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My wife and I flew from brisbane on 1st may to Frankfurt. The first leg to Shanghai was good. The second leg was pathetic, we booked window and...

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Economy China Eastern Airlines BNE - FRA New

Never again

This was our worst experience with an airline. On 3 of our 4 flights, there were delays without keeping the passengers informed at the gate. Their personnel was just sitting there, joking around and trying to sell their empty business seats. Then, on the long flights, their entertainment system was not working. Moreover, their hostesses don't even bring water to drink and when you ask them, they make a face like you are asking something difficult. For the meals, you don't even get a choice. 10 min after getting our meals, they already came to take the plates away, even if everyone was still eating. And last but not least, none of the landings were smooth (with perfect weather), it is as if all their pilots get a training to land as aggressively as possible. That's not what we are used to with an airline, never again.

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Economy LOT Polish Airlines WAW - BRU New

Flight cancellation, no refund , no back up

Volotea has failed to transport passengers from origin to destination. The flight from Mykonos to Athens on 6th May at 7pm was cancelled. Upon...

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Economy Volotea JMK - ATH New

Worst airline ever

Flybe reduced the hand luggage size before the flight without any proper notice, provided their staff with luggage measurement units which were even smaller than the new sizing, and forced every single person with a hand luggage on the flight, no matter the size (about 50 people at least) to dish out £50 to board the plane. Not only this is against consumer rights, but it also goes against antitrust laws as the true hidden cost of the flight was forcefully push to nearly double what the ticket at the time of purchase cost, hence exerting unfair competition against competitor airlines in the and route.
Furthermore the staff at the gate refused to provide passenger with a legal receipt showing the item of purchase for the £50 charge.
An utterly despicable airline with zero ethics: avoid at all cost!

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Economy Flybe ABZ - LHR New

Lost baggage and can't contact China southern

i travelled across the other side of the world with my children for xmas with my sister 12/12/18 3 suitcases were checked in to this flight but only...

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Economy China Southern Airlines MAN - BNE 12/2018 1 reactions

Dodgy Airline designed to shaft the customer in every way

Booked to go from EDi to Faro on 3rd May, however my Dad got shot and we now have to either cancel or change date of the flight. Phoned them, to cancel we would lose the £545 it cost us, no refund, but hey theres an option to change the date...sound good right?! WRONG!! They say the prices advertised online is different to what they have on their system, which to me is false advertising! They want to charge us an additional £302 to change the date and charge £35 to make the change!! The online price to book a brand new flight is £421.60, so in theory I should be given a refund for the difference...WRONG! They don’t give refunds of the difference either!! This company practices false advertising and gives customers the false impression that they provide options, but in the end, they try and shaft the customer in every which way they can, even in emergency situations that is beyond our control. If you want good value and good service from an honest airline, go elsewhere!!!

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Economy Jet2.com EDI - FAO 05/2019

Extra fees but no service for them

I bought tickets with 2 months in advance and paying the priority fee plus the membership one demanded so you can buy priority.
I did the check in at home the morning of my departure and I arrived at the airport to find out I was actually in stand by as I did the check in too late. So I payed for priority to be the LAST one to board the flight, and I was told by their on site operator that he was doing all he could to get me on the plane.
So , very angry, I demanded my 9 euros back - which will not happen as I used the flight and it`s not their policy to return you the money you payed for services not offered .I was so enraged I would have demanded 0.001 euros back !
Attention on :
* luggage - dimension and weight - all pays extra and too much
* check in - they will charge you even if the online system was not on, unless you prove without a doubt that it was not working
*there are no snacks included. Be prepared to pay for water .

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Economy Wizz Air Hungary IAS - BLQ 04/2019

Terrible and disaster company also it staff, not client orientated

Terrible and disaster company also it staff, not client orientated. They will get forever my negative opinion about their company, staff behaviors...

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Economy Air Baltic RIX - MUC 04/2019

Worst company ever

Tunisair is the worst company I've ever seen in my life. On a flight of 1 hour and 30 minutes (Barcelona - Tunisia), they accumulated 3 hours of delay, and all for no apparent reason. The way these people work is being always late and flying when they please or can. It is not a serious company in any sense, and I absolutely do not recommend anyone to use it. In case it is essential to fly with them, I recommend a lot of patience and to keep all the tickets and documents that prove the delays or cancellations (that you will surely suffer), to be able to submit a claim.

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Economy Tunisair BCN - TUN 04/2019

Excellent Flight

The flight was free because Hawaiian Airlines cancelled their flights from HNL-TPE. So they rebooked me from HNL-KIX then KIX-TPE. But not just any airline, one of the best airlines in the world Eva Air! Eva demonstrated their high quality of service of comfy seats and excellent food all just in economy. You rock Eva!

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Economy Eva Air KIX - TPE More than 2 years

Excellent Flight

Just when we were about to push back, the flight attendants came over and asked me if I would like a free upgrade. And of course I said yes. They told me that they were giving their Gold and Silver members free upgrades to Business class. The service in Business was excellent. Good job United!

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Economy United Airlines TPE - SFO 08/2017

Good Flight

The seats were really comfy for a 45 minute flight up to Vancouver, we cruised at 14000 feet and we had a great view of Seattle and Vancouver, the flight was awesome.

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Economy Air Canada SEA - YVR More than 2 years

Excellent Flight

Just before the plane was about to be pushed back, the flight attendant asked me if I would like a free upgrade. She told me that there were lots of empty Business Class Seats and they were going around giving free upgrades to their members. It was nice, the food and service and everything.

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Economy All Nippon Airways NRT - TPE 07/2017

Excellent Flight

The food was really good. After meal service was over the flight attendants handed out Haken Doug ice cream. What other airline would you find free Haken Doug ice cream in economy?

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Economy All Nippon Airways SFO - NRT 06/2017

Good Flight

The Flight Attendants were nice and asked me if I needed anything just when I thought of I need something. The flight departed on time and the food was excellent.

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Economy American Airlines LAX - SEA 09/2018

Excellent Flight

Even though the flight was delayed for 30 minutes. Japan Airlines offered snacks to the passengers. and when on board the flight crew apologized for the delay.

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Economy Japan Airlines LAX - NRT 07/2018

Last minute cancelations, don't book with easyJet

We booked this flight well in advance. I have never flown with easyJet and it was my first time traveling to and within Europe. Our flight was...

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Economy Easyjet NAP - VCE 03/2019

Never Ever Think about Flying with UIA

The most terrible Airline I've ever seen. Other than not serving anything (Even Water and Tea, you have to pay for everything), We have tried to...

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Economy Ukraine International Airlines YYZ - IKA 02/2019 2 reactions
Amir G.

The worest experince of my 30 years travel history

As an early morning flight, could not sleep well and four hours waiting in transit at Amman Airport. Just 40 minutes before the departure time, the staff came to the waiting lounge and asked us to go to the other lounge as they wanted to setup some screening process. I politely asked the staff if the flight was going to be late, the rudely pronounced answer was foolishly, “No”. I again asked them that if was the protocol fir the Heathrow flight, why didn’t they set it up 2 hours ago? They had no answer. I believed that it was some training session as there were some uniformed officers watching the staff.
I had never such a disgusting flight experience where the live flight board still shows the flight is at 11:20qm whereas the time is nearly 11:30am. Will definitely avoid in future.

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Economy Royal Jordanian AMM - LHR 03/2019 1 reactions

Choose any other one // Elige cualquier otra

They lost my luggage till the day before of leaving and I also had to go and collect it from the airport, now they don´t want to reimburse my expenses caused by their inneficiency. They are rude and rather kind. Food abroad, expensive and awfull. Forget any other low cost, this is the lowest, dirtiest and barely recommendable of all them. Thank you for ruin my vacation.

Me perdieron la maleta hasta el día de antes de mi regreso y además tuve que ir yo a por ella, ahora no quieren reembolsarme los gastos que tuve por su ineficiencia. Son maleducados y poco amables. La comida a bordo de pago, cara y pésima. Olvida otras low cost, esta es la lowest, sucia y nada recomendable de todas. Gracias por arruinar mis vacaciones.

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Economy Brussels Airlines MAD - HRG 02/2019

Please Never ever board UIA (Ukraine International Airlines). Respect yourself !

Fist of all : very bad food quality.
Second : The hosts speak english very bad.
Third : They charged me 50 pounds because of my one baggage in return flight, however they did not charge me on my first flight from Tehran to London ! I asked them(in London Gatwick airport from the person whom was responsible) why they had not charged me but they do on second leg? they did not answer me ! plus after my return flight I send an email to their headquarter in kiev and only they respond me the they will take a look at this case and will answer me soon. Now, its been long time(over 3 month) and no response !!

Please never ever board UIA (Ukraine International Airlines). respect yourself !

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Economy Ukraine International Airlines IKA - LGW 12/2018

À big disgrace to morroco

I booked a royal air Maroc flight on december 15 2018 through travelnsave agency to Cameroun on december 24. On the 23rd the agency called me and told me my flight has been cancelled by the airline and that i will get my money refunded within 4 to 5 working days.

Its been more than two months now no money. I each time i call the agency am told the airline has not refunded the money yet. I called royal air morroco to find if its true but no one wants to give me the information. They acknowledge the cancellation and refund but refuse to give me further details that will permit me follow up the agency.

More than two months, the airline and agency are treating me like a ping pong boulet. Its a shame that an airline I use to believe in is playing with their customers with no respect

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Economy Royal Air Maroc LHR - YAO 12/2018

Good flight but poor customer service

The flights were excellent as were the flight attendants. However, this flight was delayed leaving Perth due to pilot illness and I was extremely...

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Economy Qatar Airways PER - YUL 01/2019


Forget this airline. Absolute worst experience, zero care, indifference, pure carelessness, and forced extortion to charge 66 Euros for carry-on...

Economy Ukraine International Airlines YYZ - IKA 01/2019 1 reactions
Don't Fly Ukrainian

Crew stole the laptop bag in flight, very poor customer service and security

Hi Everyone, I had a very bad experience travelling with Oman Air as my laptop bag was stolen in flight on my way back to London. I informed the...

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Economy Oman Air BOM - LHR 01/2019 2 reactions

Their Miles & Bonus scheme is a joke!

Aegean emerged as the sole Greek Airline after Olympic’s dismantle. Prior to this, people got frustrated by the way they were treated the previous...

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Business Aegean Airlines ATH - LHR 01/2019
Loucas A. E.

Airline from another world!

I’ve just returned back from JFK airport where this airline forced my parents to pay extra baggage fees while each has just the number of baggage identified as the international flights information in the booked tickets. Nevertheless, upon trying to discuss with the one in charge and showing him the information received just after booking and assuring that we have never received any update in this regard he refused to solve the issue and even refused to look at the tickets ‘ information. I don’t recommend this airline at all under any circumstances.

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Economy Egyptair JFK - CAI 02/2019
Dr. Salam

Forget the terrible seats and food - the customer service is in a league of it's own awfulness

I can truly say that in my 38 years of life, Transat wins as one worst customer service experiences of my life. I tried to speak to someone at the...

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Economy Air Transat YUL - LGW 12/2018 1 reactions

Professional robbers

I booked a return ticket for my sister by my debit card .While getting the boarding pass,They asked to show authorization letter she did not have in hard copy form , she showed my authorization letter in whatsapp at the counter but they refused to issue boarding pass. And she had to return back home. Even i send the letter via email .
When i contacted their customer care and asked kindly refund the return ticket at least , they told "you been penalized for no show up ".

And thus my about INR 60,000 been looted by them in the name of their policy.

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Economy Jet Airways BOM - LHR 02/2019

LGW to Tunis - not ideal

Limited flight choice to Tunis and even this returned to LHR having departed LGW. Flight cancelled just before 2 week deadline and auto moved to a...

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Economy Tunisair LGW - TUN 01/2019


NEVER FLY RYANAIR!!! I’ll explain why, I was planning a 3 week European vacation for a family of 5 (including myself), I initially chose Ryanair...

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Economy Ryanair LGW - DUB 01/2019

If you want to live, don’t fly Pegasus

Pegasus is by far the worst most disgusting scariest airline We’ve ever flown on. Not only did they delay our flight by 1.5 hr, they didn't even offer a single cup of water on the flight (you had to pay for everything which we didn’t). We went though a series of turbulences where we actually thought we were going to die. The pilot was flying so fast that we were making our last prayers. Didn’t speak on mic to let us know what was happening either. Not a word of comfort or information (on our location) Shame on you Pegasus. Never again. Satan himself wouldn't even feel safe on your flight.

Read more about « If you want to live, don’t... »
Economy Pegasus Airlines PRG - IST 01/2019


I’ll admit I’m an adventurous person, with little fear, I like extreme sports and am open to new crazy things. I have NEVER feared for my life more...

Read more about « A literal NIGHTMARE »
Economy Pegasus Airlines MCT - SXF 01/2019

baggage claim is brutally sliw

traveled round trip Cleveland to Tampa, flight down was on time but Frontier only has 2 gates and planes at gates had maintenance problems. we landed at 3:20 and departed plane at 4:30. Then bags were not delivered to baggage claim until 5:50. On flight home, plane was on time, but again bag claim took 1 hour after we got off plane - horrible. Seemed intentional. Also watch for on line charges- they tried to bill me $20 to check in for return flight for seat on way down, which i paid for and had akready taken flight

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Economy Frontier Airlines TPA - CLE 01/2019


Winair, the company of shame! I travel around the world often and Winair is the worst company I have ever taken. I made two trips from France to St...

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Economy Winair SXM - SBH 11/2018

Nightmare Experience

My husband and I were in Lisbon, Portugal this past summer to celebrate our 30th anniversary. Our departure time was 9am on August 3rd and we were...

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Economy Air Transat LIS - YYZ 08/2018 1 reactions

Lost luggage

I did the check in in Guadeloupe 3 heures in advance. We were few passengers flying. My luggage did not arrive to Dominica. At Melville Hall airport there was a girl with no computer and even with any pen. I had to borrow her my pen for her to note my claim. She even did not care about my tag. I asked her if she was not going to contact the depature airport and she said that she will send them a message. The following day, I succeded to have someone on the phone in the afternoon who told me that she was familiar with my claim!!!!! It is my forth day without my luggage and I do not have any news yet...

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Economy Air Antilles Express PTP - DOM 01/2019

Worst airline customer service ever

On the 30th of November my Luxair flight was 3 Hours delayed which due to the EU passenger regulation (EG) Nr.
261/2004 entitles me to a 250€ compensation. I emailed the customer service and they claim that "the flight was only delayed 2 hrs 59 Minutes" - I was on the plane and it did not leave after 2hours 59 minutes - we were still standing on the ground. I also have pictures proving that we were still on the ground (with time and date) and they still rejected my claim. DON´T FLY LUXAIR - don’t support this corruption I will never fly with Luxair again! Spread the word.

Social media should at least give the power to the people to make this corruption and bad behaviour of a brand public so please share it.

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Economy Luxair TXL - LUX 11/2018

Appalling trip

Our flight BA109 to Dubai. It was delayed that’s understandable. We get on the flight all is ok until my son who’s 6 and autistic, wanted to watch a...

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Economy British Airways LHR - DXB 12/2018

Complete lack of care

We departed on the morning of Dec, 24th from London Southend with slight delay but the captain told us that thanks to favorable winds we would...

Read more about « Complete lack of care »
Economy Air Malta SEN - CTA 12/2018 3 reactions

Beware of booking scam!

Upon checkin we were made to pay 120 EUR because when we booked we hadn't entered our middle names. The charge for this was 60 EUR each!!! Just...

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Economy Blue Panorama Airlines TIA - GOA 12/2018

Amazing flight experience

The aircraft was clean. All of the seats were comfortable and the flight attendants were very friendly. Our flight took off and landed safely without any turbulence.

The only disadvantage (that applies to all Iranian carriers) is that they do not have proper systems for people to book and check-in online, as well as the fact that on short-haul flights other Iranian carriers offer much better food than Iran Air (they offered as some nuts, while on other carriers we were given rice with chicken or kebab as a meal).

Read more about « Amazing flight experience »
Economy Iran Air IFN - SYZ 09/2018

Fly only if there is a huge price difference

To begin, the prices that they show during the Flight Search page on their website are misleading since they do not even include having a cabin bag...

Read more about « Fly only if there is a huge... »
Economy Ryanair ATH - JTR 07/2018


UNITED AIRLINES EMPLOYEE WITH HORRIBLE UNNECESSARY ATTITUDE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE I have never been treated so poorly by an employee. I believe she...

Read more about « UNITED AIRLINES EMPLOYEE... »
Economy United Airlines SJD - LAX 12/2018

AVOID Ryanair!! (Unless urgent and no option

First of all, this airline is not cheap, there is filthy hidden costs that they don't show online when you first see the price. I suggest you choose this airline if only there is urgent trip and you are traveling with one backpack or one handbag (with water and snacks). The most irritating part is this airline deliberately assigns different seats to family member even if you check in the earliest possible time and even if the seats in your row is empty. I haven't seen such filthy practice in any other airline. Their carry on baggage size is smaller than other airline and the charge for checking bag is outrageous and to add to your misery they charge you double the rate when you check in at the counter. Also, better check in online or app, otherwise you pay for checkin at the airport.! If you planning a trip few months ahead, better choose any other airline than this one.

Read more about « AVOID Ryanair!! (Unless... »
Economy Ryanair AMS - AGP 12/2018

Horrible airline!

I am writing this review because i had a bad experience flying with Eurowings, The staff are not helpful , In our flight from Punta Cana that is approximately 9 1/2 hours i asked the flight attendance if she could lent us a blanket and she they do not have blankets , How is that possible not even one in such a long journey is not good service at all, And both of our flight were more than 45 minutes delay ( I was traveling with my for children).

I would never, Ever travel with EUROWINGS ever again and i wouldn't recommended to anyone ever.

Read more about « Horrible airline! »
Economy Eurowings PUJ - MAN 12/2018

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