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Recent reviews


If you are tempted to fly with this airline because of the wonderful price....DO NOT DO IT. The flight out to Paris was wonderful. The plane was...

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Economy XL Airways France SFO - CDG New

Incorrect Booking details from both Thomas Cook and Condor

Booking confirmation stated 'Important - Check in Thomas Cook Terminal 2. ' My 20 year old son couldn't find any information or check in desk at LAX Terminal 2. In terminal 2 there were no listings of this flight. Despite asking several airport employees he wasnone the wiser until we rang Condor in Germany. After several calls we found out flight was Terminal 6. By the time he arrived there the gate was closed for book in.
We have re-booked the next flight (Wednesday 26th - 2 nights in hotel at LAX) and the wrong information is still on the confirmation details telling us Terminal 2!!!!

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Economy Thomas Cook Airlines LAX - MAN New

Beware of Icelandair!

This is the worst airline ever! I purchased tickets online; however, I come to find out, I can't cancel tickets on line. (Interesting). Because then...

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Economy Icelandair JFK - KEF New

Eastern Airways overbooking meant I missed my son's graduation!

Eastern Airways bumped me off my flight to Leeds and I missed my son’s graduation as a result. For professional reasons, my only travel option was...

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Economy Eastern Airways SOU - LBA New

Worst flight experience in my whole life travel

Flight: Riyadh-Muscat( 1hr)- London.Spacious leg room but seems there was air conditioning problem in the aircraft and the screen for intertaiments was not working very well. Got bad experience from the starting point in Riyadh as my itenerary ticket said allowed 2 luggages and my agent said 23kg each, check in staff said it's only 30kg allowed and need to pay 300riyal for the other luggage, for smooth travel I did but worst when I arrived London I could not find my paid luggage where gadgets kept because they are not allowed in Heathrow for hand carry as I started from Riyadh. And now for more than 48hrs now I'm still waiting missing luggage. I told my self to tell my friends who usually travel world wide not to take a flight from Oman Air as much as possible.

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Economy Oman Air RUH - LHR New

Denied boarding due to airline ignorant of visa requirements. What is the swiftest and most effective way to get a full refund and damages incurred?

What is the swiftest and most effective way to get a full refund and damages incurred?

These have got to be animals running this airline.

There is no ethical, professional or moral code attached to these heartless employees and workers of UIA. Boarding from Ukraine International Airlines to Milan to connect to another flight to Casablanca on July 6, 2017, was refused due to a bogus visa issue.

The Italian Embassy had told me I don’t need a transit visa. They also referred me to the European Union Visa code.

How can I resolve this with immediate effect?!

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Economy Ukraine International Airlines KBP - MXP 07/2017

Late again & filthy !

Outbound and inbound both over an hour delay. Seating area and toilets filthy! Annoying promo music and lyrics trying to entice you to book a Jet2 holiday at every opportunity! No-way!

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Economy Jet2.com SKG - MAN 07/2017

Absolutely unbelievably bad customer service

To say this airline shouldn't even be in business is an understatement. The customer service for them has been absolutely terrible. My wife flew on...

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Economy TAP Air Portugal MIA - GVA 07/2017

Double charges for same trip

My Message to XL Airways. Dear Madam/Sir I Hisham Najjar and my Son Geith, should return from CDG airport to New York on July 9,2017.on flight SE070...

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Economy XL Airways France CDG - JFK 07/2017
Hisham Najjar

Bad experience

Direct flight from beirut to munich was cenceled and changed to Dusseldohrf airport without informing us, the stuff of germania promised that an...

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Economy Germania BEY - MUC 06/2017

The other half

Return leg of review out from Gatwick.

Had to queue outside the departure area at Kos (but maybe not Enter Airs fault) in the car park. Flight was delayed (maybe because the queue was badly managed) but caught up and arrived about 20 minutes late. Not a bad flight but again - cabin crew disinterested and not reassuring for passengers. Safety demonstration was appalling, drinks served in the cheapest possible plastic cups (but £6 a pop for spirit and mixer) and when i was told there was no ice i was made to feel like i was asking for something extraordinary. No smiles from cabin crew, but at least the flight deck were chatty although almost impossible to hear.

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Economy Enter Air KGS - LGW 07/2017

Poor staff interaction

Delayed on the tarmac for about 45 minutes and not a peep from the flight deck. Cabin crew announcements were almost inaudible and cabin crew seemed...

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Economy Enter Air LGW - KGS 07/2017

Pushed to pay 110$ extra to seat together as a family while a lot of seats were free for whole flight.

Yesterday we boarded an Aer Lingus flight and were told that there were no places available for my husband and me to sit together, even though we...

Read more about « Pushed to pay 110$ extra to... »
Economy Aer Lingus ORD - DUB 06/2017

Vueling was my worst experience with an airline

Flying with Vueling from Paris to London. Before we arrived at the airport their online check-in wasn't working and there was apparently already a...

Read more about « Vueling was my worst... »
Economy Vueling Airlines CDG - LGW 06/2017

Cabin crew very rude and did not accept me and my husband on board for no reasons

We were told by the cabin crew that our both cabin bags will go with the luggage. We had no other bags with us and we asked to give one cabin bag and to keep one cabin bag with the medication for my husband and the apple tablet. We observed the other passengers they have their cabin bags. We were told that by the cabin Superviser Ciara that if you not give your bags YOU ARE NOT FLYING on the EI609 flight. We accepted to give both cabin bags but anyway we were not allowed to fly. The cabin crew treat us like no humans and called the airport police for us. We were forced to stay one night in Amsterdam and buy new tickets with Ryanair which cost us 550 Euro. We were sick and late for work in Dublin( working in private hospital as Clinical Coordinator in operation theatre).
The Aerlingus ground Superviser in Dublin apologise and told us that the behaviour of Cabin staff Ciara was unacceptable and she could not see any reasons that we were not accepted on board.

Read more about « Cabin crew very rude and did... »
Economy Aer Lingus AMS - DUB 06/2017

Racist and clueless staff - deny boarding with 2 young kids because they think only a white person can be French

In all my years of travel across all continents I have never come across such a racist and clueless airline staff. I was travelling with 8 my 5 &...

Read more about « Racist and clueless staff -... »
Economy Thai Airways Intl KUL - BKK 05/2017

mishandle bags fro 6 days on 1 week short vacation.

They mishandle my bags for 6 days, as i requested them to deliver those bag at home address on which they agreed. but for 6 days those bags were seating at Airport but nobody bothers them to deliver it. I personally collected those bag from Airport on the day of my Return journey to USA.
When I asked for reimbursement for 6 days of trouble they put me through & to force to collect those bags from Airport, they simply refused to pay by saying " for resident alien as per our policy guidelines we will not be able to compensate/offer any compensation for the delayed baggage"

service is completely unprofessional, pathetic & untrustable.

Read more about « mishandle bags fro 6 days on... »
Economy Jet Airways CDG - BOM 06/2017
prakash K.

Rude Ground Staff & No Customer Service

I booked all my flights on the KLM website. I flew outbound from Singapore to Amsterdam, then stopover in Paris on the way to Malaga. On the return...

Read more about « Rude Ground Staff & No... »
Economy Air France CDG - SIN 05/2017

my suitcase was lost and they don't pay

Took a flight on April 21, 2017 from Milan to Sao Paulo, baggage was NOT ARRIVED, surely due to the lack of time between the landing at Casablanca and the resumption for Sao Paulo with another flight. After making a regular complaint at the airport of my baggage arrival, there was no trace anymore. In addition to having suffered the damage of not having any luggage for my 10-day stay in Sao Paulo, paying for the many phone calls at the airport looking for my suitcase and having to recapture the minimum indispensable and thus spending 355 euros, to date my suitcase It has never been found again. Needless to make any effort to claim Royal Air Maroc damages through emails, peacocks, and international peacekeepers in Prague, So I must contract a lawyer just to see my rights fully satisfied. Customer Support ZERO !!!!! Do not fly with this company !! They steal your luggage and DO NOT PAY !!!!

Read more about « my suitcase was lost and... »
Economy Royal Air Maroc MXP - GRU 04/2017

Terrible airline. Total disregard for passengers.

My outbound flight was bad. The flight was completely full and most passengers had lots of hand luggage. The crew moved things around in the...

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Economy Vueling Airlines AMS - LTN 06/2017


I regularly travel between the UK and Munich for work (approx 40 return trips per year). BMI Regional are by far the worst airline I have ever travelled with in terms if punctuality and customer service. flights are frequently delayed by several hours, or even cancelled. Obtaining compensation / refreshment vouchers is next to impossible. Customer service is almost non existant, when you do manage to speak to someone from the airline there is rarely any information provided of use.

The ticket prices are extortionate for the service provided.

The only plus point is that the on board crew are usually polite and helpful, but this is not always the case either!!

Read more about « Delayed....again »
Economy BMI Regional SOU - MUC 06/2017
Dan W.

Money-grubbing Airlines with poor customer service

DEEPLY DISSATISFIED with Jet Airways policy
I booked my flight for 6th July 2017 through Make My Trip and had to cancel on 15th June 2017 because of change in plans. There was a connecting flight (from Dehradun to Bangalore via Delhi), so they applied cancellation charge once for each flight instead of applying it once for each passenger.
Because it was two of us travelling, we needed to pay double the cancellation charge (that's 2 extra cancellation charges...I did not ask to be flown on two airplanes, that's the airline's responsibility)
Earlier I had cancelled a flight on Make My Trip from Mumbai to Delhi (via Ahmedabad) which was Indigo. They only applied cancellation charge once per person. Kudos to Indigo!

Shame on the money-grubbing policies in Jet Airways. You guys should really be embarrassed of your customer-UNfriendly policies.
I communicated this to their customer service, and all the responder had to say was 'It's airline policy.' When I stressed about Indigo, he reiterated 'Every airline has a different policy. This is our (cheats-its-customers) policy.' He offered no solution or apology at all.

Read more about « Money-grubbing Airlines with... »
Economy Jet Airways DED - BLR 06/2017

pathetic experience

I was travelling alone and was on an aisle seat. the seats were small and not comfortable. the person sitting next to me almost encroached my seat...

Read more about « pathetic experience »
Economy Brussels Airlines BOM - BRU 05/2017

A family of 4 with a 2 year old and an infant got thrown off the plane unjustly

Our family had the most horroendous experience on Flight MH 0002 FROM Kuala Lumpur to Heathrow-London deaprting on June 7th, 2017 at 23:15 Prior to...

Read more about « A family of 4 with a 2 year... »
Economy Malaysia Airlines KUL - LHR 06/2017

The worst flight of my life

I travelled with my 3 month old baby and it was the worst experience of my life ! As i arrived on board with my pram folded as a bag, they took it away from me despite agreeing to it at the desk, without giving me a ticket for it or protect it, I had to verbally fight to get my textile baby carrier on board. Then the cabin crew literally thrown a "gift" on my baby chest while i was breastfeeding. No empathy, no help, no manners. Terrible.

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Economy plus Brussels Airlines TLS - DME 06/2017
Laetitia Flash M.

Ottima compagnia low cost

Ho volato spesso con compagnie low cost, ma questa è la prima volta che utilizzo Volotea. Devo dire che è stata un'esperienza positiva, dalla gentilezza del personale alla puntualità del volo. Ma soprattutto lo spazio a disposizione era superiore alle altre compagnie low cost con cui ho volato, sedili più comodi con lo schienale reclinabile.

Read more about « Ottima compagnia low cost »
Economy Volotea TSF - NTE 05/2017

Excellent value for money !

Punctual. Friendly staff. Confortable seat...
Very easy to book and check in online (no need to print boarding passes if you have iPhone or tablet) which is very handy when you are traveling
And the price was so cheap ... lucky to get it on the desired day ...

Very highly recommend Volotea.

Read more about « Excellent value for money ! »
Economy Volotea SPU - VCE 06/2017

unbelievable charges. Unethical business standards

Disgraceful service would never use again and I hope others read this. We missed our flight and tried to contact this company through there office...

Read more about « unbelievable charges... »
Business Philippine Airlines DPS - LHR 06/2017 1 reactions
Paul devonrow

Grande sorpresa

Era da tempo che vedevo pubblicizzare questa compagnia aerea su internet con offerte convenienti, incuriosito da ciò ho visitato il sito e ho...

Read more about « Grande sorpresa »
Economy Volotea BRI - PMO 05/2017

A wonderful day, a great week

Spelled fly
Great company and impeccable aircraft, myself and my family, we had a great time, and the crew was great.
Comfortable and clean the plane, the trip was a spit and everything was smooth smooth.
Great experience.

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Economy Volotea NAP - VRN 05/2017

Worst airline I've ever ever traveled with.

Booked a holiday through Thomson Holidays and were given ASL Airlines France for our departure flight. Arrived at checkout desk 3 hours before...

Read more about « Worst airline I've ever ever... »
Economy ASL Airlines France GLA - PMI 05/2017 6 reactions
Marie R.

An awry experience

A strange experience. I left 2 stars only cause they got me to my destination. Unable to make payment online, I was asked several times to pay over...

Read more about « An awry experience »
Economy Ukraine International Airlines LGW - PEK 05/2017 1 reactions

Comfortable flight all along, very polite crew.

Very comfortable seat. Flawless flight, super smooth take off and landing. Excellent air quality in cabin even tho the plane was almost completely...

Read more about « Comfortable flight all... »
Economy Volotea PMO - VRN 05/2017

Do not recommend

I flew from JFK airport to Brussels airport and was very uncomfortable.

It was very tight and it was hard to plug in earbuds and chargers on the seats.

They also have absolutely terrible customer service. I was on the phone with them trying to extend and the woman was yelling at me telling me it was too late and that I should've called the day before. I called the day before and I had the 6 attempts recorded in my phone but they dismissed it saying that they would've picked up.

Also after trying to reach them, I emailed them that same day that I tried to get through so at least they would see that I tried, and again they dismissed it.They are very hard to reach since they are open only for 3 hours and don't pick up all the time.

I would not recommend this airline to anyone, especially if you need customer service.

Read more about « Do not recommend »
Economy Brussels Airlines JFK - BRU 05/2017

All OK

Nice flight at a convenient price.

Punctuality and kind service at board.

A minor disappointing point is the latening and a few confuse of on-line check-in.

Read more about « All OK »
Economy Volotea TLS - NAP 05/2017

Great ontime flight and top service

My recent experience on Volotea Flights was extremely positive in details such as ontime flights, employees cordiality and professionality, right and timely useful information, onboard conforts and cleanliness. A part the hostes dressing colours I did not so much appreciated, flying with Volotea flights has been a real overall positive experience. To note I'm using a lot of planes during the year.

Read more about « Great ontime flight and top... »
Economy Volotea VBS - CTA 05/2017

Really good

A good airline, qualified and available for any inquiries or problems.

OK for: seats, messages, check-in, services of flight attendants and so on.


Read more about « Really good »
Economy Volotea CTA - AOI 05/2017

Volotea is the top

I think Volotea is the best flight company because it is very cheaply and professional.

I fly with Volotea about ten times in a year and can say that volotea satisfies all my needs.

For this reasons I'll choose Volotea for ever. :)

Read more about « Volotea is the top »
Economy Volotea CTA - VBS 05/2017

Overbooked flight and incompetent staff

The airline overbooked the flight and there was no room on the plane.

Instead of finding me another flight, I was sent to the wrong counter and then the staff member simply left.

There was no one available to book another flight and I was finally helped by someone from a completely different airline.

These guys are practically scammers. The worst staff and no concern for passengers.

Will demand a refund.

Read more about « Overbooked flight and... »
Economy Jet Airways YYZ - SKP 05/2017

Good routes

On time, staff very friendly and helpful, reasonable prices.

Plenty of room in the seats, no fuss. Will definitely fly with them again.

This is the first time I have been able to fly direct from Toulouse to Alicante.

Read more about « Good routes »
Economy Volotea TLS - ALC 04/2017


Flying with Volotea was very nice surprise.

Me and my two girls 2 and 6 years old enjoyed a lot.

I highly recommend it.

Nice, quick, clean. We will fly again.

Read more about « Delighted »
Economy Volotea PRG - TLS 04/2017

Excellent flight

A flash of lightning touched the plane.

The crew reaction was perfect.

The plane was controlled at Toulouse very quickly before we go to Ajaccio.

Very confortable and safe trip otherwise.

Read more about « Excellent flight »
Economy Volotea NTE - AJA 04/2017

Nice company

I enjoyed to flight lately with Volotea because of the courtesy, on time, and the rate quality/price.

My advice is to fly with company Everytime you have the need.

Read more about « Nice company »
Economy Volotea NAP - VRN 05/2017
Luc T.

“Foolish AirLine ever seen”

Foolish Airline you can ever trip.
1 - All staff do their job like they are creditor.
2 - We were 4 person, and each person can have 30kg baggage, we had 5 baggage (16.5kg, 17kg, 18kg, 21kg, 24kg), they take us 360RM (Malaysia Money Unit) for just one bag! They told me each person, one baggage! Very funny rules.
3 - A passenger get convulsion during flight, no one know somethings about medicine and recovery.
4 - At the end of trip we take our baggage broken and no one responsive.

I never flight with this *** Airline....

Read more about « “Foolish AirLine ever seen” »
Economy Oman Air KUL - MCT 05/2017

If I have choice, I won't use this company again.

This happened yesterday. The flight was kinda okay, with sandwiches and refreshments.

The problem was I went to the airport in the morning and was informed that I am not allowed to check in my suitcase for my return flight, unless I pay extra.

As somebody on the extra payment queue said 'They expect us to go there, buy suitcase and luggage, and go back'.

Read more about « If I have choice, I won't... »
Economy Bulgaria Air SOF - AMS 04/2017

Satisfaction for economy price

The plane was on time (just arriving from... somewhere )

BOEING 717, reactors at rear, not new but correct.

Taking off 10' early, and landing 20' in advance !

Good flight in good conditions.

The announcements on board were clear and friendly.

Read more about « Satisfaction for economy price »
Economy Volotea RNS - NCE 04/2017

excellent first experience with Volotea

Nice flight, very nice interior and kind team!

Flight early on time and largely superior to other low cost companies on all aspects!

I strongly recommend this young company to all of you!

Read more about « excellent first experience... »
Economy Volotea LUX - NCE 04/2017

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