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Recent reviews

Awesome service will fly again

Absolutely enjoy the flight. Will fly again.

London to Colombo very nice flight on time enjoyed the meal & services baggage allowance always great no hazel at all.

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Economy Kuwait Airways LHR - CMB New

Highway Robbery!

United Airlines can careless for their paying customers! I paid in full over 2 weeks in advance for my flight and they cancelled my ticket without even making a attempt to notify me that my return ticket was cancelled.

Didn't even offer a refund;plus they turn around and try to resell me the same seat I had paid for for an additional $327!

They have no right to decide for the paying customer whether the customer needs their booked seat or not. Customer Service treated me like garbage. I highly recommend avoiding this airline at all cost!
I would never fly on united again nor will my expended family!

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Economy United Airlines IAD - ATL 11/2016

Great flight! Especially considering the low price!

The non-stop service from NYC to Kiev is a great price and perfectly harmless (as far as international flying goes). It gets you into Kiev in the late afternoon (similarly, the opposite direction gets you into NYC in the afternoon), which is good for getting acclimated to the new time zone.

Ticket counter employees were nice on me even though I had a larger-than-regulation carry-on (they let it on for free).

The airplane was a normal Western 767 jet, no Russian garbage, and while there was no in-flight entertainment (other than looking at the pretty flight attendants, who were several cuts above the usual American ones), who cares when you can sleep or use your own phone/computer?

Overall, you can't beat the pricing, especially since you can order 1-way tickets for half the cost of roundtrip (whereas most companies greedily charge 75% or more).

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Economy Ukraine International Airlines JFK - KBP 02/2016

Very Good Flight

Flight on time.

Flight comfortable.

Assistance to perfect plane board.

The staff very polite and prepared.

Check in OK and fast.

Very simple seat selection in the purchase of the ticket.

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Economy Volotea CTA - VCE 11/2016


Been to 50+ countries and this is the most horrifying experience I've ever had. I was unfortunate enough to have been trapped at Beijing on the 5th...

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Economy Air China PEK - DEL 11/2016

Confortable and on time

Comfortable seats, friendly and helpful staff, pleasant flight.

Departure and arrival on time.

The flight was very short so I have no comments about food and other services.

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Economy Volotea VRN - CTA 09/2016

Not recommended cheap flight but not worth it

No one at the desk to check in. They just sell a ticket on line and you never catch them again to put you in flight.

There was a delay of more than an hour for going flight.

Not professional personel. They have not enough personel and those who are working does not seems to have any training for customer service.

Read more about « Not recommended cheap flight... »
Economy Air Transat YYC - YVR 11/2016


Great flight. Boarding and takeoff were on time, and the arrival in Venice was early. The flight crew was very professional, cheerful and helpful. I take Volotea a lot and I have no complaints. On the other hand, it would be nice if you had more destinations departing from Venice, like the Greek islands.

The only flaw is the boarding process because they ask to approach the gate according to the boarding group indicated on the boarding card and often those who are already in line does not pass , however the staff can not do problems for this.

Read more about « Okay! »
Economy Volotea BRI - VCE 11/2016

Pleasant flight

Leaving from Venice and landing in Marseille is a true pleasure, the view at the start and the view on arrival is a true delight, so beautiful !

The Volotea Aircraft is very comfortable and the crew is super.

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Economy Volotea VCE - MRS 10/2016

A short night

Flight was late because the incoming aircraft was delayed. The airline sent me an e-mail to tell me the score, but it was too late as I was already at the airport. We left more than an hour late. Seat was fine.

The aircraft an Airbus 320, with 6 abreast seating. I was lucky as it was a light load, and the seat next to me was empty. Still there was plenty of room.

The meal service was quick and efficient and the wine was worth drinking.

They were quick, so there was some sleeping time before the dawn came up.

Read more about « A short night »
Economy Srilankan Airlines CMB - BKK 11/2016
Shamrock 09

Worst airline ever

Ticket Sales employees and crew members are rude, poor in dealing with customers and their English is terrible.

They don't hesitate giving you false information just to get rid of you when they don't know how to deal with unexpected situations like delayed or cancelled flights.

Seats and inflight entertainment are just the same as lots of airlines.

I have no idea how meals are as I booked a special meal that they forgot to carry on board. Luggage service is awful, they lost all of my three baggage.

They cancelled my flight two times, the third one was overbooked, the next one was delayed.

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Economy Turkish Airlines BLQ - LAX 07/2016

Extremely poor customer care

I came to Abidjan for short meeting and had to fly back to Freetown on 9th November 2016.

The airline has cancelled the flight to Freetown and we have been informed when we arrived at the airport for check in. Despite all mess-up on my workplan, the airline is not will to provide accommodation for the night that I am going to stay at the hotel due to the problem of the airline.

This is not professional manner and the airline customer service managers needs to learn the value of customers.

Read more about « Extremely poor customer care »
Economy Air Côte d'Ivoire ABJ - FNA 11/2016

Very bad airline

I thought I would try this airline since it's one way even though it's way more expensive than the others.

They had no in flight entertainment for the entire 15 hours. They use a very old plane and the light was broken an flickering in the row...

Then, right before landing they said that the luggage was left behind in Tel Aviv! For half of the passengers....

They said we would get a call the next day.. But still no contact. Worst airline I ever flew with. I would rather take the layover than deal with this expensive nightmare.

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Economy El Al Israel Airlines TLV - LAX 11/2016

Don't do it, you will regret it!

They cancelled my flight 12 hours before takeoff.

They sent a nice email saying that they would refund my fare. I submitted the information three different times whilst they ignored my emails.

I resorted to contacting them via their Facebook page. They promised to take care of things via email, which they didn't.

After four months of trying to get a refund using their channels, I hired a third party to retrieve my refund.

Transavia's customer service is appalling/nonexistent. Beware!

Read more about « Don't do it, you will regret... »
Economy transavia AMS - ORY 07/2016

On time

Read a few reviews before a flight and was a bit worried.

Luckily everyone got on board on time, there was no delay, even came a few minutes earlier (flight to Palma). I was especially happy that there were no loud and noisy travelers... everything went smoothly and the flight already felt like vacation.

The crew was really friendly and helpful, I liked that their uniforms somehow match plane interior - colorful. Enjoyed complimentary coffee and some candies during the landing.

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Economy Small Planet Airlines MAN - PMI 06/2016
Shelly S.

Good price

Flew with them earlier this summer, had a nice experience and tried again, this time with my friend. With them you get what you paid for.

The tickets were cheaper in comparison to other airlines. The flight was on time both times, to and from Tirana.

Staff doesnt seem tired at all and smiled, the captain even said a few jokes to enlighten the mood. It worked. The leg room seemed ok, I enjoyed sandwiches, they tasted really great in comparison to other food that I have tried on other airlines. Had a cabin bag and some luggage, everything was ok with it and I did not even wrapped it to plastic.

Would not hesitate to fly with them again and recommend to others.

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Economy Small Planet Airlines LGW - TIA 09/2016
Shelly S.

Pleasent trip

Fully satisfied.

Comfortable seats, nice temperature inside the cabine and very pleasant the music played (really clever).

On time and generally the service was excellent.

Read more about « Pleasent trip »
Economy Volotea ATH - VCE 10/2016
Nikolaos Z.

Great flight

Another fligh with Volotea and another time I am completely satisfied wirh my flight.

Clean and confortable aircraft and professional cabin crew.

The flight was in time.

Read more about « Great flight »
Economy Volotea NAP - GOA 10/2016

Good service

Web site easy to use.

Price/quality good.

Time as scheduled.

Nice people on board.

Boarding very efficient.

Chek in on line easy.

Inside temperature confortable.

Messsage from the captain essential.

Landing and take off perfect.

Romm leg confortable only on extra paying seats.

No entraitenment.

Meal and snacks available standard quality.

Read more about « Good service »
Economy Volotea GOA - CAG 10/2016
thank you

The worst airline experience

I booked my flights eight months prior to flying, I paid £150 extra so all three passengers could sit together both ways as I am a really nervous...

Read more about « The worst airline experience »
Economy Virgin Atlantic Airways MCO - MAN 10/2016
Lisa brown

On time

Perfect flight from Verona to Catania. The trip was very nice and I arrived to destination on time.

I suggest to use Volotea company for your business or vacation trips.

Read more about « On time »
Economy Volotea VRN - CTA 10/2016

Very good!

One of the best low cost companies for sure! The travel was comfortable, also if the airplane was very small the seats were large with the space for...

Read more about « Very good! »
Economy Volotea NAP - VRN 10/2016
Simone L.

Do not travel with this airline !

Do not travel with this airline !

I had a motorbike accident 2 days ago and, even sending Easyjet all the reports (ambulance & hospital) with the information that says that I will have to be in the hospital for the whole week, they have not refunded my money, nor exchanged it for a voucher.

I was a regular client of this company but, after treating me like this, not anymore.

Do not give money to a company that treats its clients this shameful way.


Read more about « Do not travel with this... »
Economy Easyjet MAD - CDG 10/2016
David R.

Disgraceful customer service

As a frequent business flyer, I would choose carefully before selecting Transavia. In 20 years of business travel I have never been humiliated to such an extent in front of other passengers. The checking-in attendant was adamant that my case has to go in the hold. I politely asked for the case to join me in the cabin, which was declined a number of times. At one stage I was refused access to the aircraft and detained on the concrete stand until the attendant went to get his supervisor. You can see & hear from the footage I have attached that I was even threatened with the police at one stage.

When the Transavia staff one their little victory over me and as I looked back while climb the stairs to the aircraft after they took my case they were all laughing at the situation. I'm a senior Operations Director of one of the largest technology companies in Europe and I have never been treated as appalling as this ever before by an airline.

The crazy situation, you can see the high level cupboard above my seat was empty. An absolute disgrace.

Read more about « Disgraceful customer service »
Economy transavia ORY - LTN 10/2016

Great plane, but lousy Customer Service

Good quality planes but a company policy that doesn't care about Customer Service.

Emirates airlines are really good in Window dressing when it comes to their Customer Service. At first sight it looks like they're really value their (loyal) customers but unfortunately in reality they don't live up to the expectations they promise to the world.

I've been flying with Emirates many times before and also reached their Silver Member Status so you can call me experienced when it comes to this airline. The plane itself, the seats and the food provided are OK.

Only when it comes to how they treat their (loyal) customers it becomes a complete different story. Once you've ordered and paid for your ticket they loose their complete interest in you as a customer. They treat you like a number and the only feedback you get are the lines that were written out in their "Customer" scripts.

This resulted for me to the (unfortunate) decision to use the Emirates services in the future and look for other airlines which provide proper Customer Service

Read more about « Great plane, but lousy... »
Economy Emirates AMS - BKK 09/2016
Frank V.

Really really bad service

Delay of 2,5 hours - No notice! No compensation, not even a recognition of the issue.

No free meals, drinks or snacks on board and no use of credit card for buying refreshments.

I have anxiety of flying and I have never felt so unsafe and scared onboard a flight. The flight attendants stayed behind the curtains for 1 hour after take-off, so they couldn't reassure me (and other nervous passengers).

We couldn't hear the messages from the Captain, only a few words here and there.

We detected smell of smoke 4-5 times, maybe the crew smoking?

I will never fly with this airline again.

Read more about « Really really bad service »
Economy Tailwind Airlines AYT - HAM 10/2016

Perfect fly

I'm very satisfied about my flight with Volotea from Cagliari (Sardinia) to Catania (Sicily). Hostess and stewards was very polite stylish, the...

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Economy Volotea CAG - CTA 10/2016
Rosario L.

Never again !

On the 28th of August I have flown with Brussels Airlines from Brussels to Manchester, UK. The flight it self was good. Friendly crew and clean...

Read more about « Never again ! »
Economy Brussels Airlines BRU - MAN 08/2016 1 reactions

One of the Best Airline

I love Swiss Airlines!

Boarding was fast and easy. The seats are comfortable and take off relaxed, had ample leg room on a normal seat.

Drinks and snacks were served immediately once everybody was the plane. But, I booked my flight tickets from Voyages Booth, that helped me in quickly flight reservation.

Read more about « One of the Best Airline »
Economy Swiss ECN - JFK 03/2016

A nice flight to Athens

My flight from Mitilene to Athens was generally very nice.

We enjoined a lot.

Landing and take off very smooth as well as staff attendants.

Seats mechanism in good order but not any soft drink offered.

No any entertainment available during flight.

Read more about « A nice flight to Athens »
Economy Volotea MJT - ATH 09/2016

No more garuda

What can I say my flight was terrible AVOD wasn't work during all flight.

I had problems with check in in Singapore, staff was rude speaking in their language.

My partner always reserve seat by the window and they gave us seat in the middle ! And don't want change a seat because flight was "full" but it wasn't.

Then I ask to speak with supervisor and he done our case in 1 minute ! But that was only begin of our problems but this is a long story.

I wrote complain but they only say apologize and they replay to me AVOD was working on flight ...
Probably about 30 seat don't have tv so and they tried to told me everything was ok.

Read more about « No more garuda »
Economy Garuda Indonesia SIN - LHR 09/2016
Anna B.


It was a standard regular flight by Ukraine International Airlines.

The seats were comfortable enough. Though leg room was not so sufficient.

No special entertainment onboard.

They offered three types (chicken/cheese/salmon) of panini, three or four types of juices, some other small snacks. Landing and take off were good and undisturbing.

Staff was friendly enough. It was an enjoyable flight.

Read more about « Good. »
Economy Ukraine International Airlines KBP - TLV 10/2016

How to keep family united

I find Volotea a good company. I often flight with Volotea to visit my husband in Turin.

Prices are cheap, seats confortable and the crew very kind.

Read more about « How to keep family united »
Economy Volotea PMO - TRN 09/2016
Loredana F.

Nice flight to Pantelleria

Time schedule on time, flight quality good, good confort inside the plane specially the leg room.

Staff professional edge.

Ground staff sympathetic and polite.

Read more about « Nice flight to Pantelleria »
Economy Volotea VCE - PNL 09/2016

A Dramatic Experience

I flew from Paris to Singapore via Zurich on 11 September LX645 leaving 2045. I had checked in online prior within 24 hours and chose window seats...

Read more about « A Dramatic Experience »
Economy Swiss CDG - SIN 09/2016

Oh No! (Air) Canada!

We have flown all over the world. We've flown on third-world country airlines. After our recent, and certainly last, encounter with Air Canada both...

Read more about « Oh No! (Air) Canada! »
Economy Air Canada BNA - LGW 09/2016

Perfect flight and arrival before schedule

Usual nice trip, perfect time on departure and arrival before scheduled time.

Personnel on board kind and useful.

Leg room could be better but this is the usual situation in most low cost companies.

Temperature on board excellent and messages from the captain were clear and understandable.

Check in and boarding very easy.

Also administration highly cooperative.So I would
higly reccomend to fly Volotea.

Read more about « Perfect flight and arrival... »
Economy Volotea NAP - PMO 09/2016

Nothing more than perfect

I arrive in time in Nantes airport. With the online check in and just a small piece of luggage I have nothing to do. The boarding was smooth and the flight was 10 minutes less than the schedule time.

People on board were cool. My seat was confortable...

Read more about « Nothing more than perfect »
Economy Volotea NTE - VLC 09/2016

Never ever

After selling a lot of tickets for very low price they cancelled all their flights in October and let us know 20 days before departure.

Not answering on e-mails, unprofessional.

Read more about « Never ever »
Economy Volotea SPU - BOD 08/2016

6h delay, no info

Flight itself was more or less for a low cost, except that there is only 1 type of sandwich (tuna) available, and it tastes like cardboard.

The flight however was delayed by 6 hours, and this decision was taken around midnight.

The problem is that the passengers where only advised by e-mail and not with an SMS !

I was lucky to check my mail in the morning , but a lot of passengers did not , and spent 8 hours in the airport!

There where no extra meal or even excuses from the company.

The purser however mentioned the reason of the delay.

Read more about « 6h delay, no info »
Economy Jetairfly BRU - ALC 09/2016

Flight on time

It was a very nice flight.

The service on board was very quindly.

The captain gave us explainations about the flight.

We arrived in time even, before.

Read more about « Flight on time »
Economy Volotea AJA - LIL 09/2016

Avoid at all costs

I had a flight booked in May from Newcastle to Belfast to attend a wedding the following day. You On the morning of our flight we got a text...

Read more about « Avoid at all costs »
Economy Easyjet NCL - BFS 05/2016
Abigail Clarke

The best option from Croatia to France

The flight was on the time.

Cabin crew were very polite and nice.

Easy booking over internet, as well check in.

We will fly with Volotea in the future for sure.

Read more about « The best option from Croatia... »
Economy Volotea DBV - BOD 09/2016

Uneventful, as I like it

I was in 16J on this A340, a plane I haven't flown in some time. The premium voyageur class is acceptable in terms of leg room and seat width. The...

Read more about « Uneventful, as I like it »
Economy plus Air France DTW - CDG 09/2016


Had the (dis)pleasure of flying with this outfit when Thomson used them for our return flight from our Turkey holiday. What can I say other than "really rubbish". 3 hostess's which only 1 of them spoke any English - and she hid behind the curtain in front galley for most of the flight. Took them 2 1/2 hrs to do the drinks round, not because of a lot of sales just that they didn't know what they were doing. Poorest service I have ever experienced in many years of flying. Suggest you avoid this airline.

Read more about « Shocking »
Economy Tailwind Airlines AYT - STN 09/2016
Andy B.

Early arrival at destination

Seat confortable, nice temperature in the airplane, good messages from captain, ceck in and boarding quickly,very kind staff, arrival before the time, very good price!

Read more about « Early arrival at destination »
Economy Volotea JTR - VRN 09/2016

Almost as bad as Thomson

Not so rapacious as Thomson at baggage check in (Thomson extort maximum possible cash for slightest overweight) Extremely limited on-board menu...

Read more about « Almost as bad as Thomson »
Economy Enter Air LGW - RHO 09/2016

Very bad customer service!

I asked to change my return ticket. After 1h30 on the phone I was informed that it would cost 171€ for the change of ticket. I received another call...

Read more about « Very bad customer service! »
Economy Brussels Airlines DLA - CDG 09/2016

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