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Recent reviews

Typical budget airline

Very few daily flights on this route so Malindo was only one available. Aircraft presented well, flight crew courteous, seating ok for this aircraft, flight time short so found everything adequate. Departure went smoothly, arrival Penang fine. Major issues with luggage - excess baggage which days before the flight we knew we had. Accessed airline website to advise and pay days before the flight for our excess baggage - site kept refusing to allow to access. Finally gave up. Arrived airport early. Told had to pay 720RM excess, would have been half this cost had I been at airport 4 hours earlier per their website (which I could access). Remember the flight cost was 199RM including 15kg baggage.!!! Airline rudely unrelenting, emailed complaint, kept avoiding the issue. Never again Malindo - very unprofessional

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Economy Malindo Air MKZ - PEN New

Worst company

I bought a ticket for my aunt, as a gift for her birthday. Wanted she made a trip to Israel. It was her first flight in life!!! Can you imagine how she was exited. But them spoil everything! She passed a strong checking, interview where they talked with her like with a criminal, undressed her. Didn’t give her a water, took all her stuff and pills. Poor, she was so much scared.. Is it normal to act like that with people ? It is not human! It’s rude and irrespectfull. There is no service at all! I’m very andry and totally disgusted with them!

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Economy El Al Israel Airlines KBP - TLV New

Lies and extra payments for nothing!

My hubby is a tall man. 6'6" or 198cm. We always book exits if possible, even if its extra. We were happy on our flight back home we found a "second exit row" is "only $45 per person more" so we PAYED it. On our flight we learned row 23 middle is average small row and they wanted another €80 or $100+ per person to "upgrade" us....so we payed extra $90 total for absolutely nothing!!!
Also on our flight to Europe crew was over an hour late without any explanation and we nearly missed connective flight!
But with the extra payments and lies about extra room they really made me mad! Do not pay them and do not fly with them!

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Economy Condor (Thomas Cook) FDF - LAS New

Greedy, Non-empathetic airline. AVOID

I fly numerous airlines all over the world; and Finnair customer service and supervisory staff are the worst I've experienced in 60 years! We are flying them in a few months; and I've had to call them 16 times (supervisors almost impossible to reach) to try and talk to them about a severe medical condition my son recently experienced. He almost died and is having significant issues. Doctors say he cannot fly for the rest of the year. We tried to cancel the tickets; for a refund OR a credit for the future.

They are like INCONSIDERATE, NON-APATHETIC robots! We have doctors letters, etc. and they don't care! They want their cancellation fees; no one could have seen this coming; that his doctors would say no travel (he's had condition for years and it never affected his travel options until now).

Cold hearted, inconsiderate people and management! GREEDY - Not valuing a long term client who travels often! Stupid, in my opinion. If they don't value people; they don't deserve your business either!!

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Economy Finnair LAX - LHR New

Avoid if you have a choice

I fly weekly and only ever take flybe if there are no other options. The latest issue is the last straw. Today I needed a quick exit from the plan to get to an appointment. I paid for seat 1b and all was fine. Checked in...still fine (other than the online system failing and me needing to resort to printing my own boarding pass). Get to the gate and they have moved my to the back of the plane. No apologies and no refund. Apparently it's a me problem not a flybe problem.

On the plane the seats are very uncomfortable...worn out. Aircon is almost non existent.

Annoncemennts are uninformative...left sitting with no aircon in the heat for 15 min without explanation.

And all this for more money than your average b7dget airline

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Economy Flybe DUB - SOU 06/2018
Karl D.

no gate to board made us missed a fly and rip off us last minutes tickets

We could not find the gate to board after checked in, we called them they told 15 minutes they come. We lost 4 hours no one come. They kicked us out of the air port 10 minutes before the next fly to ask us to pay for the next 5 minutes fly. How come we get a new tickets and check in security and walk to the gate for 5 minutes? the new ticket is 10 times expensive than the one we paid! What the rip off??? Never want this easyjet exist any more! Never want to see or fly with easyjet again! Terrible air fly!

Read more about « no gate to board made us... »
Economy Easyjet LTN - CDG 03/2018
Man C.

Worst airline/customer service ever experienced...

This airline is without a doubt, the WORST airline I have ever travelled with. Absolutely awful customer service. Both my wife and I got sick from...

Read more about « Worst airline/customer... »
Economy Jet Airways AMS - YYZ 03/2018

Worst airline ever

American Airlines is LITERALLY THE WORST airline I've ever flown. My 5:00 a.m. flight to Charlotte was delayed a little over an hour, because the AC...

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Economy American Airlines EWR - CLT 05/2018


Utterly dreadful organisation of passengers and total lack of communication with them, some of whom were delayed by more than 27 hours with little in terms of compensation offered except for a hotel room.
Online check-in dysfunctional, chaos at MXP check-in desk, after boarding the plane (operated by Bulgarian Airways) stood still for more than 90 minutes, no announcements at all, let alone explanations or apologies.
The toilets wouldn't flush then the plane was landed in LGW where it took an hour before passengers could disembark. A coach was arranged for onward journey to Southend and we were lucky enough to find a representative (not of Flybe) who took us to the coach.
Avoid at all costs - a disgrace of the highest order: heads should roll!

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Economy Flybe MXP - SEN 05/2018

The worst customer service ever -. never again

Flying from London to Mumbai, there was an overbooking, and they were looking for volunteers willing to leave on a later flight in exchange for a...

Read more about « The worst customer service... »
Economy Jet Airways KTM - LHR 05/2018
Roby Balboa

They ruined our entire vacation

After flying over 24 hours to get to our last leg of travel. My husband and I presented our boarding passes and were told by the agent that we could...

Read more about « They ruined our entire... »
Economy plus Air Europa Líneas Aéreas CDG - AGP 01/2018 1 reactions

Racist rude staff - do not use this service ever!

Black and Brown sisters spend your hard earned money elsewhere!! Nobody deserves to be treated like shit especially by an airlines company like...

Read more about « Racist rude staff - do not... »
Economy Air France CDG - MAN 05/2018
stacey S.

good service from Jet2

Last week I wrote a scathing review about how Jet2 had placed my wife and myself in different rows and different sides of the aircraft for our forthcoming flight despite the fact that there were four seats together nearby. I wrote to the company and today received a response. In a phone call the agent explained that the seats are allocated from the back of the aircraft. However she agreed to refund the £21 I had paid to get seats together.
A result! The message though is do not let them away with charging for seats when you do not want to.

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Economy Jet2.com GLA - ACE 05/2018

Don’t fly Condor if you want reliable flights and schedule

It’s one thing to have less space and bare services for a good price but another when you cannot rely on the scheduled flights at all! Only fly...

Read more about « Don’t fly Condor if you want... »
Economy Condor (Thomas Cook) FRA - PIT 05/2018

Horrible experience: would not recommend this airline

I fly 3+ times a year internationally and this was my first time flying Aer Lingus. The transatlantic flight from Seattle to Dublin was delayed, awfully dirty and the seats wouldn't recline. The staff was impolite. The entertainment options were extremely limited and they did not have any working headphones.

The domestic flight from Dublin to Birmingham was worse; it was delayed and the management was a mess. As I was getting through security, the airline updated the monitors that the flight had left, whereas they hadn't even started boarding. The also lost and damaged my luggage and were always unaccessible whenever I reached out. This flight was cheap and the food (on the transatlantic carrier only) was good but the pros are not worth the hassle. I would recommend finding a better airline. Their organization is a mess and they are unreliable. I'm regretting booking my return flight through them. If you do decide to fly through them, get travel insurance and cover your bases.

Read more about « Horrible experience: would... »
Economy Aer Lingus SEA - BHX 05/2018

Departure time changed without reason

This is a warning for those of you that are thinking of using this airline in the future.

I booked a return trip with STP Airways from Lisbon to Sao Tome e Principe in March 2018 departing 00:05 -16th June.

After receiving the booking email confirmation, I booked a connecting flight from UK to Lisbon leaving six hours between flights, in case of delays on departure.

Beginning of this month, STP Airways sent an email advising the departure flight had been changed to 21:45 - 15th March.

Cutting the story short, after numerous emails and telephone calls to the airline, I was forced to change my UK departure to an earlier flight in order to be able to make the connection in Lisbon.

STP Airways claimed no liability and I was left with a GBP400 bill.

My personal advice, DON'T BOOK TRIPS WITH THIS AIRLINE unless you are prepared to spend a load of cash changing bookings or cancelling trips.

A concerned passenger

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Economy STP Airways LIS - TMS 05/2018 4 reactions

Damaged luggage NO HELP!

This airline managed to break two Samsonite hard shell bags which have made it all over the world including domestic flights in Asia. They did this on both journeys to and from Swiss to the UK. They have failed to help with this issue since March and the bags are valued over 1K GBP. They do not respond to emails and do not fix your bag! I would rather fly BA any day at least you can count on getting your bags repaired or replaced in the event something happened to them. With this airline if your not Swiss you have NO chance! DONT FLY! Sometimes cheaper is not better! In my case, I only flew the airline because there are no other direct flights between the two cities , however in the future I would rather go via London than flight direct with this airline ever again!

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Economy Edelweiss Air ZRH - EDI 03/2018

No problems whatsoever

Excellent for budget airline, but obviously not when compared with full price. i was dreading this flight, having read innumerable excoriations on...

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Economy Enter Air LGW - CFU 05/2018

Horrible service, inordinate delay, Broken Baggage, discourtesy treatment. No business etiquette.

Dear Sir, I booked for my travel to Chennai from Riyadh in your airlines, for the travel date 19 th June 2018 by the following flights With your...

Read more about « Horrible service, inordinate... »
Economy Srilankan Airlines RUH - MAA 05/2018
Swaminathan V

They replaced our flight with one two days later then would not allow us to cancel and refund

Extremely sketchy airline. They cancelled our flight back from Paris due to "operational difficulties" and said they could only book us on a flight TWO DAYS later. They would not refund us the money for the flight even though they could not offer anything even close to what we booked.

Their customer service just sent us in circles: call this number, call back tomorrow, submit a ticket here, email this address, call this other number. The company hides behind their phone reps, having them continuously say "The company has issued a statement saying they will not refund anyone's money for the flight".

WTF, if you cancel a flight and can only replace it with a flight two days later you better give customers the opportunity to take a refund.

Read more about « They replaced our flight... »
Economy Air Caraibes ORY - SFO 05/2018

They replaced our flight with one two days later then did not allow us to cancel and refund

Also goes by name "French Bee" and "Air Caraibes".

Extremely sketchy airline. They cancelled our flight back from Paris due to "operational difficulties" and said they could only book us on a flight TWO DAYS later. They would not refund us the money for the flight even though they could not offer anything even close to what we booked.

Their customer service just sent us in circles: call this number, call back tomorrow, submit a ticket here, email this address, call this other number. The company hides behind their phone reps, having them continuously say "The company has issued a statement saying they will not refund anyone's money for the flight".

WTF, if you cancel a flight and can only replace it with a flight two days later you better give customers the opportunity to take a refund.

Read more about « They replaced our flight... »
Economy French Blue ORY - SFO 05/2018

extortion on a grand scale

Still to go on the flight but the checking in on line is a total scam.
They ask you if you want to pick your seat at a cost of £10.50 to £12 per seat or let them choose at no extra cost.
What happened? I let them choose. My wife was on an aisle seat, and I was allocated a window seat across the aisle two rows further forward.
The plan of the aircraft clearly showed four seats together and available. It cost us £21 to move to two of these seats.
I have written to the company to ask if this is company policy to separate families in order extract even more money from their customers.
I await a reply.

Read more about « extortion on a grand scale »
Economy Jet2.com GLA - ACE 05/2018

Worse services ever

I have booked ticket from London to Dhaka for myself and for my sister Lubna Jaismin on 27.01.2018 from OmegaFlightstore.com. On 8th of Feb I have...

Read more about « Worse services ever »
Economy Kuwait Airways LHR - DAC 03/2018
Muhammad Bhuyian


I chose your site to write my review as there were similar ones to mine. I do not know how other sites give glowing reports about this airline. It was my first flight with them and my last. The security was almost non-existent which led to us being stuck on the runway with the engines running for over an hour whilst they counted the passengers. The information given to us was conflicting and by the time we took off I was really nervous. According to the pilot we had to do a detour because there was a storm over Germany (although I would not have thought that the route went over Germany) so presumably we went over France. We were told at the airport there was a delay because of a French Air Traffic Controllers strike. All in all I do not know why our flight was delayed by 2 and three-quarter hours (15 minutes less than the time they would have to pay compensation). I will never fly with them again and advise my family not to as I believe they are not safe.

Read more about « NEVER AGAIN! »
Economy Jet2.com MLA - MAN 05/2018 1 reactions

Avoid At All Costs!

No wonder my holiday was such a good deal - this is the worst airline I have error flown on and I've seen many in my day!

Uncomfortable seats, unfriendly flight attendants, and the icing on the cake was that after discovering that I had left something of value on the plane literally 5 minutes after deboarding, I was not allowed to go back on and get it. "The cleaning crew will find it and return it to the airport services team, you must continue through security and customs and leave this area."

Since this was a small electronics device worth 160 euros, it was not returned, probably stolen by the employees or the airport's cleaning team.

Horrible way to end a nice holiday! NEVER AGAIN TAILWIND AIRLINES!!

Read more about « Avoid At All Costs! »
Economy Tailwind Airlines BJV - LEJ 05/2018

Flight home a disaster

I flew to Punta Cana exited about my very long waited vacation after 2.5yrs. The first day there I was ill and spent time in hospital at Punta Cana...

Read more about « Flight home a disaster »
Economy Air Transat YYZ - PUJ 04/2018

A nightmare come true! Avoid, Avoid, Avoid!

NEVER EVER AGAIN! Long story short. My flight from HMC Vietnam to Spain was one of the most ardous experiences I have yet encountered in my over 4...

Read more about « A nightmare come true... »
Economy Air China PEK - MAD 03/2018 1 reactions

Service isn't great

We were waiting to our departure in the business lounge in Male. Checking the screen
several times, we found out that our flight delayed. The lady behind the desk told, don't worry she will call us in time. After one and half hour waiting we checked the screen again and it was final departure for our flight. Asking the lady why she didn't call us she just looked up the screen and was suprised even didn't say sorry. Running to the gate we just managed to
go on board. On the plane we were asking for a welcome sparking wine which they refused.
can't understand, because on the way to Male we got it. In Colombo we couldn't enjoy the lounge because we had a very short time to catch our connection to London.
Not the best service at all, you have to ask for everything.
Seats are comfortable.

Read more about « Service isn't great »
Business Srilankan Airlines MLE - LHR 04/2018

Reviewing Spicejet flight

On-time of take-off, pleasant journey, smooth take-off, crew complete announcement by saying JAI HIND! This was such a great Spicejet air travel experience. Complies with high standards of safety and convenience, particularly added ease with spicemax. I advise this airliner to anyone wanting to feel the perfection of flying in the sky with a lot of goodness to experience.

Read more about « Reviewing Spicejet flight »
Economy SpiceJet JAI - DEL 01/2018
Adi Jain

Spicejet Feedback On My Maiden Flight

This is about the travel done on the 30th January with Spicejet. My opinion about SpiceJet as a budget airline was a low-cost carrier not have much to offer. This was a sort of thinking I had previously. However, upon flying SpiceJet Mumbai - Hyderabad flight on 30th January turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Right from receiving the boarding pass at the check-in to on-boarding the flight, my entire flight experience was amazing. Thanks to SpiceJet staff that instilled this good feeling and provided a great experience.

Read more about « Spicejet Feedback On My... »
Economy SpiceJet BOM - HYD 01/2018 1 reactions
Adi Jain


Biggest scam airline ever. Must be run by the Hungarian Mafia. Our difficulties started long before we went to the airport. First thing I noticed at...

Read more about « NOT JUST BAD - OUTRAGEOUS... »
Economy Wizz Air Hungary BUD - OTP 03/2018 1 reactions

Delayed departure, horrible staff, wasted a day at Paris airport

I have had a terrible experience flying with Jet Airways internationally. The reasons are as follow: 1. Due to delayed departure from Mumbai, I...

Read more about « Delayed departure, horrible... »
Economy Jet Airways BOM - CDG 03/2018
Rajvi C.

Overbooked, misinformed and unhelpful

We booked this flight only because of the promise of extra 10kg on the #AmericanExpress platinum for FlySmiLes silver card holders - instead the man...

Read more about « Overbooked, misinformed and... »
Economy Srilankan Airlines CMB - LHR 04/2018
Fed Up with UL

Nightmare i

1. Flight changed from lisbon to porto portugal 2.flight changed from Porto to Vigo, Spain 3. Still in Vigo, Spain..24 hoyrs later. Missed...

Read more about « Nightmare i »
Economy Vueling Airlines LIS - BCN 04/2018

Terrible experience

I was flying on a direct flight from Mauritius airport to Paris Orly on April 2nd. Supposedly taking off at 8pm, we were waiting for the airport...

Read more about « Terrible experience »
Economy Corsair MRU - ORY 04/2018
Alexiane S.


I would like to warn everyone flying with Vueling that they consider themselves to have the right to decide whether you're allowed to board the...

Read more about « Warning!! »
Economy Vueling Airlines CPH - CDG 04/2017 2 reactions

Avoid at all costs

I was flying to an important event when the flight got delayed for 24 hours. I couldn't miss it, so I had to rebook with another company last minute which cost me a fortune. The company's representatives assured me that I may claim this expenses after. However, when I tried to claim it, they just relinquished all liability and refused to honor their verbal agreement. I should have taken a written confirmation, but it was a very stressful day and so I didn't, which was my mistake; however, I think that even verbal agreements should have some value when it comes to such companies. I would not risk flying with them again. Utterly unreliable, in everything.

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Economy Condor (Thomas Cook) YHZ - HHN 06/2017


Terrible 3rd world Irvine run by people who can barely put forth the effort to hate their passengers, even though they do.

These clowns are to be avoided. A one hour flight from Casablanca to Ouarzazate, nonstop, and they lose your bags. I am told this is a 1 out of 3 occurrence. If you have to walk or make other arrangements, do so.

Bad customer service would be better than what I have gotten. These guys won’t pick up a ringing phone or provide sensible answers. They simply DO NOT CARE.

i have traveled the world over and have never experienced worse service than I have gotten from this joke of a national airline.

Do whatever you have to do but DO NOT FLY WITH ROYAL AIR MAROC!

Read more about « AVOID AT ALL COSTS »
Economy Royal Air Maroc CMN - OZZ 03/2018
A Traveler

Do you love being verbally abused? Then you'll love Flybe.

I was verbally abused by a Flybe ticket agent in Amsterdam. I was flying KLM to Dublin from Salt Lake City and I had a layover in Amsterdam. My...

Read more about « Do you love being verbally... »
Economy Flybe AMS - DUB 03/2018 4 reactions


WOW! THE WORST AIRLINE EVER!!! WHAT A SCAM!!! Their ticket prices are slightly less than other airlines, but what they don't tell you until you get to the counter is they charge $80 to check your bag. That's an extra $160 on your ticket if you're flying round trip. They also charge for everything on the flight. Meals, snacks, water. By the time you're finished with all the extra payments you end up paying more for the trip than any other airline. In addition to all this each flight was either delayed or boarded very late. NEVER AGAIN!!

Read more about « WORST AIRLINE EVER »
Economy WOW air EWR - AMS 03/2018

Horrible Airline

WORST AIRLINE I'VE EVER EXPERIENCED. First, a couple good things. 1) cabin crew was nice. 2) one flight attendant offered us their salad because we...

Read more about « Horrible Airline »
Economy Tunisair CAI - TUN 08/2017

SAS is Just Fine

After reading reviews of SAS I was apprehensive as I had never flown it before and read many negative comments. I travel abroad frequently so, although there are definitely some top notch airlines in the superior category, I had no issues with SAS.The plane was clean, inflight staff friendly, food served was adequate and we experienced no delays on 3 out of 4 legs. Plenty of inflight entertainment. We were in economy and leg roomed was what could be expected for the level. My companion watched 4 movies on the way back! Travel was from Chicago, O'Hare to Athens Greece via plane change in Stockholm Sweden.

Read more about « SAS is Just Fine »
Economy Scandinavian Airlines System ORD - ATH 03/2018
Molly Jack

The worst flying company!

Although I had heard many negative replies about Blue Panorama, I thought that maybe people were exaggerating. But no. I couldn't be more wrong. I saw a complain here that people had to pay 60 euros only because they didn't write their middle name. Guess what?! I had to pay the same amount just because I had written my middle name. The help desk girls of course wouldn't help, so in order not to lose the flight I had to pay 69 euros. And I have to do the same for my return ticket.
That's not all. I've had issues for the luggage dimensions, where the same luggage faced not problem with a different airline.
So people, for your own good avoid this airline.

Read more about « The worst flying company! »
Economy Blue Panorama Airlines TIA - VRN 03/2018
Ermir B.

avoid at any cost

My friend and I had to cancel the flights because we could not fly. After the flights were cancelled we were upgraded to business classs and charged for this!!!! It took us 10 telephone calls, around 50 emails and 1.5 months of chasing to get our money back. The customer support in the UK on the phone spoke bad English and could not explain anything propertly. We got confusing messages on emails, were sent from one department to another and faced with numerous delays. Customer service is non existent like in the Sovient Union back in 1980s. the refund system is confusing and requires you to fill a form for each ticket. one department of the airline does not talk to another. we ended up complaining to their customer support team (we were given their detials after weeks of requesting them!) however we still faced delayes and only got the money back after 45 days of constant chasing.

Read more about « avoid at any cost »
Economy Srilankan Airlines BLR - CMB 01/2018

Checking Representative

I was checking for my flight to LHR from goa india the Rep was so rude and the skinny lady Rep also they were arguing About my luggage that its...

Read more about « Checking Representative »
Economy Oman Air GOI - LHR 03/2018 1 reactions

Mr khattak

I have travelled with GUlF AIR at 2016 with my family to attend the wedding party of my relative, I suppose to reach my destination the next day, but reach there in five days, and I get my luggage’s after ten days, l keeping complaints but no one listen,customers sevice making excuses , they are all above the law, there management all Muslim by name ,But they are not ,very origunt very cruel ,they are the day robber, I don’t recommend this service for no one, once somethings get wrong , no bodies will listen .

Read more about « Mr khattak »
Economy Gulf Air LHR - PEW More than 2 years

A great start to an amazing vacation

I’ve been on vacation with Air Transat 2 times already and this June we‘ll go on our third trip with them! It’s so much cheaper than any other...

Read more about « A great start to an amazing... »
Economy Air Transat AMS - YVR 09/2016 1 reactions

Crew-less 12 h flight

Since I live in Israel, unfortunately I've been flying with El Al more than once. Hope that this was my third and last time. I was stuck in my...

Read more about « Crew-less 12 h flight »
Economy El Al Israel Airlines HKG - TLV 03/2018

Avoid Air China at all costs! Customer service is horrible. They don't care about passengers.

New York to Bangkok via Beijing. Air China cancelled our flight without providing any options. We were on the phone with them and our Travel agents...

Read more about « Avoid Air China at all... »
Economy Air China JFK - PEK 03/2018

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