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Recent reviews

It was indeed a great journey with flydubai

I had an awesome experience. A pocket friendly business class and i wanted to experience them. I have used emirates couples of times in business...

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Economy Flydubai PRG - DXB New

switzerland airline

i cant beilive when i booked it i though it must be running on code share but what i actullay boarded was switzerland alirline which has halt in dubai on their way to oman. it was an amazing but very short experience. they gave us some refershments as it was a night flight and with 1 hours we reached our destination. overall great journey

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Economy Easyjet Switzerland DXB - MCT New

its an average airline but good in services

flydubai is known to be a budget airline, even thou they offer business class in few sectors. my travel with them was on my way to london and i had...

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Economy Flydubai DEL - DXB 11/2019

Service was good

Travelled to Hargeisa recently. Initially tickets were booked with another airline but the flight got cancelled last minute so rebooked on Flydubai...

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Economy Flydubai DXB - HGA 12/2019 2 reactions

Thai Airways - Racist Airport Service Manager - Mr Pongpanata Phongsathienkul

My mother, wife and daughter were flying to Bangkok on 26 Dec 2019 on Thai airways TG 318 ( 3 Generations). On reaching the boarding gate, they were...

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Business Thai Airways Intl BOM - BKK 12/2019 1 reactions

awful service that I've got from UIA costumer service

I would like to tell about awful service that I've got from UIA costumer service. in the IVR ( when you are calling, you have option to choose)...

Read more about « awful service that I've got... »
Economy Ukraine International Airlines TLV - KBP 01/2020

Wow experience with flydubai

It was wow experience with flydubai. I got a free upgrade to business class and had a great journey. I am a frequent flyer (cause of corporate tie...

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Business Flydubai DXB - DEL 11/2019 3 reactions

Do NOT fly with Pegasus! Flight cancelled!

I am not someone who complains easily, but Pegasus has really been horrific.

My wife and I came to Turkey for our honeymoon and what a horrible experience Pegasus has given us! The customer service was terrible today at Antalya airport. Really horrible!! Our flight PC2009 from Antalya to Istanbul was cancelled. No explanation or notification was given to us. We travelled all the way to the airport just to find that the flight has been cancelled. Then we waited in the queue at the Pegasus office for more than 3 hours with hundreds of other customers (the one lady next to us was over 80 years old!). When we eventually got to the front, the Pegasus employees were very rude. They said that the only option is to give us a flight for two days later (9 Jan)!!! I asked if they will pay for accomodation for us and they said no. How can we sleep on the floor for two nights in an airport!?! And to make it worse this is on our honeymoon!

From now on, we will only fly with Turkish airlines, never again with Pegasus.

Read more about « Do NOT fly with Pegasus... »
Economy Pegasus Airlines AYT - IST 01/2020

Used bus instead of plane, no food, no rerouting, no support

This is the worst airline I've ever used!!! I was flying from Bucharest to NYC via Belgrade. My first flight landed in Timisoara (TMR), a small city...

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Economy Tarom OTP - BEG 01/2020

Terrible experience

My first trip was 2 hours late, so that I could not get my connection in Tunis any more. I thought that this was not a big deal, but from there on, the experience became more and more terrible. I was scheduled for another flight 3 hours later, but each time the boarding time approached, the flight was rescheduled even more. The Tunisair staff was extremely inpolite and disrespectfull: they would turn away frome me in the middle of a sentence, not inform me properly on the actual situation and not even try to find solutions in my interest. Alltogether I had a delay of 10 hours. The food and water that was provided during this delay were ridiculous. Once arrived in Paris, my two bags were missing. They were delivered to my hotel 30 hours later.

Tunisair may be the cheapest, but the next time I will be willing to spend the double just to avoid them.

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Economy Tunisair TUN - ORY 12/2019

flydubai economy review

You can't really walk into economy class and expect the best service however, I can say that flydubai is one of the better economy class experiences I have had in recent times, hence this review. From decent legroom to a reasonable menu of food one can pre-order, flydubai is a reliable choice when you want to fly economy class.

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Economy Flydubai DXB - HEL 12/2019


Flying business class is an indulgence that everyone should try at least once. I recently had the opportunity to travel in business class with flydubai and I must admit that it was at par with any other airline out there.
It checks all the boxes; priority check-in at the airport, lounge access, and a premium onboard experience. The wider chairs and spacious placement means more legroom and better overall comfort. Other features are like onboard WiFi and the in-flight meal services are also good. Moreover, the plane was in good condition upon boarding and the flight-crew were extra attentive to us.
I would certainly recommend flydubai to fellow travelers and, if you get the opportunity, do try their business class as well.

Read more about « BUSINESS CLASS IS GREAT »
Business Flydubai DXB - IST 12/2019 1 reactions

Rude, Unprofessional, Believe the Customer is always wrong

Booked trip to Varadero, Cuba for Dec 9th, 2019 return Dec 16th, 2019 Wheelchair request as cannot walk distance, causes extreme pain due to rare...

Read more about « Rude, Unprofessional... »
Economy Air Transat VRA - YYZ 12/2019

The worst service ever

When my dad passed away, he wanted to be buried in his home city - Saint-Petersburg. After a consultation with Aeroflot and Russian Embassy, we...

Read more about « The worst service ever »
Economy Aeroflot VKO - LED 12/2019

Disgusting/Racist and Traumatic experience

I experienced despicable and demeaning behaviour on NYE at the Hoh Chih Minh airport. Your attendance staff for the flight to Siem Reap were rude...

Read more about « Disgusting/Racist and... »
Economy Vietnam Airlines SGN - REP 12/2019

Never fly FlyDubai

I booked a flight for my family ( my husband, myself and 4 children) . Our return tickets costs me around $6000. There was not free entertainment on the flight for children, like cartoons or movies. Have to pay $35 per person. The food was absolutely not eatable, even for an adult. On the way back, we were served rice with creamy white sauce chicken with carrots. Children refused to eat it. I managed to feed one of my daughter with carrots. Right after the flight she vomit. During the flight the amount of water we received was 30 ml per person. It was 5 hours flight. The temperature during the flight was + 35 degrees celcius. Children were so hot.
I would never ever fly this airline again. It was terrible experience for the whole family. I would rather pay more and get Emirates. The reason I choose to fly FlyDubai was the better schedule for my children in comparison with Emirates for this route.

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Economy Flydubai KBP - DXB 12/2019

Lousy customer service

The complaint is not with the flight itself but rather with horrible post-flight service. And attitude. Snowstorm in Europe. Budapest departure...

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Business Lufthansa BUD - DEN 01/2019

Good budget airline to travel

My journey with them was quite good. Since it’s a budget airline so you need to make sure that your expectation is also as per your selection. Seat...

Read more about « Good budget airline to travel »
Economy plus Flydubai KBP - DXB 11/2019 9 reactions

Nice flying experience

It often happens that flights from Catania to Munich purchased on lufthansa are operated by Air Dolomiti. Overall a great flight experience. The...

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Economy Air Dolomiti CTA - MUC 09/2019

Good for all short distance travel

Chose this airline as the rate at this peak season was touching the sky with other airlines. Service wise it was all good. I recommend for low...

Read more about « Good for all short distance... »
Economy Flydubai DXB - DEL 12/2019 5 reactions

The best way to flight

This is not the first time I flew with Lufthansa. I am always happy to choose this airline. By the way, come back to my personal experience on...

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Business Lufthansa MUC - SIN 06/2019

Be aware of hidden charges!

The most awful experience!!! Be aware of SUPER EXTRA charges! Apparently, now, when you buy the ticket, you have to read 1 million pages of terms and conditions. Otherwise, you will end up paying TWISE MORE THAT YOUR TICKET PRICE for a small bag, which you are carrying and which does not satisfy their “requirements”. And when you realize that they are up your *ss, you have 2 options: pay TWISE MORE to check in you baggage or pay THREE TIMES MORE to bring your bag on board!!! Even Ryanair lets you check in for free...

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Economy Utair Aviation VKO - TXL 12/2019

I will try to avoid Air India at any cost

I never been on the airline that so poorly adhered to the scheduled time departure. I only used Air India a few times, and every time flight departed at least 2-3 hours late. My last flight was 7 hours late. The reason is always the same due to the late arrival of the aircraft. After this happened to me a number of times, I am going to avoid using Air India. I was a bit naive as I read others reviews about the flight always being delayed and how disorganized this airline is, but I thought how bad can it be. Well, it is bad especially if you someone who used to deal with airlines who operate on time or at least within reasonal amount of delays. With Air India, delays are consistent. So, I am definitely avoiding Air India to safe myself from the frustration. Also, most airlines delays happen because of the weather conditions, but this airline always late despite the weather.

Read more about « I will try to avoid Air... »
Economy Air India BOM - CMB 12/2019

Everything you don't expect

Usually when you think of traveling with a low cost , you are preparing for a series of unpleasant sacrifices. Little space for hand luggage, little...

Read more about « Everything you don't expect »
Economy Wizz Air Hungary CTA - BUD 11/2019

Flydubai is at par with their services

I m reviewing Flydubai cause I boarded Flydubai aircraft for this trip. My expectations was high since I booked emirates ticket. To my surprise...

Read more about « Flydubai is at par with... »
Economy plus Flydubai ZNZ - DXB 11/2019 2 reactions
Marina Lolita

Insure your trip, but NEVER on their website

The state air company of Latvia operating under airBaltic brand has cooperated with ERV insurance company. They both offer you an insurance policy...

Read more about « Insure your trip, but NEVER... »
Economy Air Baltic SVO - RIX 05/2019

Flight review AMS - DUB

Arriving at the airport, we were quickly able to find our lobby, hence the clear signs. It took us a while to find the airport, though. When we were...

Read more about « Flight review AMS - DUB »
Economy KLM Royal Dutch Airlines AMS - DUB 03/2019

WORST flight experience ever

I am completely appalled with Air Asia’s customer service. I tried to add baggage to my reservation when checking in online 24 hr before my flight...

Read more about « WORST flight experience ever »
Economy Thai AirAsia PVG - DMK 12/2019
Amanda K

Worst experience with an airline!

Never flying with airBaltic again! I flew with them from Vienna to Riga, in October. One of the worst travel experiences EVER, would rather take the bus or hitchhike than fly with them again!

They lost my baggage, returned it five days later, visibly damaged, and said they can only reimburse the expenses I made (clothes and personal hygiene items, since I was left in Latvia with zero belongings) up to 40 EUR, and only for personal hygiene items. As for the luggage, they said I should fix it at one of their partners, who just so happen not to have offices in my country.

They are quoting a law from 1999 and hide behind the ”we did everything that was possible” disclaimer in order to avoid responsibility.

Avoid at any cost!

Read more about « Worst experience with an... »
Economy Air Baltic VIE - RIX 10/2019

Avoid Frontier Airlines

I had a connection in the international airport of Dulles with another company. The flight with frontier was delayed for 2 hours, no explanation not even a word of excuse. they not even said that they are sorry. They charge for everything even for a carry on, and do not charge small money. They say that this is because they want to save the environment, bull. If this was really true why they use plastic and not other material. The only thing they give you, without charge is a cup of water, served in plastic, (the biggest polluting material of all). I think that after leaving 2 hours late they should, at least, give us food for free. I had to buy food. At the end with the amount they charge for bags and how much they charge for food on board, I would be much better off with another company.
This is really my last trip with Frontier, avoid this bad company.

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Economy Frontier Airlines DEN - DCA 10/2019

Extreme negligence and careless about there passengers

My flight on 11/19/19 from Frankfurt to New York I was in need of wheelchair assistant which I got in Frankfurt and upon arrival in NY. but unfortunately during my transfer in Rome it was indicated in the system but no one was available I stooped at 2 Information desks and was told it will take half hour to get my chair so I should run to catch my plain RUN???? It was a nightmare I am 69 years old female in the past I have traveled 2-3 times a year with several airlines and never experienced any thing like this overall uncomfortable seats terrible food nasty flight attendant. I will not recommend Alitalia airlines at all.In the past I flew with Delta Lufthansa Singapore Turkish Air France British Airways and many others and I never had this king of experience.

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Economy Alitalia FRA - JFK 11/2019

Unethical method and bad experience

I've purchased a FlyDubai flex ticket as they are offering a refund option if you'd cancel the flight more then 24h in advance. On my way back i had to cancel the flight which i did within the time limit. First of all 30% of fee was retain, and they remaining amount of refunded to me in form of voucher which is only valid 6 months , cant' be transferred, can't be used on partner airline or can't be redeemed in miles. They advertise this flex ticket with these benefit in bolt colored benefits and then write the limitions in small lost in the terms and conditions. The flight to go was late and the staff was unfriendly and they brought me a small vegetarian meals as that's all they had left (Meal meant to be included in the flex fare). I won't use them again.

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Economy Flydubai DXB - PRG 11/2019

No Compensation for Suitcase After Four and a Half Months (After Delayed and Cancelled Flights)

It has been four and a half months since Egyptair lost my suitcase. Since then, I have not received my suitcase or any compensation. This all happened after my husband and I experienced delayed flights and cancelled flights without any prior communication. In my dealings with Egyptair, my communications have been ignored most of the time. The service I have received from Egyptair throughout my entire experience with them has been extremely poor and very disappointing.

Egyptair eventually came back to me with an offer to pay only 68% of my missing suitcase claim. Except for the things that Egyptair can never pay me back for (the three days of holiday in Rome that we lost and will never get back, my wedding earrings that I took with me on holiday, the sentimental souvenirs of the places we visited), they are not even willing to pay me the full amount of the missing items in my suitcase. Shame on you Egyptair. I will never ever fly with Egyptair again. I would rather pay double the price anywhere else, as you lose a lot more by flying with Egyptair anyway.

Read more about « No Compensation for Suitcase... »
Economy Egyptair FCO - JNB 06/2019

Lost my luggage at 13 days now.

Flight was average. Staff were helpful and friendly. End of this direct flight both my and my 2 yo sons suitcase went missing. I am a Pregnant mother with a 2 yo. With no clothing for me or my son, we are going on 13 days now. Few people from Turkish Airlines have been helpful. Vienna airport staff verified the bag was loaded on my flight.

The suitcase was either rerouted and or disappeared into thin air. If they find our suitcase I’ll let you know but it is not looking good for us. Think hard before booking a flight.

Read more about « Lost my luggage at 13 days... »
Economy Turkish Airlines VIE - ESB 10/2019

Don't do it!

Booked 7 weeks before travel, travel time changed 3 times, last time by e-mail at 18.55 the night before travel.

Air Arabia charged me extra for luggage, as they said it costs extra fuel to carry it. Each time they sent through new flight details, and each time the 30Kg luggage I'd paid extra for in advance disappeared.

The last flight time was too late for me to travel, so I took the early train. Air Arabia have refused to refund me, and refused to refund the extra baggage I paid for, even though the extra luggage didn't fly, so no extra fuel was used.

I couldn't recommend Air Arabia to anyone.

Read more about « Don't do it! »
Economy Air Arabia Maroc FEZ - RAK 10/2019
Top flyer

terrible airline

EXTRA charge, bad service, rude crew, bad food, delayed flight, none of the staff were nice, check in staff rude, boring movies, Honorable people and officers at the airports etc

Read more about « terrible airline »
Economy Pegasus Airlines LHR - IST 02/2018
Adam GH

Terrible airline

Rude crew, treated me very rudely and not fairly. I didn't have extra weight and I showed her my medication bag.
She weighted our carry bags and there wasn't any extra weight at all!

The two small carry bags weight was 15 kg only in total for me and my daughter! She said to me rudely you have to pay for 5 kilos or I will let the plane leave without you!

She closed the door and told me I will let the airplane leave without you. She told me rudely throw 5 kilos of your new cloths and I let you go to the plane!

She let us throw our food that we just bought from the airport on the floor that has a 5 kilo as she said!

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Economy Turkish Airlines LHR - IST 10/2019
Adam GH

Forcing false immigration rules and regulation to sell return tickets on spot

I was travelling from Delhi to London via Flight KU384 & KU101. I did the booking of one way flight to London. I did the online check in and got the...

Read more about « Forcing false immigration... »
Economy Kuwait Airways DEL - LHR 09/2019

My goods got stolen with Easyjet Airlines

My group of 9 people flew from Rome to Berlin with Easyjet. When we arrived at Berlin one of my big suitcase was not found. I reported to the LOST AND FOUND and Easyjet online and tried to contact them via phone but they were hopeless and very frustrated is all I can say. 3 days later they found my suitcase in broken condition and most of the valuable stuff were stolen. They took no responsibility of my stolen goods. This made me sick when I think about this trip. Never put anything valuable in your suitcase when travel with Easyjet again.

Read more about « My goods got stolen with... »
Economy Easyjet FCO - TXL 07/2019

Delayed flight and missed connecting flight to london

My flight from medina to Jeddah delayed by 20 minutes and there was also 30-40 minutes delay to pick the laggages up. Because laggages wasnt coming...

Read more about « Delayed flight and missed... »
Economy Saudi Arabian Airlines MED - JED 10/2019

Boycott WizzAir and never use them again


Read more about « Boycott WizzAir and never... »
Economy Wizz Air Hungary LTN - PRG More than 3 years

Avoid this company

Vueling doesn't care about customers at all. People at the help desk give you an unbelievable attitude. Here is what happened: My flight was on...

Read more about « Avoid this company »
Economy Vueling Airlines BCN - ARN 10/2019 3 reactions

Horrible Customer Service

Aer Lingus (AL) sold me domestic and international flights to go from Nashville to Shannon, IR and back. The US domestic travel was to be with Jet Blue. AL did not give me a seat assignment for the Jet Blue flight and when I called Jet Blue they told me there were not more seats in the class of service I bought via AL and I would have to pay more. When I contacted AL they told me that was something I would have to work out with Jet Blue. When I tried to cancel my domestic travel with Aer Lingus they told me it would require a $150 change fee (each way!). When I canceled my outbound Jet Blue flight (and paid the $150), I then received an updated receipt and discovered they charged me $150 and didn't refund any of the cost of the flight I canceled. So, they got $150 more from me for even less service which I find offensive at least and possibly criminal.

Read more about « Horrible Customer Service »
Economy Aer Lingus BNA - SNN 10/2019

Didn't allow me and my son to board

I had the most horrible experience with this flight. I was boarded in Antigua on August 9, 2019 with no problems, i expend two weeks in Italy, when i was ready to comeback Antigua on August 23, the ticket agent told me that we (me and my son) cannot board in the flight due to the second name not shown in my ticket. I told her i travel with them to italy how come i can't board when i am a tourist ready to go home, they stated that i needed to purchase a new ticket, imaging how i felt with a child and no money at all to purchase a new flight.

I was disappointed and they didn't care. It was like if i was in a nightmare.

Read more about « Didn't allow me and my son... »
Economy Blue Panorama Airlines MXP - ANU 08/2019
Lilian F.

Terrible costumer service, poor exchange policy

2 of us flying from Riga to St. Petersburg for small mistake on Rushian visa they denied our flight, we have paid 725 euros for 2 tickets. After that we try to find the way to exchange the date, unfortunately air baltic has very Very Very poor costumer service they prefer to steal costumer money rip them off !! Without providing any cervice or understanding what r the right or flexibility to change the date or return tick. I have lost with them 1.250 euro in last 2 months because of that!! My question is why would they have this policies when in Europe every company paying fine you can change your dates ?? Why would they steal peoples money? Terrible service!!!

Read more about « Terrible costumer service... »
Economy Air Baltic RIX - LED 10/2019

Worst airline I've experienced in my life - disorganised, rude and extortionate

Truly shocked by how horrible and stressful the Wizz Air experience was. 1. Check-in queue was 1 hour long and chaotic because they were inefficient...

Read more about « Worst airline I've... »
Economy Wizz Air Hungary BUD - LGW 10/2019 3 reactions
G Duncan

Problematic booking

The total price for one way from YVR to YYC suppose to be $195. At moment I was ready to proceed with payment confirmation the price on my screen changed to $228. I called customer service and listen litany about price increase and high demands on that date. They pretended to look at other dates but came with same inflated price. I new right away they lie and quickly hanged up. In minute I found ticket at Flight Hub for originally desired date for $169. The Easyjet uses crooked tactics. Be aware!

Read more about « Problematic booking »
Economy Easyjet YVR - YYC 10/2019

Flyers Beware!

***Review as per my mom's experience, issue still unresolved***

My father died so I had to book KLM tickets to be used within 24 hours...somehow KLM website reserved/blocked the value of 1 ticket 8 times, leaving us with nothing to spend. My bank said only KLM can reverse these reserved amounts- I contacted KLM customer service and was told to contact my bank.

Again, I am begging KLM to please reverse the reserved amounts in error. This same amount was also reserved 6 times on my husband’s Visa card. Total blocked / reserved amount is €4.584,04 which is part of our spending money to attend the wake and funeral of my father.

Read more about « Flyers Beware! »
Economy KLM Royal Dutch Airlines AMS - MNL 09/2019 1 reactions

No service availability

We were scheduled to fly from Antwerp to Dublin and then on to Toronto. The Antwerp flight was delayed and from then on you realize that Aer Lingus...

Read more about « No service availability »
Economy Aer Lingus DUB - YYZ 09/2019

Never fly with Ukraine Airline. They traumatized me leaving abandoned for 12 hours in the terminal

I made a complaint to Ukraine Airlines on May 30. They were meant to answer in 3 months, but I have not received any response from them despite my...

Read more about « Never fly with Ukraine... »
Economy Ukraine International Airlines EVN - LGW 05/2019

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