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Recent reviews

Lost baggage and refused refund after death certificate supplied

I flew from Heathrow to Larnaca and back in October 2017. On my return Aegean airline lost my luggage. I waited four weeks before I had to chase...

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Economy Aegean Airlines LHR - LCA New

Do not trust in this Airline they will fraud you

احذروا من الطيران السيلاني المخادع لقد حجزت عليه رحلة من بانكوك للكويت و يتخللها ترانزيت ١٩ ساعة و عندما وصلت كولومبو انا و عائلتي اتجهت لكونتر...

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Business Srilankan Airlines BKK - KWI 01/2018

Delays, lost / damaged luggage, terrible customer service

I am amazed at the poor service we received through our entire interaction with this airline. From delayed flights - we were stuck in the plane on...

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Economy Brussels Airlines BLL - VIE 11/2017
Andrew M.


NEVER FLY BRUSSLES AIRLINES. Lost my brother and my luggage for 6 days I’m Israel. Apparently left it at our original takeoff point in New York. Terrible delayes on the flights. I filed a claim to get reimbursed for essentials purchased while our luggage was lost. Customer relations department only responds over email apparently, no phone calls. Feeling like the money will never be reimbursed. Other friends suitcases had the wheels broken off, luggage tags stolen, and one suitcase was so damaged it wouldn’t zip closed and must have traveled half open the whole way home! When returning home, asked the flight attendant at the check in desk what they could do to insure our bags wouldn’t get lost again. They looked at us and said “would it really be that bad if you bag gets lost for a few days?” EXCUSE ME, you lose your bag for 6 days by an airline that clearly doesn’t care, and see how you feel. I will never fly, nor let anyone I know fly Brussles Airlines ever again.

Read more about « LOST LUGGAGE, DELAYS, NO... »
Economy Brussels Airlines JFK - TLV 01/2018


This airline is hands down...THE WORST AIRLINE IN HISTORY! Customer service people are rude and obviously hate their jobs. The planes are old, outdated, and filthy with hair, and food stains. In flight entertainment was average but on our return flight our entire row didn't have working tvs. Flight attendants are dismissive and act pissed when you ask for a simple request like "a bottle of water." They lost our baby's stroller and this was 1 month ago...still nothing. Kept calling and was told "there is no update, call back." One month later,,,still no stroller. Finally was told I could file a claim...get this..."It takes 30-90 days just to process!" DO NOT FLY THIS AIRLINE!!!

Read more about « DO NOT FLY THIS AIRLINE!!! »
Economy Royal Air Maroc LOS - JFK 01/2018

Do not book

I would not recommend anyone booking a flight with this airline...... ever. Two weeks ago, I had a flight leaving from JFK to CDG on Sunday night. When I got to the airport, there was no one from XL airways there. Over 150 passengers were waiting for a flight that never arrived. The worst part is that I tried getting in touch with the airline in New York and in France and there was no answer. The airline did not even have the decency to send me an email or text that there was no flight. The first time I heard from the airline was Tuesday night informing me that my flight will be leaving Thursday afternoon. It was so unprofessional and honestly appalling. The airline did not value any of the people’s time and did not even care to correspond with passengers until two days later. In addition, I lost money on a flight that I had leaving from Paris to another country.

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Economy XL Airways France JFK - CDG 01/2018 3 reactions

The worst airplane company, destroyed my vacations and do not sustain the costs they have caused me.

The worst airplane company, that not only destroyed our vacations but also is unfair and do not sustain the cost they cause to people. I have been...

Read more about « The worst airplane company... »
Economy Air Baltic MXP - TLV 12/2017

Worst flight so far - Extreme cold in the airplane.

I've never been so cold on a flight before. I was wearing boots, winter jacket and a scarf, and I was freezing, especially my leggs. There was ICE...

Read more about « Worst flight so far -... »
Economy transavia EIN - AGP 01/2018
Adam S.

Delayed flight from Brussels for twenty four hours

We were delayed in Brussels for twenty four hours on a flight to Ghana. We were informed by Brussels airlines that Africans will not be given accommodation and we were shown a cold room for all Africans to spend the night on trolleys. Trolleys were put out for all females and males in one large room. The customer service was extremely poor. European and British citizens were taken to hotel rooms but not African Customers. I will leave you to judge for yourself. How would one class such discrimination. I was very ill with flu like symptoms having to spend two days of travelling time waiting to get to my destination. I will never travel with Brussels Airlines.

Read more about « Delayed flight from Brussels... »
Economy Brussels Airlines LHR - ACC 01/2018 1 reactions

6 Hours of Torture

The company is positioning itself as a ''Low Price'' Airline which is simply inaccurate. Pricing is actually going neck in neck with the pricing offered by Star Alliance, One World or Skyteam.
Unlike the alliance companies, Air Baltic will ''Nickel and Dime'' you for everything.
At the 6 hour intercontinental flight You will pay for Check in, Ticketing, Seat choice, Water, Meal Etc... Other companies in that price range build it all in the price.
They claim to have the most modern fleet. Well, they just forgot to mention that they equipped that modern fleet with seats which are equally comfortable as a pile of Rocks. There is no option of headrest, which would make laying down on the concrete floor for 6+ hours more enjoyable than a flight with Air Baltic.
Very Low Standard.
In no option situation the carrier is flyable but otherwise I'm always looking some other direction for my flying needs. There are plenty of companies that will treat you as they would actually like to see you back on the board. Air Baltic is very good at creating that opposite feeling.

Read more about « 6 Hours of Torture »
Economy Air Baltic AUH - RIX 01/2018


Flight ux0091 was direct and supposed to land in JFK but instead the flight landed in BOS. We then sat on the runway for 4 HOURS until we pulled...

Read more about « NEVER FLY ON THIS AIRLINE »
Economy Air Europa Líneas Aéreas MAD - JFK 01/2018

quality down, passengers treated as cattle, flight TS 2131-13Jan2017

Like hell ! We woke up by 6am to be ready for 11am flight. Verified early in the morning if flight is on time . It was on time . Drove calmly back...

Read more about « quality down, passengers... »
Economy Air Transat YYZ - FLL 01/2018

Baggage Lost during stop over in Casablanca

The flight left 1 hr in delay, don't know much if due to airline or airport. The thing is that my luggage never made to the final destination, it...

Read more about « Baggage Lost during stop... »
Economy Royal Air Maroc FCO - CMN 12/2017

Perfect as usual

Good plane, with excellent crew
the quality of food and the available options are great in light of ticket price
check-in departure and landing on time "as usual with egyptair"

Read more about « Perfect as usual »
Economy Egyptair FRA - CAI 12/2017

Never Again

My family and I used Jet Airways to fly round trip from Toronto to Amsterdam.
We choose them because of the price, but even considering that, it wasn't good experience. The plain itself need some upgrade and serious cleaning, the service is careless, horrible food, entertainment ok if you like Bollywood movies.
On the way back our luggage didn't make on time and it was delivered later. Three out of four bags were damaged.
After multiple phone calls, I finally was directed to the right person. I was asked to sent pictures. Over two weeks I was asked to send them again (they couldn't locate them). After two months of leaving unanswered messages and emails, I gave up. We were not refunded or even apologized for the loss.

Read more about « Never Again »
Economy Jet Airways YYZ - AMS 12/2016

Worst experience

I was travelling after vocation from delhi to detroit (usa) from delhi i need to travel in air india till dubai from there i have a different...

Read more about « Worst experience »
Economy Air India DEL - DTW 01/2017

bad service experience

Corsair canceled the original flight date and moved it by 2 days. They did not notify us by phone or email. According to the EU Regulation, the absence of a two-week advance notice of cancellation / transfer will result in compensation. Our only answer to our complaint is that they "can not take it into account" and that's all, without any explanation why they did not send information about the cancellation or confirmation that they were trying to do so.

Read more about « bad service experience »
Economy Corsair ORY - HAV 11/2017

Most horrible airline ever

We (me, my husband and our 11 month old baby) were flying Gulf Air from Dubai via Bahrain on the 1st of Jan 2018. Our flight from Dubai to Bahrain...

Read more about « Most horrible airline ever »
Economy Gulf Air DXB - BOM 01/2018 2 reactions

8 hours delayed just 10$ compensation

Jet star asia informed us 3hours prior to départure that the flight is delayed...just before the check inn should open. We have 8h delayed as the aircraft is coming from singapore. No compensation just 10$ for refrshment. That the first time and last time that I booked with them for sure, i will definetly book next time with a regular airline in order to not face anymore this situation, 8h is really huge, in addition it was my connecting flight, so I stayed at the airport without sleeping..because your connection flight was supposed to take off at 6am and not at 2pm. It’s a shame that European regulations do not apply internationally. With 8h delayed, at least we get full refund of the ticket.

Read more about « 8 hours delayed just 10$... »
Economy Jetstar Asia DRW - SIN 12/2017

Company of thieves

Gulf Air is the worst company ever! After Gulf air have announced that they will stop flying to and from Qatar I start trying to get a refund for my...

Read more about « Company of thieves »
Economy Gulf Air BAH - DXB 12/2017

Flight delayed 4 hours because they decided to wait for other delayed connecting flights

On December 23rd we took the flight EY424 Abu Dhabi - Manila. Schedulled at 3 am, it departed 7am instead. The boarding started late (scheduled 2am...

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Reply from the airline
Economy Etihad Airways AUH - MNL 12/2017 2 reactions


Terrible customer service - my jacket was damaged on the aircraft (chewing gum on the arm rest) and the flight was full so my carry on suitcase had to sit between my legs for the duration of the flight. I originally sent my complaint through their website, but after submitting the form numerous times, I never received a reply or acknowledgement. When I sent my complaint to their CEO Bernard Gustin, his office (An Gysen, Team leader) actually replied and offered to pay compensation for the jacket and asked me to forward my bank details. Since then (seven days) nothing more. No more messages and no more replies to my emails.
Brussels Airline have no concept of customer service at their head office and it really lets the other ares of their business down

Read more about « DIRTY CABINS AND TERRIBLE... »
Economy Brussels Airlines TLV - EDI 11/2017

Horrendous Flight

Never mind the restricted baggage policy, I'm more concerned about the Q400 itself. It feels like bolsa wood flying against a hurricane. We had...

Read more about « Horrendous Flight »
Economy Flybe SOU - DUS 12/2017

very bad airline on practically everything!

I was on Garuda flight from Jakarta to Amsterdam in September 2017. I was very disappointed and appalled for the following reasons: 1. Before...

Read more about « very bad airline on... »
Business Garuda Indonesia CGK - AMS 09/2017

Southwest Airlines - The KING of LOST BAGS

Southwest Airlines lost not 1 but 2 of our checked bags out of 4 (my bag and my mother- in- law's bag) with 4 paid passengers with a checked bag for...

Read more about « Southwest Airlines - The... »
Economy Southwest Airlines OAK - DFW 10/2017


6hr delay due to apparently technical problems but I am note sure what to believe with this outfit. Too much to share on the catalogue of subsequent issues. Showed up Flybe for what they really are, a shambles with a total disinterest in there passengers and concerning maintenance of their aircraft

Aircraft appear dated. Seating is 2 x 2 which is good
No entertainment apart from watching the aircrew performance
Food - 2nd customer to be asked following start of service and no sandwiches.
Plane was cold in both direction - probably saving money on the heating or it probably broke like a lot of other things seemed
Captains info - minimal but no problem prefer them to concentrate on flying plane and getting where we are going safe and efficiently
Check In in Prague was a complete joke. - Ground staff poor
Flight attendants - poor.

Read more about « Avoid »
Economy Flybe PRG - SEN 12/2017

Cancelled Flights

I had booked a holiday for two to Berlin for sightseeing and to see the Christmas markets.
Our flight, BE4421, was to leave Doncaster/Sheffield on Monday, 04/12/2017 at 18:30.
At approx, 13:00 that afternoon we received news that my mother-in-law had a stroke. Obviously, we went to the hospital and missed the flight.
At 00:18 on Tuesday 05/12/2017 I received an email informing me that both flights had been cancelled, return flight BE4422 on Monday 11/12/2017,
I was told that Flybe automatically cancel all flights if you're a no-show for any flight. I was also informed that I was due no refund.
I wonder how much Flybe got for the seats I had already paid for the return journey?

My mother-in-law is doing ok!

Read more about « Cancelled Flights »
Economy Flybe DSA - TXL 12/2017 1 reactions

Air France do not care about their customers

Air France cancelled my first flight, then the replacement flight was delayed, resulting in a missed flight, an 8 hour wait at the airport and an extra stopover in Korea. It took 27 hours to reach my destination and I received NO form of compensation. What's more, there was no bus to rush us to our flight after the delay like other connecting flights got - the cabin crew just told us to hurry so we ran through one of the biggest airports in the world with luggage, only to be told that there was no way we would have got on. In fact, after complaining they sent me 2 generic emails that were exactly the same saying there was nothing that they could do. I will NEVER be flying Air France again and would urge others not to either. They treat their customers so badly and just don't care when something goes wrong, which apparently happens a lot judging by all the bad reviews I'm now reading online.

Read more about « Air France do not care about... »
Economy Air France LHR - KIX 10/2017

Stay away from Wizz Air if you can!

The service is terrible, the staff are rude and the customer service is appalling! They are very stringent with the rules and do not care about the customers at all. I have seen them preying on customers to get more money by measuring and weighing customers bags to the gram/mm.

They have absolutely no compassion either, if you need to change or cancel your flight because a direct family member has died, or been taken to hospital, or if you have had a family emergency preventing you from keeping your reservation they will still charge you to cancel it or change it, they will not even allow you credit to use later. There is no such thing as 'consideration of special circumstances' with this company despite their website saying there is. The Wizz air attitude is that the Customer comes last. I say again, do not use Wizz Air unless you have no other option!

Read more about « Stay away from Wizz Air if... »
Economy Wizz Air Hungary BHX - WAW 08/2017
Basia Badek

TERRIBLE AIRLINE. Chhose other airines

I went on a week vacation from the us. Landed in Paris, took a flight to Madrid and had the worst experience ever with this airline. First off, staff is very rude, they lost my luggage i spent half of my vacation going back to the airport because they found the luggage separately in different days, spent money on taxis to go to the airport to pick up the luggege twice and when i was there they would make me feel that it was my fault. They are absolutely rude in both airports. Paris and Madrid. I will never fly this airline or any airline affiliated with it, such as KLM or Delta because they are probably just as horrible. There was literally a line of at least 25 people with the same issue. Dont say i didnt warn you.

Read more about « TERRIBLE AIRLINE. Chhose... »
Economy Air France CDG - MAD 11/2017
Arturo Bandera

Never again

The check in was very efficient and staff were great! The flight was smooth and attendants efficient. Leg room was almost non-existent for anyone more than 150cm tall. The seats were taken from a Medieval Torturer's handbook; the food was almost inedible! In fact, after three legs of flight with Silkair (Cairns-Singapore-Da Nang - Singapore) I rejected the offer of any further food. I will never fly with Silkair again even though that means that I will need to travel by train for a distance of over 1500km to get to the next International Terminal. And, yes, the pilots also need to learn that they really do NOT need to slam the plane down onto the runway when there is no crosswind, turbulence etc.

Read more about « Never again »
Economy Silkair SIN - CNS 11/2017
Ian C

Avoid at all costs. Terrible airline with no accountability.

Flights was 12 hours late due to their rickety old airplane being deemed unfit to fly. That's just the way it is, they said. Backstory: Needed to...

Read more about « Avoid at all costs. Terrible... »
Economy Belavia IEV - LED 08/2017

MEA is failure

REVIEW 11 November 2017 Timeframe: 7:23 AM – 4:00 PM Pacific time I am a US Navy Sailor and I am not authorized to travel to Lebanon due to mission...

Read more about « MEA is failure »
Economy Middle East Airlines BEY - LHR 11/2017 1 reactions

THOMAS COOK, a transatlantic version of RyanAir

I have flown across the Atlantic on countless occasions, from the days of Freddie Laker, Pam Am, Monarch etc., to more recent credible airlines, such as Virgin, BA and recently Thomson’s, and must say my flight with Thomas Cook was by far and away the worst I have ever experienced.

A total of over three hours of delays, no apologies, no consideration.

Rude staff, poor food, charges for every little item, £5 for a coffee or a warm beer, no offering of water, completely contradictory to medical advice not to allow dehydration on board a plane, £3 for headphones, an extra £5 for entertainment, no rear seat screens, you are told to download an App to your device but no charging points provided. The Thomas Cook Clone "airtanker" from Manchester must be the most dated plane flying the Atlantic.

Food was very poor and the only beverage was a tiny cup of coffee or cold tea.

Paid extra for legroom but couldn't use the overhead locker because the crew were using it

Avoid this airline at all costs, rubbish service.

Read more about « THOMAS COOK, a transatlantic... »
Economy Thomas Cook Airlines MAN - MCO 09/2017

Didn't even get the chance to fly!

We booked flights to Jamaica on the day they were first advertised by Virgin (11 months before departure). The tickets were non refundable and we're tied to school holidays, so we also went ahead and booked our hotels (non refundable). All sorted and 10 months to look forward to our big family holiday.

Then on 18th Oct 17, Virgin cancelled our flights (no reason given). We were not offered alternate flights on the same day with other airlines. They just offered us Economy flights leaving a day later and getting back 2 days earlier (meant losing 3 days out of 14). So we had to request a refund and rebook on another airline - cost increase of 50% on original fare. And to top it off, 3 weeks later and Virgin are still holding onto our ("loan") money that they have enjoyed, interest free, for the last 6 months!! These guys are no different to Ryanair.

It seems incomprehensible that consumer contracts with the airline does not offer any protection from this sort of behaviour. How is that we are not able to cancel or change anything once we book but they can do what they like?

Read more about « Didn't even get the chance... »
Business Virgin Atlantic Airways LGW - MBJ 10/2017

What customer service

We have not yet even flown with Alitalia but experience so far has been very poor indeed. We had been warned about the airline but we had no choice...

Read more about « What customer service »
Economy Alitalia LHR - SCL 11/2017

No response for almost four months

My flight NY-Kyiv was delayed in last moment with no explanation. I had to find hotel in NY City in the middle of the night. It cost me $220. I wrote to UIA customer service twice asking for refund, but didn't get any response at all during almost four months. I tried to call to this company, but their associate told me they don't discuss any problems over the phone. They can do it only online and it takes up to 90 days. She confirmed that they got my letter and asked me to wait a few days for response. But I never heard anything back from this company. It was the worst service I ever had, and I will never use this company again.

Read more about « No response for almost four... »
Economy Ukraine International Airlines JFK - KBP 07/2017

Terrible customer service

In general, the crew is unhelpful and relatively unfriendly, but the worst part was when we checked in at the airport. They let us wait 35 minutes without giving us much information what is going on. Every time we asked we got an unfriendly "please wait for 5 minutes" without any further information. While standing there they ignored us and kept gossiping about previous customers to each other. I doubt someone from the airline reads this (otherwise I guess they would have improved given the bad feedback here), the name tags of the staff were Sapna and Neeru. In the end, we found out that they ran out of space in economy and they went out of their way to make sure we did not get upgraded and it took them so long to find premium members to upgrade.

Read more about « Terrible customer service »
Economy Jet Airways DEL - LHR 10/2017


Completely disappointed with Wizz Air Hungary! September 27, 2017, Bucharest airport, Wizz Air flight # W6 3494, flight confirmation code M8FQ2M. My...

Economy Wizz Air Hungary OTP - CLJ 09/2017

My flight was cancelled.

I booked our holiday a few months ago and each of us was looking forward to this trip. When we arrived to the airport everything was fine.After some...

Read more about « My flight was cancelled. »
Economy Easyjet GLA - PMI 10/2017

Robbed by United Airlines

We first informed United Airlines via email on September 13th, several weeks before we were to embark on our journey with regards to changing one...

Read more about « Robbed by United Airlines »
Economy United Airlines TPE - SFO 10/2017

Pegasus Airlines has appalling customer service and I would not recommend them.

After booking a flight for 2 passengers I realised that I had input a surname incorrectly. After searching the Pegasus website trying to find how to...

Read more about « Pegasus Airlines has... »
Economy Pegasus Airlines BJV - STN 09/2017 1 reactions

Do not fly with this airline - unfriendly customer service

I had a flight today from Bangkok to Ranong. I am fully aware that I booked a low-class ticket. However, at that night there was heavy rain in...

Read more about « Do not fly with this airline... »
Economy Nok Air DMK - UNN 10/2017

Terrible airline - flights are delayed with no real reason.

Our flight was significantly delayed because of "weather conditions at the destination airport". Well, I checked the arrivals in our destination airport and figured that there were at least 5 other airlines landing at the same time with no issues. Only our flight was delayed, because (as I guess) they put a small plane that cannot tolerate any deviations in weather.
The Belavia manager at the airport was absolutely unhelpful and even didn't try to solve this situation. In conclusion I really advise to never fly with Belavia.

Read more about « Terrible airline - flights... »
Economy Belavia MSQ - KGD 10/2017

Total scam!!! Never again!!

The airline's way of making money is by making you pay a120€ fine (60€ each way) for not writing your middle while booking your flight, even thought the option was never given during the booking! After going on Tripadvisor I realised that hundreds of people got cheated the same way!! It's nothing less than organised crime and nothing is being done to stop it!!!
It ended up costing me twice as much as flying with a decent airline!!! So this was the first and the last time I ever fly with them!

Read more about « Total scam!!! Never again!! »
Economy Blue Panorama Airlines TIA - FCO 10/2017


In July 2017 myself, my wife and 2 children aged 1 and 3 travelled to Mauritius. As a regular kestrel Flyer, I expected better treatment and better...

Read more about « THINK TWICE. DO NOT BOOK... »
Economy Air Mauritius LHR - MRU 07/2017

Don't fly TAP

Worst service I've ever experienced! First the flight was overbooked, then they offer money (a credit card) and a new flight for the next day...

Read more about « Don't fly TAP »
Economy TAP Air Portugal LIS - LHR 10/2017
Catarina Schedel

Aggravating! Atrocious.! An airline that blatantly does not care about its passengers.

No Condor check in agents at YVR, only substitute agents freelancing from other airlines like Mexico airlines. Agents do their best to appease desperate passengers being told flight is overbooked. Wheelchair bound passengers helpless left at their own .No assistance available. Condor has not registered their request and provided for assistance. Plane delayed at gate and on tarmak. Missed connection in Frankfurt. Crappy food served. Attempts to communicate with Condor by email and phone unsuccessful. No customer service.
On the positive side: toilets, so the smallest ever seen, had sufficient paper towels.

Recommendation: avoid whenever possible.

Read more about « Aggravating! Atrocious.! An... »
Economy Condor (Thomas Cook) YVR - FRA 10/2017

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