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Recent reviews

No Compensation for Suitcase After Four and a Half Months (After Delayed and Cancelled Flights)

It has been four and a half months since Egyptair lost my suitcase. Since then, I have not received my suitcase or any compensation. This all happened after my husband and I experienced delayed flights and cancelled flights without any prior communication. In my dealings with Egyptair, my communications have been ignored most of the time. The service I have received from Egyptair throughout my entire experience with them has been extremely poor and very disappointing.

Egyptair eventually came back to me with an offer to pay only 68% of my missing suitcase claim. Except for the things that Egyptair can never pay me back for (the three days of holiday in Rome that we lost and will never get back, my wedding earrings that I took with me on holiday, the sentimental souvenirs of the places we visited), they are not even willing to pay me the full amount of the missing items in my suitcase. Shame on you Egyptair. I will never ever fly with Egyptair again. I would rather pay double the price anywhere else, as you lose a lot more by flying with Egyptair anyway.

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Economy Egyptair FCO - JNB New

Lost my luggage at 13 days now.

Flight was average. Staff were helpful and friendly. End of this direct flight both my and my 2 yo sons suitcase went missing. I am a Pregnant mother with a 2 yo. With no clothing for me or my son, we are going on 13 days now. Few people from Turkish Airlines have been helpful. Vienna airport staff verified the bag was loaded on my flight.

The suitcase was either rerouted and or disappeared into thin air. If they find our suitcase I’ll let you know but it is not looking good for us. Think hard before booking a flight.

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Economy Turkish Airlines VIE - ESB New

Don't do it!

Booked 7 weeks before travel, travel time changed 3 times, last time by e-mail at 18.55 the night before travel.

Air Arabia charged me extra for luggage, as they said it costs extra fuel to carry it. Each time they sent through new flight details, and each time the 30Kg luggage I'd paid extra for in advance disappeared.

The last flight time was too late for me to travel, so I took the early train. Air Arabia have refused to refund me, and refused to refund the extra baggage I paid for, even though the extra luggage didn't fly, so no extra fuel was used.

I couldn't recommend Air Arabia to anyone.

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Economy Air Arabia Maroc FEZ - RAK New
Top flyer

terrible airline

EXTRA charge, bad service, rude crew, bad food, delayed flight, none of the staff were nice, check in staff rude, boring movies, Honorable people and officers at the airports etc

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Economy Pegasus Airlines LHR - IST New
Adam GH

Terrible airline

Rude crew, treated me very rudely and not fairly. I didn't have extra weight and I showed her my medication bag.
She weighted our carry bags and there wasn't any extra weight at all!

The two small carry bags weight was 15 kg only in total for me and my daughter! She said to me rudely you have to pay for 5 kilos or I will let the plane leave without you!

She closed the door and told me I will let the airplane leave without you. She told me rudely throw 5 kilos of your new cloths and I let you go to the plane!

She let us throw our food that we just bought from the airport on the floor that has a 5 kilo as she said!

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Economy Turkish Airlines LHR - IST New
Adam GH

Forcing false immigration rules and regulation to sell return tickets on spot

I was travelling from Delhi to London via Flight KU384 & KU101. I did the booking of one way flight to London. I did the online check in and got the...

Read more about « Forcing false immigration... »
Economy Kuwait Airways DEL - LHR 09/2019

My goods got stolen with Easyjet Airlines

My group of 9 people flew from Rome to Berlin with Easyjet. When we arrived at Berlin one of my big suitcase was not found. I reported to the LOST AND FOUND and Easyjet online and tried to contact them via phone but they were hopeless and very frustrated is all I can say. 3 days later they found my suitcase in broken condition and most of the valuable stuff were stolen. They took no responsibility of my stolen goods. This made me sick when I think about this trip. Never put anything valuable in your suitcase when travel with Easyjet again.

Read more about « My goods got stolen with... »
Economy Easyjet FCO - TXL 07/2019

Delayed flight and missed connecting flight to london

My flight from medina to Jeddah delayed by 20 minutes and there was also 30-40 minutes delay to pick the laggages up. Because laggages wasnt coming...

Read more about « Delayed flight and missed... »
Economy Saudi Arabian Airlines MED - JED 10/2019

Boycott WizzAir and never use them again


Read more about « Boycott WizzAir and never... »
Economy Wizz Air Hungary LTN - PRG More than 2 years

Avoid this company

Vueling doesn't care about customers at all. People at the help desk give you an unbelievable attitude. Here is what happened: My flight was on...

Read more about « Avoid this company »
Economy Vueling Airlines BCN - ARN 10/2019 3 reactions

Horrible Customer Service

Aer Lingus (AL) sold me domestic and international flights to go from Nashville to Shannon, IR and back. The US domestic travel was to be with Jet Blue. AL did not give me a seat assignment for the Jet Blue flight and when I called Jet Blue they told me there were not more seats in the class of service I bought via AL and I would have to pay more. When I contacted AL they told me that was something I would have to work out with Jet Blue. When I tried to cancel my domestic travel with Aer Lingus they told me it would require a $150 change fee (each way!). When I canceled my outbound Jet Blue flight (and paid the $150), I then received an updated receipt and discovered they charged me $150 and didn't refund any of the cost of the flight I canceled. So, they got $150 more from me for even less service which I find offensive at least and possibly criminal.

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Economy Aer Lingus BNA - SNN 10/2019

Didn't allow me and my son to board

I had the most horrible experience with this flight. I was boarded in Antigua on August 9, 2019 with no problems, i expend two weeks in Italy, when i was ready to comeback Antigua on August 23, the ticket agent told me that we (me and my son) cannot board in the flight due to the second name not shown in my ticket. I told her i travel with them to italy how come i can't board when i am a tourist ready to go home, they stated that i needed to purchase a new ticket, imaging how i felt with a child and no money at all to purchase a new flight.

I was disappointed and they didn't care. It was like if i was in a nightmare.

Read more about « Didn't allow me and my son... »
Economy Blue Panorama Airlines MXP - ANU 08/2019
Lilian F.

Terrible costumer service, poor exchange policy

2 of us flying from Riga to St. Petersburg for small mistake on Rushian visa they denied our flight, we have paid 725 euros for 2 tickets. After that we try to find the way to exchange the date, unfortunately air baltic has very Very Very poor costumer service they prefer to steal costumer money rip them off !! Without providing any cervice or understanding what r the right or flexibility to change the date or return tick. I have lost with them 1.250 euro in last 2 months because of that!! My question is why would they have this policies when in Europe every company paying fine you can change your dates ?? Why would they steal peoples money? Terrible service!!!

Read more about « Terrible costumer service... »
Economy Air Baltic RIX - LED 10/2019

Worst airline I've experienced in my life - disorganised, rude and extortionate

Truly shocked by how horrible and stressful the Wizz Air experience was. 1. Check-in queue was 1 hour long and chaotic because they were inefficient...

Read more about « Worst airline I've... »
Economy Wizz Air Hungary BUD - LGW 10/2019 2 reactions
G Duncan

Problematic booking

The total price for one way from YVR to YYC suppose to be $195. At moment I was ready to proceed with payment confirmation the price on my screen changed to $228. I called customer service and listen litany about price increase and high demands on that date. They pretended to look at other dates but came with same inflated price. I new right away they lie and quickly hanged up. In minute I found ticket at Flight Hub for originally desired date for $169. The Easyjet uses crooked tactics. Be aware!

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Economy Easyjet YVR - YYC 10/2019

Flyers Beware!

***Review as per my mom's experience, issue still unresolved***

My father died so I had to book KLM tickets to be used within 24 hours...somehow KLM website reserved/blocked the value of 1 ticket 8 times, leaving us with nothing to spend. My bank said only KLM can reverse these reserved amounts- I contacted KLM customer service and was told to contact my bank.

Again, I am begging KLM to please reverse the reserved amounts in error. This same amount was also reserved 6 times on my husband’s Visa card. Total blocked / reserved amount is €4.584,04 which is part of our spending money to attend the wake and funeral of my father.

Read more about « Flyers Beware! »
Economy KLM Royal Dutch Airlines AMS - MNL 09/2019 1 reactions

No service availability

We were scheduled to fly from Antwerp to Dublin and then on to Toronto. The Antwerp flight was delayed and from then on you realize that Aer Lingus...

Read more about « No service availability »
Economy Aer Lingus DUB - YYZ 09/2019

Never fly with Ukraine Airline. They traumatized me leaving abandoned for 12 hours in the terminal

I made a complaint to Ukraine Airlines on May 30. They were meant to answer in 3 months, but I have not received any response from them despite my...

Read more about « Never fly with Ukraine... »
Economy Ukraine International Airlines EVN - LGW 05/2019


Okay so first of all, all of the emails they sent me for check in and the instructions said to print my boarding pass and I go to print it and it...

Read more about « LITERAL TRASH AIRLINE NEVER... »
Economy Czech Airlines CSA CPH - PRG 09/2019

Unreliable, inconsistent, sloppy

Was booked for a flight to Dublin that was cancelled at the last minute. After providing no reasonable alternative I was forced to take a train to Bristol in order to catch another flight from another airline to make my meeting. When I contacted the airline to ask for a reimbursement, not only was I told "no", but it took them nearly a month to respond to multiple queries.

The carelessness of this airline defies belief. I have dealt with a lack of professionalism from their staff in the past but this demonstrates that the problem is larger than a few dissatisfied flight attendants. I will be avoiding them as much as possible in the future.

Read more about « Unreliable, inconsistent... »
Economy Flybe EXT - DUB 07/2019

200 Euros in hidden charges, including 25 euros to sit next to spouse!

Online booked flight. didn't mention extra charge I was hit with upon submitting my payment (sitting next to my spouse, early cancelation option, luggage...). In the end it cost some 150 euros extra. Return trip day - I had to pay 50 euros to bring my luggage back home, plus they said it was 2 kg overweight - it's 25 Euros more. Also during over a 2 hrs flight you don't even get water or coffee. Everything you want you need to buy. A cold, stale sandwich is 12 euros. Other prices are set accordingly. I will NEVER ever fly with this company again. Generally, be prepared to spend much more than you initially thought if you want to receive things that are included at other airlines (1 piece of luggage, some beverage, snacks. Also be prepared for sitting away from the person you fly with if you don't purchase that option!!!)

Read more about « 200 Euros in hidden charges... »
Economy Vueling Airlines DBV - BCN 09/2019

Very good - No problems at all.

We arrived at Jersey Airport for our return journey to Southampton. I had already booked special assistance for myself with Swissport but then my husband was suddenly taken ill. I was terrified for him but the Special Assistance and other Airport personnel were incredibly helpful and reassuring: nothing was too much trouble. We were both assisted to the plane in wheelchairs, then again upon arrival and through to the taxi rank in Southampton. What could have been a total nightmare turned out to be professionally, efficiently and sensitively handled. Thank you Flybe and Swissport!

Read more about « Very good - No problems at... »
Economy Flybe SOU - JER 09/2019

The worst airline - in all aspects

Before the flight, I couldn't add miles, reserve a seat or a special meal, this feature simply didn't work on their website.
When I got to the airport, I found out that although I paid full (or more than full) I was on standby !! I ended up getting on this horrible flight - where seats are extremely uncomfortable and dense, the aircraft is dirty and smells bad, instead of meal you get a small bottle of water and an inedible sandwich, everything is crowded and noisy, no entertainment program, stewardess wakes you up in order to convince you to buy duty free items... a real flight from hell!!
Upon arrival I discover that my suitcase is broken, my suitcase lock was broken, and a jar of honey that I bought as gift has been opened and not closed back, such that the honey spread everywhere, and therefore not only my gift is gone, but all my suitcase content arrived dirty and sticky!!
I fly a lot, and this is by far the worst experience I ever had!!
It's worse than the worst charter, with very expensive prices and with huge pretense!

Read more about « The worst airline - in all... »
Economy El Al Israel Airlines TLV - GVA 09/2019

substandard customer service- baggage damaged by the ground staff- doesnt want take responsibility

My suitcase has been damaged when it arrives in Semarang due to mishandle by one of the baggage crews, the stitching on the border was teared off...

Read more about « substandard customer... »
Economy Silkair SIN - SRG 08/2019

Worst experience in 30 yrs of travel, hands down

In 30 yrs of international travel, this experience was the worst by far. Their partner airline bumped me off the second leg of the flight due to...

Read more about « Worst experience in 30 yrs... »
Economy Condor (Thomas Cook) PIT - FRA 07/2019

Worst Airline ever

This is by far the worst airline I have ever traveled with in my entire life. My flight was 4 hours late so I missed my connection to Barcelona. I...

Read more about « Worst Airline ever »
Economy Tunisair CAI - BCN 08/2019

Travel Insurance waste of money - Fly Delta!

We bought a flight for an Irish citizen who was unable to make the flight. The insurance we purchased for the flight through Allianz was a waste of money as the insurance company refused to reimburse the flight and suggested we contact Aer Lingus about Travel funds. Of course, you can't call Aer Lingus, you have to fill out a multitude of forms and then no one ever gets back to you, so there's $900 down the drain. We flew 9 Irishmen over to the states to the tune of $9,000 and Aer Lingus couldn't even discuss future travel funds for the 1 who couldn't make it. So be sure to read all 21 pages of the 8 pt type of terms and conditions or better yet...don't buy the travel Insurance and book on Delta.

Read more about « Travel Insurance waste of... »
Economy Aer Lingus DUB - BNA 08/2019

Trying too hard to be a discount airline

Flew between London Gatwick and Washington Dulles with a layover in Dublin on Aer Lingus. Was rebooked on United Airlines for the outbound leg due...

Read more about « Trying too hard to be a... »
Economy Aer Lingus IAD - DUB 08/2019

Horrible Airline!!

TAP cancelled our flight from Faro to Lisbon without notice! They just cancelled and offered No solution or option. We were forced to take a taxi...

Read more about « Horrible Airline!! »
Economy TAP Air Portugal FAO - YYZ 08/2019

Luggage lost and their partner delivering company is awful

Not very confortable, little space for legs, late, flight, assistants very corteus and polite. They lost 1 Luggage, assure us they would have it delivered on Orkney, where we were staying, that it was no problem to deliver on mainland Orkney in stromness. They said they use a very good company, but they use City bags, which have tons of bad reviews on internet, no telephone number to contact. City bags sent us a message it will deliver the luggage on 3 and then on 4 August. Nothing arrives, klm doesn't know so I contacted Cory bags and they said they don't deliver on island, offering no further help. After 2 days of phoning and texting klm, which said they can't do nothing, I managed to get another telephone number and finally one very professional and proactive operator (the first one) managed to solve the situation. 5 days later we were able to collect the baggage at the island Airport (it wasn't delivered to our address, but at this point we were just so happy to get it we didn't insist to have it delivered as they promised).

Read more about « Luggage lost and their... »
Economy KLM Royal Dutch Airlines MXP - INV 08/2019
Stefania M


Flight over on Air Baltic air from London to Riga was ok..no extra bag charges on the way over. No problems really at all other than that they did...

Read more about « MILITANT AWFUL CUSTOMER... »
Economy plus Air Baltic RIX - KEF 08/2019

Do not Travel

I am writing this review with a very disappointment. Today (09/08/2019 Saturady) morning my wife supposed to travel from Jeddah to Kochi. But due to...

Read more about « Do not Travel »
Economy Saudi Arabian Airlines JED - KCZ 08/2019

Wizz Air Check In Scam

I’ve just returned from Ohrid to Luton having been charged 35euro each for my family of 5 because I checked in at the airport. On the outbound...

Read more about « Wizz Air Check In Scam »
Economy Wizz Air Hungary OHD - LTN 08/2019

Nightmare trip

@klm A Year long preparation for one of the hardest one day bicycle tours in the world, all for nothing. When I opened my bike bag in Trondheim...

Read more about « Nightmare trip »
Economy KLM Royal Dutch Airlines AMS - TRD 06/2019


We were boarded on the plane and did not move for a whole hour until we were given the OK for take off, which was an added hour on a flight already...

Read more about « DANGEROUS - AVOID! »
Economy Jet2.com STN - LCA 07/2019 2 reactions

Rude and never taking it again

Royal air Maroc lost my luggage it had been 7 days now and they haven’t contacted me to tell me where my luggage is, every time I call them I get the same rude response saying “we cannot do anything it isn’t our job” “we can’t find your luggage call us in 2days” this is a joke how isn’t it your job, it’s because of you I lost my luggage, they are a joke, rude and have no respect for their job I AM NEVER flying with Royal air Maroc and you shouldn’t too unless you want to have stress during your holidays. I have no self respect for them

Read more about « Rude and never taking it again »
Economy Royal Air Maroc CMN - LIS 07/2019

Worst airline - customer service zero

On Wed 25 July I arrived at Luton airport. My boarding card barcode wouldn’t work. (I had booked a seat and priority boarding). I had to go to...

Read more about « Worst airline - customer... »
Economy Wizz Air Hungary LTN - GDN 07/2019

Horrible Experience!

I am really displeased with the way Czech Airlines mismanaged my flight today and denied me a seat I had booked and paid for almost a month ago.
I had my boarding pass in hand and just before my amazed eyes, I was asked very rudely to step aside while two other passengers were given way and let on the plane. My calls for help - and later cries of frustration - got nowhere. Instead I was asked to take a flight the next day! I tried to explain that I had to be at work the next day to no avail.
The people from your airlines kept me waiting for almost two hours before sending me to the residence next to airport with food vouchers!

I am now feeling desperate and upset and experiencing serious panic attacks as I am not sure what is going to happen tomorrow. It seems to me that I have been trapped here in Prague and there is absolutely nothing I can do.
Who is going to compensate for all the emotional distress and professional as well as financial loss I am bearing?

Read more about « Horrible Experience! »
Economy Czech Airlines CSA PRG - ARN 07/2019

easyJet worst Customer service I have every experienced

My plane was diverted from Basel to Zurich. This was not the fault of easyJet. Nor would I give them a bad review for that kind of problem. It is...

Read more about « easyJet worst Customer... »
Economy Easyjet PRG - MLH 07/2019 1 reactions


UIA is the worst airline you will ever come across to. I was trying to fly back home from Kiev to New York City after a two week visitation. I was HARASSED & DEMANDED TO PAY 300EUROS AT TIME OF BOARDING THE PLANE FOR NO REASON!! I refused to pay since the gate agents couldn't tell me the reason for what I had to pay!! So they didnt like it & I got DENIED to FLY!! My mom who was traveling with me as well got DENIED to fly for NO REASON at all! I submitted a complaint form. I got a response stating their rules laws of which I hadn't broken any!!! They trying to cover up their UNLAWFULNES!! I tried to get compensation for the money I lost for purchasing new tickets,but justice with UIA is NOT found! I decided to post my story on facebook.. & guess what?! They kept deleting it.. after reposting it 5 times I am trying to get my story out other ways! Tell EVERYONE you know to STAY AWAY!! Save yourself your money,time,& stress!!

Read more about « BEWARE!! WORST AIRLINE EVER... »
Economy Ukraine International Airlines KBP - JFK 05/2019

Never ever again

Checking online kept crashing so it probably took me 4 times as long to check in my whole group.
Flight on my way back cancelled in advance so we had to accept another flight landing to another airport. Getting reimbursement from Air Malta is impossible, so many forms to fill and sign by my friends as well , although I am the one who paid for the cab to take us back where we should have landed ! Uneccessary bureaucracy !!!
No sandwiches or wine left to buy onboard with a flight leaving mid morning and landing after 2pm.
Crew miserable, cold and unhelpful. Never, ever again will I fly with Air Malta or go to Malta. Same for my friends !

Read more about « Never ever again »
Economy Air Malta MLK - LGW 05/2019

Royal Jordanian Airline Is The Worst Airline EVER!!

Hi I am a paraplegic and had a trip out of the country on June 2. Royal Jordanian Airline misplaced my wheelchair on the way flying to my...

Read more about « Royal Jordanian Airline Is... »
Economy Royal Jordanian AUS - TLV 06/2019

Jewelry and Presciptions stolen

At our layover in Brussels, a Brussels employee asked to take one of our carry on bags and insist it be changed to a "check in" bag. Not a problem at all - they have the right to do this.

But the Brussels Airline employee would not let us remove anything from the bag before checking it in. Upon arrival at final destination, we discovered all jewelry and crucial prescription drugs had been stolen from the bag. Brussels Airlines customer service (our report number was 1907-SN-03785) said that this was our fault for not removing any valuable items from the bag, even though we were not allowed to do this. I guess we were supposed to try to physically overpower the Brussels employee that took our bag?

Read more about « Jewelry and Presciptions... »
Economy Brussels Airlines IAD - EBB 06/2019


Seriously the worst airline in the entire world!! They didn't only cancelled my flight from Moscow 2 months ago, but they didn't tell me about it!!!! No email, no call, nothing!!!! They didn't care about me overstaying my visa because of the cancelled flight and I had to chase it and PAY for it!!!! Then when I got eventually to Warsaw I have asked 3 times!!!!! if they will handle my luggage. I was told, definitely yes, because it's a connecting flight. Then I come to Kosice and of course my luggage is lost!!!!!!! I flew with them for the very first time in my life and I will never fly with them ever again and will make sure my friends, family, and followers won't either. They're just the worst and the most unreliable airline I have ever flown with!!!!

Read more about « THE WORST AIRLINE EVER!!! »
Economy LOT Polish Airlines SVO - KSC 07/2019

Worst Experience ever

Worst experience ever, very bad and inexperienced staff, they made us pay for our extra baggage for a second time knowing that we have already paid for them, we couldn't do anything because they kept denying and we didn't want to miss our plane and have to stay in this horrible city for any other day. In addition, they gave us seats 9 rows far from each other! The airplane was overloaded, it was really not a safe flight and we didn't even find a place to put our handbag; the food is very disgusting, we couldn't eat it. And I also have to mention that it was delayed in both ways for minimum 40 minutes. In conclusion, it's surely the worst airline you may ever fly with.

Read more about « Worst Experience ever »
Economy Tarom OTP - BEY 07/2019

Money-grabbing baggage "policy"

I've travelled several times with Flybe before and used the SAME small hand luggage suitcase each time and I never had a problem going through all...

Read more about « Money-grabbing baggage... »
Economy Flybe SOU - DUS 06/2019



Read more about « WORST AIRLINE PERIOD »
Economy Flybe MAN - CDG 07/2019

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