unbelievably poor support and booking system meant flight prices went up 50% in the time it took them to answer one simple question!

While attempting to book a flight I had a basic question about luggage that I thought it would be best to clarify with them before clicking to...

Read more about « Unbelievably poor support... »
Economy Jet2.com RHO - STN 08/2017

Is a bad flight company don't trust to their web site ! Is a fake company

Is a VERY bad company ! Nobody care about the guest! They are unpolite with any education. We arrived at airport 2 hours before the departure. We...

Read more about « Is a bad flight company... »
Economy TAP Air Portugal LIS - MXP 09/2017


I flew from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Tel Aviv, Israel via Casablanca, Morocco and it was the most terrible flight ever! When I arrived at Casablanca to...

Read more about « NEVER AGAIN! »
Economy Royal Air Maroc GRU - TLV 02/2017

Rude Cabin Crew and unbelievably slow service

The flight was ready to depart 15 minutes early, then having sat on the tarmac for some time, the captain announced that ground crew had forgotten...

Read more about « Rude Cabin Crew and... »
Economy Enter Air JSI - LGW 09/2017 2 reactions

Horrible Airlines

Airline stewardess was rude. I had two sweaters stolen out of my baggage and when I got to the hotel called to file a claim. They stated I couldn't since I had to do it immediately after I got off the plane with my luggage. Who checks their baggage immediately after getting off plane says, NOBODY!! I spoke with several customer reps who were straight up rude and even a manager.Nothing was resolved I was SOL. Do not fly with this airlines if you do not have to and at the least CHECK your baggage before leaving the airport. Their employee know they can steal because most people do not check them and they can't get in trouble. Very sad and bad experience and customer service.

Read more about « Horrible Airlines »
Economy Aegean Airlines HER - ATH 05/2016

nearly 3 hours late - no reasons or apology given.

The flight was delayed by 3 hours and we were told at check in and given a £7 meal voucher. No other updates were given or reasons for the delay.
We eventually got on the plane and arrived at our destination far later than anticipated meaning we had to drive to our villa in the early hours of the morning - far more tired than we should have been - ruining the first night / day of our holiday.
The airline is extremely basic and whilst the crew on the plane were pleasant and polite they gave no apology or explanation for the delay.

Read more about « nearly 3 hours late - no... »
Economy ASL Airlines France MAN - EFL 08/2017

Late and lack of transparency from #olympictravel staff

Delayed flight again as also delayed on inbound flight on 13th August. Olympic travel staff didnt have a clue what time the plane was due in. Shambolic. Told to 'go to a local bar and ask for discount' and the staff also said 'well it was on time last week!' like that would help us.
Seems that there are many delays and no one at ASL or Olympic Travel are doing anything to resolve. No one cares. Poor poor service. Excuses given were 'weather over Italy' but yet all other flights had arrived fine. Would not recommend Olympic Travel or ASL to anyone!

Read more about « Late and lack of... »
Economy ASL Airlines France EFL - MAN 08/2017


Worst airline i ever travell. Worst costumer service. They play around with you and lie you all the time. i have a flight from Paris to Nice on the 17 of July 2017. They cancelled our flight. after doing 3 hours line in customer service, Employs very rude with attitude told us they cant do nothing only next day at night the can send us in another flight. We have to buy a ticket in another airline( we need to be in Nice that day). i may the claim on line they said i will have my money back in 14 days. its been more than 2 months. i haven't receive my money yet. Call every day, no answer, send more than 30 e mail no answer. completely scams. DO NOT TRAVEL IN THIS AIRLINE. WORST EXPERIENCE I EVER HAD IN MY LIFE

Economy Easyjet ORY - NCE 07/2017
carlos salazar

Awful baggage service

Outbound flight managed by China Eastern: chinese staff is not trained to deal with western customers. Old plane, with uncomfortable seats. On both...

Read more about « Awful baggage service »
Economy plus Air France PVG - RBA 07/2017
Marco Stamazza

Spirit Airlines really came through for my family...........

So my family and I were booked and ready to go to Cancun in November. It was our first family international vacation ever. I booked Spirit Airlines...

Read more about « Spirit Airlines really came... »
Economy Spirit Airlines ATL - CUN 07/2017

Absolutely disturbing

Verry poor easy jet is far superior Like the holiday nightmare wit jet 2 flat was just as bad Was advised work was going on in a hotel that they...

Read more about « Absolutely disturbing »
Economy Jet2.com MHT - TFS 08/2017
Becky fretwell

A horrible experience

Let's start with the staff: very rude and arrogant. They don't smile, and were completely lacking in etiquette. My brother was asking for help on...

Read more about « A horrible experience »
Economy Alitalia FCO - JFK 08/2017

A wonderful experience

I don't oftentimes feel comfortable when flying, but had an overall excellent experience with Turkish Airlines. There was a lot of room on the...

Read more about « A wonderful experience »
Economy Turkish Airlines JFK - IST 08/2017

Threatened by a Portuguese male crew member

Flight FR 6532 OPO-MRS 22 Aug 2017
The male crew member (Portuguese, black short curly hair, ca. 1m78, 90kgs) placed me on seat 2D instead of my paid seat 2F. As I asked him for his name to process for a refund he answered very aggressively and did not of course comply to my request. Later, as I used my phone to read a document, he came to me and "ORDERED" me to delete what he thought a picture of him that I supposedly took with the phone. I refused and he THREATENED me with calling the police, he said repeatedly: "I know your name, and I will write things about you". I still did not execute his order of course, and he reiterated his THREATS several times in front of all the surrounding passengers. This is an UNACCEPTABLE behaviour, INCORRECT, AGGRESSIVE and THREATENING attitude towards a CLIENT!! I would like to know what RYANAIR, which has awards for its client service is going to do about this.

Read more about « Threatened by a Portuguese... »
Economy Ryanair OPO - MRS 08/2017

Impolite and bad service

I had a luggage lost from my flight(which is already bad) and it was encountered at Emirates Airlines, it was explained later that it will be...

Read more about « Impolite and bad service »
Economy Emirates DXB - PNH 08/2017

I will never ever fly again if it's easy jet

Flight information, changed . Their up date was late . I wanted to carry my hand luggage on the plane but they made a big thing out of putting it in the holder . I don't feel that I have to pay my money and don't get the service that I paid for but I blame myself, if I had used BA like I normally do the then I would have got wot you pay for. And not made to feel like they are doing me a favour and black mailling me by telling me that I can't get on the flight because I have told them how I feel.

Read more about « I will never ever fly again... »
Economy Easyjet STN - AMS 08/2017

worst airline business I have ever flown and I fly alot!

I purchased four tickets in Feb. 2017 to fly Volotea from Santorini to Athens. The scheduled time was changed and we were given the option to...

Read more about « worst airline business I... »
Economy Volotea JTR - ATH 07/2017 2 reactions

Worst experience ever

I don't think I was ever more frustrated than with this Wizzair. Definitely don't want to flight with them again. The ticket price was reasonable, but they charged a lot extra for little things and details that I couldn't change anymore when I got there. I didn't have a choice but to go on with the prices. Check in online was a pain, and when I wanted to change the baggage options was also very frustrating to use their webside, they still have problems charging my credit card. I don't know how they are trying to keep clients like this. A total mess and very stressful experience with for me. Plus the staff was not polite at all, they did not give a smile at all. I felt like I was disturbing them when I asked for help. Not going to flight with Wizzair again.

Read more about « Worst experience ever »
Economy Wizz Air Hungary OTP - CLJ 08/2017
Olga S.

200 km trip for baggage repairs required by KQ

I flew Kenya Airways business class. I have nothing particularly negative to say about the inflight business class service which was quite standard...

Read more about « 200 km trip for baggage... »
Business Kenya Airways CDG - LOS 07/2017

Cheap & easy

I usually fly with Olympic from Athens to Chios, decided to use Astra this summer since it was significantly cheaper. Had my doubts but it proved excellent valued for money, aircraft was SX-DIR, an ATR-42, kind of worn out inside, departed and arrived on time. Flight service was fine for a 1/2h flight, all in all a good experience, i will keep them in mind

Read more about « Cheap & easy »
Economy Astra Airlines JKH - ATH 08/2017

The worst airline!

I am a frequent flyer with Jet airways. My last 3 trips with Jet were horrible...the flights were delayed, both domestic and international. On Aug 7th the Jetkonnect was delayed for almost 2 hrs from Indore to Mumbai and because of that i missed my Int'l flight to Singapore. When i approached the Int'l and domestic counter staff, they were very rude and unapologetic as if it was very normal affair for them. They told me to rebook the flight and they won't be able to help! I had to pay the full fare and had to book the next flight to Singapore. Pathetic service.

Read more about « The worst airline! »
Economy Jet Konnect IDR - SIN 08/2017


Our flight was cancelled with NO notification. No representative was present and we ended up having to book a replacement flight for triple the cost. When we called the airline no one answered the phone. Do not fly Travel Service!

Read more about « DO NOT FLY »
Economy Travel Service Airlines DBV - BUD 08/2017

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