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Recent reviews

Great plane, but lousy Customer Service

Good quality planes but a company policy that doesn't care about Customer Service.

Emirates airlines are really good in Window dressing when it comes to their Customer Service. At first sight it looks like they're really value their (loyal) customers but unfortunately in reality they don't live up to the expectations they promise to the world.

I've been flying with Emirates many times before and also reached their Silver Member Status so you can call me experienced when it comes to this airline. The plane itself, the seats and the food provided are OK.

Only when it comes to how they treat their (loyal) customers it becomes a complete different story. Once you've ordered and paid for your ticket they loose their complete interest in you as a customer. They treat you like a number and the only feedback you get are the lines that were written out in their "Customer" scripts.

This resulted for me to the (unfortunate) decision to use the Emirates services in the future and look for other airlines which provide proper Customer Service

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Economy Emirates AMS - BKK New
Frank V.

Really really bad service

Delay of 2,5 hours - No notice! No compensation, not even a recognition of the issue.

No free meals, drinks or snacks on board and no use of credit card for buying refreshments.

I have anxiety of flying and I have never felt so unsafe and scared onboard a flight. The flight attendants stayed behind the curtains for 1 hour after take-off, so they couldn't reassure me (and other nervous passengers).

We couldn't hear the messages from the Captain, only a few words here and there.

We detected smell of smoke 4-5 times, maybe the crew smoking?

I will never fly with this airline again.

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Economy Tailwind Airlines AYT - HAM New

Perfect fly

I'm very satisfied about my flight with Volotea from Cagliari (Sardinia) to Catania (Sicily). Hostess and stewards was very polite stylish, the...

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Economy Volotea CAG - CTA New
Rosario L.

Never again !

On the 28th of August I have flown with Brussels Airlines from Brussels to Manchester, UK. The flight it self was good. Friendly crew and clean...

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Economy Brussels Airlines BRU - MAN New 1 reactions

One of the Best Airline

I love Swiss Airlines!

Boarding was fast and easy. The seats are comfortable and take off relaxed, had ample leg room on a normal seat.

Drinks and snacks were served immediately once everybody was the plane. But, I booked my flight tickets from Voyages Booth, that helped me in quickly flight reservation.

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Economy Swiss ECN - JFK 03/2016

A nice flight to Athens

My flight from Mitilene to Athens was generally very nice.

We enjoined a lot.

Landing and take off very smooth as well as staff attendants.

Seats mechanism in good order but not any soft drink offered.

No any entertainment available during flight.

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Economy Volotea MJT - ATH 09/2016

No more garuda

What can I say my flight was terrible AVOD wasn't work during all flight.

I had problems with check in in Singapore, staff was rude speaking in their language.

My partner always reserve seat by the window and they gave us seat in the middle ! And don't want change a seat because flight was "full" but it wasn't.

Then I ask to speak with supervisor and he done our case in 1 minute ! But that was only begin of our problems but this is a long story.

I wrote complain but they only say apologize and they replay to me AVOD was working on flight ...
Probably about 30 seat don't have tv so and they tried to told me everything was ok.

Read more about « No more garuda »
Economy Garuda Indonesia SIN - LHR 09/2016
Anna B.


It was a standard regular flight by Ukraine International Airlines.

The seats were comfortable enough. Though leg room was not so sufficient.

No special entertainment onboard.

They offered three types (chicken/cheese/salmon) of panini, three or four types of juices, some other small snacks. Landing and take off were good and undisturbing.

Staff was friendly enough. It was an enjoyable flight.

Read more about « Good. »
Economy Ukraine International Airlines KBP - TLV 10/2016

How to keep family united

I find Volotea a good company. I often flight with Volotea to visit my husband in Turin.

Prices are cheap, seats confortable and the crew very kind.

Read more about « How to keep family united »
Economy Volotea PMO - TRN 09/2016
Loredana F.

Nice flight to Pantelleria

Time schedule on time, flight quality good, good confort inside the plane specially the leg room.

Staff professional edge.

Ground staff sympathetic and polite.

Read more about « Nice flight to Pantelleria »
Economy Volotea VCE - PNL 09/2016

A Dramatic Experience

I flew from Paris to Singapore via Zurich on 11 September LX645 leaving 2045. I had checked in online prior within 24 hours and chose window seats...

Read more about « A Dramatic Experience »
Economy Swiss CDG - SIN 09/2016

Oh No! (Air) Canada!

We have flown all over the world. We've flown on third-world country airlines. After our recent, and certainly last, encounter with Air Canada both...

Read more about « Oh No! (Air) Canada! »
Economy Air Canada BNA - LGW 09/2016

Perfect flight and arrival before schedule

Usual nice trip, perfect time on departure and arrival before scheduled time.

Personnel on board kind and useful.

Leg room could be better but this is the usual situation in most low cost companies.

Temperature on board excellent and messages from the captain were clear and understandable.

Check in and boarding very easy.

Also administration highly cooperative.So I would
higly reccomend to fly Volotea.

Read more about « Perfect flight and arrival... »
Economy Volotea NAP - PMO 09/2016

Nothing more than perfect

I arrive in time in Nantes airport. With the online check in and just a small piece of luggage I have nothing to do. The boarding was smooth and the flight was 10 minutes less than the schedule time.

People on board were cool. My seat was confortable...

Read more about « Nothing more than perfect »
Economy Volotea NTE - VLC 09/2016

Never ever

After selling a lot of tickets for very low price they cancelled all their flights in October and let us know 20 days before departure.

Not answering on e-mails, unprofessional.

Read more about « Never ever »
Economy Volotea SPU - BOD 08/2016

6h delay, no info

Flight itself was more or less for a low cost, except that there is only 1 type of sandwich (tuna) available, and it tastes like cardboard.

The flight however was delayed by 6 hours, and this decision was taken around midnight.

The problem is that the passengers where only advised by e-mail and not with an SMS !

I was lucky to check my mail in the morning , but a lot of passengers did not , and spent 8 hours in the airport!

There where no extra meal or even excuses from the company.

The purser however mentioned the reason of the delay.

Read more about « 6h delay, no info »
Economy Jetairfly BRU - ALC 09/2016

Flight on time

It was a very nice flight.

The service on board was very quindly.

The captain gave us explainations about the flight.

We arrived in time even, before.

Read more about « Flight on time »
Economy Volotea AJA - LIL 09/2016

Avoid at all costs

I had a flight booked in May from Newcastle to Belfast to attend a wedding the following day. You On the morning of our flight we got a text...

Read more about « Avoid at all costs »
Economy Easyjet NCL - BFS 05/2016
Abigail Clarke

The best option from Croatia to France

The flight was on the time.

Cabin crew were very polite and nice.

Easy booking over internet, as well check in.

We will fly with Volotea in the future for sure.

Read more about « The best option from Croatia... »
Economy Volotea DBV - BOD 09/2016

Uneventful, as I like it

I was in 16J on this A340, a plane I haven't flown in some time. The premium voyageur class is acceptable in terms of leg room and seat width. The...

Read more about « Uneventful, as I like it »
Economy plus Air France DTW - CDG 09/2016


Had the (dis)pleasure of flying with this outfit when Thomson used them for our return flight from our Turkey holiday. What can I say other than "really rubbish". 3 hostess's which only 1 of them spoke any English - and she hid behind the curtain in front galley for most of the flight. Took them 2 1/2 hrs to do the drinks round, not because of a lot of sales just that they didn't know what they were doing. Poorest service I have ever experienced in many years of flying. Suggest you avoid this airline.

Read more about « Shocking »
Economy Tailwind Airlines AYT - STN 09/2016
Andy B.

Early arrival at destination

Seat confortable, nice temperature in the airplane, good messages from captain, ceck in and boarding quickly,very kind staff, arrival before the time, very good price!

Read more about « Early arrival at destination »
Economy Volotea JTR - VRN 09/2016

Almost as bad as Thomson

Not so rapacious as Thomson at baggage check in (Thomson extort maximum possible cash for slightest overweight) Extremely limited on-board menu...

Read more about « Almost as bad as Thomson »
Economy Enter Air LGW - RHO 09/2016

Very bad customer service!

I asked to change my return ticket. After 1h30 on the phone I was informed that it would cost 171€ for the change of ticket. I received another call...

Read more about « Very bad customer service! »
Economy Brussels Airlines DLA - CDG 09/2016

Rubbish Air Line.

I have recently travelled from Kuwait, ground staff full of attitude and uncooperative in Kuwait, in flight from Manama to Faisalabad, one of the air hostess (cabin Crew Head) used abusive language upon requesting for a beer... my luggage received two days after arrival... Very bad airline, should be last choice if you have to really travel.

Read more about « Rubbish Air Line. »
Economy Gulf Air KWI - LYP 09/2016
Ishtiaq M.

Bad service

There were no options of hot drinks. No milk to put in tea. Not much choice of food. Only one trolley service on a 4 hour flight.

When I book with Thompson I exspect a Thompson service.

Read more about « Bad service »
Economy Thomson Airways DSA - TFS 09/2016
Linda Y.

Bad airlines with a very rude crew

Pegasus airlines is a very bad company with a very rude crew staff. All the crew staff and especially two crew women's at the boarding gate 201 A...

Read more about « Bad airlines with a very... »
Economy Pegasus Airlines SAW - KWI 09/2016 1 reactions

This airline has terrible client service

My friend luggage was lost when she was flying to Prague. She needed to buy basic things. Since she does not speak English I fill out the luggage lost form- the case Case no. 1607-SN-02410.

There is no communication from the airlines side whatsallever. There is no phone number to call regarding this. I did not see such customer service long time.

I was told by guys on Prague airport that Brussels airlines are well known for losing luggages a lot.

On the flight, when you ask for blanket cause there is cold, you do not receive anything. Really weird value for the money.

Read more about « This airline has terrible... »
Economy Brussels Airlines VNO - PRG 06/2016
Petr K.

The worst service ever 70 years

Flight attendants were very rude, has no idea how to fix a problem initiated by the check-in ground staff, we had a baby we were assigned with a bassinet but instead the ground staff gave the seats to a regular passengers with no babies.

I don't know if this is a good service after 70 years. Or because of the "wasta" in Lebanon.

I would never ever fly MEA myself and my family, or recommend the airline to a friend.

Read more about « The worst service ever 70... »
Economy Middle East Airlines BEY - LHR 09/2016 1 reactions

Never ever again.

Booked a weeks break to Kefalonia, an island we love and have visited many times, never heard of small planet airlines until this visit.

To cut a long story short we had a 29 hour delay at Manchester airport, we were given excuse after excuse, you name it it happened to our flight, eventually after a near riot from frustrated passengers a plane was flown in from another Greek airline to take us on our holiday, loosing 2 days of our holiday, to date we have heard nothing from the so called 'small planet airline' no compensation, no reply to emails, no one is interested.

I seriously doubt anyone will ever hear from them, never ever again would I recommend or travel with this unreliable set up.

Good luck if you dare to use them.

Read more about « Never ever again. »
Economy Small Planet Airlines MAN - EFL 08/2016

Worst flight experience ever

Horrible staff and service.

I complained about the rude passenger behind me who gave me whiplash and was rewarded with dirty looks and eye rolls from flight staff I hadn't even seen yet.

Even the pilot was rude.

He called me to the cockpit after the flight and said my complaint inconvenienced him so much that he did not have time to eat during our 12 hour flight!

Read more about « Worst flight experience ever »
Economy Air Transat ATH - YYZ 09/2016

Bad to worse

Checking was a nightmare and our vacation started with gum smacking rude checkin staff. One person in line wanted to talk to someone in charge, her...

Read more about « Bad to worse »

Reply from the airline
Economy Air Transat YVR - MAN 09/2016 1 reactions

Never again

Flight delayed by 14.5 hours. Should have flown at 18.30 and weren't told anything until 21.00.

Had to come back next day for 7am flight but was sat on tarmac for another 2 hours as 180 peoples luggage had "disappeared" apparently.

Flight crew and captain were fine but organisation is awful.

On return journey airport did not have passenger list and delayed check in by 2 hours as they had to enter all passenger details manually (about 10 mins per person).

Wrote to small planet for the legitimate compensation (as per EU law) and still havent had even a response after 3 weeks.

Everyone we spoke to on outward flight said they would never fly with them again.

Read more about « Never again »
Economy Small Planet Airlines MAN - RHO 08/2016
henry walton


Absolutely disgusting treatment. I was scheduled to fly from Casablanca to Tanger at 11 pm in August. We got on a bus at the scheduled time, which...

Read more about « Disgusting. »
Economy Royal Air Maroc CMN - TNG 08/2016


Do not fly with Wizz Air, if things go wrong, they leave you stranded. Customer service is horrendous!

There are no positive aspects to be listed here.

They like to lose luggage, they are rude, they do not provide customer service... Stay away if you do not like gambles and with everything costing extra, it is not even a cheap air line!

Read more about « Awful! »
Economy Wizz Air Hungary LTN - OTP 08/2016
Diana Z.

Smooth and simple

Took off on time (although first time for ages we have actually had to board a bus to the aircraft) with excellent friendly crew including pilot. Would have no hesitation on travelling with them again (if it hadn't been for the return flight ...........).

Read more about « Smooth and simple »
Economy Small Planet Airlines LGW - PVK 08/2016
Nigel J.

5hr delay

Once on board the flight was fine - added bonus of a boiled sweet for the descent! This is definitely a budget airline and I suspect this is seen through the planned maintenance (or lack of) of each aircraft.

They have more than their fair share of "technical issues" (ours was broken air conditioning unit apparently) for this very reason.

They really need to up their game in this respect. Having said that, outbound flight was great in all aspects.

Read more about « 5hr delay »
Economy Small Planet Airlines PVK - LGW 09/2016
Nigel J.

Awful trip

Flight 1.5 hours late departing pretty normal for this company.

Missed connection at Istanbul. Ground staff do not really understand English.

No seats on next flight.

Given wrong information twice by staff insisting it was correct then told I did not understand English.

Waited hours late at night for eventual connection.

Asked employee about whereabouts of luggage.

He said he could help if I went home with him.

Incompetent, inefficient and deeply unpleasant airline which treats passengers with contempt. Avoid.

Read more about « Awful trip »
Economy Pegasus Airlines MRS - IST 09/2016

Fantastic both ways!

Flew from Gatwick to Corfu and back through olympic holidays, great flight both ways, all on time, fantastic crew and a modern interior, would recommend and fly with them again!

Read more about « Fantastic both ways! »
Economy Small Planet Airlines CFU - LGW 08/2016
Jordan M.

Worst experience ever

Flew with Oman air for the first time, one of the worst airlines I have ever flown with. I will not fly with this rubbish airways even if they give me a free flight.

First it was delayed by 1:30 hrs at London, no apologies offered, in flight entertainment didn't work, only 1 meal served for a 7 hour flight, had to wait and keep asking repeatedly for fluids on board, nothing for kids to keep them occupied. No tea or coffee served. Air condition not working flight attendants least bothered.

Read more about « Worst experience ever »
Economy Oman Air LHR - BOM 08/2016

Terrible Onboard Service.

In business class, despite the high price of the ticket, out of the 3 hot meals offered, the 1st wasn't available (surprising in business class), so we chose the 2nd, which was also not available, and we had to be served the 3rd option, and this was 1st class service.

After a complaint to the customer service department, it seems like this airline isn't responsible for what is served on board.

So it's an airline to avoid since it's not responsible for anything.

Read more about « Terrible Onboard Service. »
Business Air Tahiti Nui CDG - PPT 08/2016

No problems experienced.

Despite what I have read about Small Planet Airlines our experience was good.

We flew out from Manchester to Chania on 16th August and back on 30th August. Any delays were minutes rather than hours and the service both ways was very good.

On the return flight the Captain came out from his cockpit to welcome us which is not something I recall experiencing before.

The senior cabin crew member on the return flight was very funny and provoked much laughter from the passengers.

For myself, therefore, I have no grumbles but the stories of huge delays do trouble me and SPA clearly needs to sort out this side of its business, and if it continues, Olympic Holidays, with whom we travelled, needs to reconsider its position otherwise it will lose business.

Read more about « No problems experienced. »
Economy Small Planet Airlines MAN - CHQ 08/2016

Avoid This Airline.

The airline was part of my trip with Etihad Airways: it took a day and a night. Flight: (AB 7495 flight sold as EY 1401.19 August 2016. Boarding...

Read more about « Avoid This Airline. »
Economy Air Berlin AUH - TXL 08/2016

High-Quality Service for a Two-Hour Flight.

Personal screen and they served food (a meal, not the snack that Air France offers). The crew was very friendly and the airline deserves its 5...

Read more about « High-Quality Service for a... »
Economy Garuda Indonesia CGK - LOP 06/2016
Thomas F.

Standard Easyjet.

Basic flight on a well-known low-cost airline. The flight had no problems and there was checked luggage. Very mundane flight. Just one little...

Read more about « Standard Easyjet. »
Economy Easyjet Switzerland GVA - NCE 08/2015
Thomas F.

Compensation for Damaged Luggage.

Coming back from Agadir via Casablanca we realized when we got our luggage in Strasbourg that it had been severely damaged. We made a statement of damage to luggage (it wasn't repairable), and the request for compensation was done on 02/15/2016. After several weeks they told me which documents to provide. I did that, but no news since then despite several reminders from me.

The flight and the service were perfect, by the way we are taking RAM again to go to Agadir on 12/06/2016, but very disappointing follow-up when there is a problem.


Read more about « Compensation for Damaged... »
Economy Royal Air Maroc AGA - SXB 02/2016

A Catastrophe.

There was a two-hour delay without any explanation and above all a complete absence of excuses (I almost missed by my corresponding flight)! We were grounded in Rome for more than 45 minutes, with an air conditioning problem (you can imaging how hot it was inside).

The service was mediocre (a Coke please? Nope, there's no more Coke, would you like some water instead?).

The flight crew was not mean, but not friendly.

I thought the hour delay on the departure flight was an exception, but it really seems like this airline does this a lot. In short, this will be the last time I fly on this airline.

Read more about « A Catastrophe. »
Economy Alitalia FCO - CDG 08/2016

Not great

This is the Easyjet of 'business class' travel. Staff were perfectly nice; plane seemed safe enough, albeit rather basic & not exactly pristine;...

Read more about « Not great »
Business La Compagnie Boutique Airline EWR - LTN 08/2016

Good Flight.

It's been at least ten years since I've been back to Don Muang since the opening of Suvarnabhumi. There was not enough staff at immigration...

Read more about « Good Flight. »
Economy Indonesia Air Asia DMK - KNO 08/2016

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