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Recent reviews

A Long, Loud and Turbulent Flight.

More than 3 hours of flying for this trip between the capital of New Zealand and Brisbane. Qantas makes this flight on a Boeing 737. It's a pretty...

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Economy Qantas Airways WLG - MEL 07/2016 1 reactions

Beware. Do not fly on this airline!

Where do I begin. First off the flight was awful but the worst part is they lost my luggage and did nothing about it but not only mine but 4 other people on the flight. A ruined vacation due to this airline. Please don't fly with them.

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Economy plus Swiftair EWR - PUJ 08/2016
J connors

A disappoint experience with Brussel Airlines

I had an excellent trip from Toronto to Belgium, airhostess and crew as nice from Toronto to Belgium with great service.

However, the trip from Belgium to Accra on Brussel Airlines flight 277 on July 9, 2016 and return on flight 278 on August 6, 2015 were the most horrible flight I had ever had.

The crew were very disrespectful. The washroom in the plane was dirty and smelling with no tissue paper right from the beginning of the flights when I went to use the washroom. The plane was smelling and dirty in the cabin.

The services were horrible and the air hostess pretend they could not speak English anytime passengers ask for their assistance. I am wondering if the same airline should have 2 different level of services for their America-Europe trip and that for their Europe-Africa trips.

I will advise the authorities to find out how the same airline can offer a good service on one leg of the trip and horrible service on the other.

I don't advise anyone to use Brussel Airlines from Europe to Africa. Thank you.

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Economy Brussels Airlines ACC - BRU 07/2016

Nothing wrong with this airline

Just back from a week in Zante.

Ok before we flew we had never heard of this company which Olympic holidays use. I read some of the reviews on here and was near to tears and almost cancelled my holiday or asked for a flight change.

We were delayed by an hour on the way out but that was due to Greece restricting air space. The process of getting on the plane was hassle free and very quick.

There was refreshments on flight, beer, wine, chocolate and crisps and toasties etc. The only fault I would say was understanding the polish accent. Apart from that for a budget air line I would say they are better than Ryanair.

So please don't always go by these out of date reviews and people that always quick to review bad experience. Would fly again for sure !

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Economy Enter Air ZTH - LGW 08/2016

Worst airline I have traveled on

I wish I had seen previous bad reviews about this airline. I had a very bad experience. They charged 50€ for my luggage, and at the boarding time, I was not allowed to have my carry on with fragile suveniers with me, even thought I begged the flight attendants.

How else are we supposed to take care of our fragile suveniers? The custumer service was horrible, very rude flight attendants.

Read more about « Worst airline I have... »
Business Aigle Azur ORY - LIS 08/2016
Rossy L.

Worst Airline Ever

I know this is not about the flight. I will say the seats were comfortable. I'm 6 foot even so the leg room wasn't the best but entertainment on the...

Read more about « Worst Airline Ever »
Economy American Airlines DCA - SJC 08/2016

Completely unacceptable treatment of our luggage.

Unfortunately I have to join the chorus of extremely dissatisfied customers. If AirFrance decided to treat their customers as well as they do inside...

Read more about « Completely unacceptable... »
Economy Air France HAM - AEP 07/2016
Frederik S.


The plane took off on time and landed on time. The seats were acceptable, but not particularly comfortable. Our luggage arrived with us and was not damaged. Other than that it was horrible.

We were a group of two adults and three children of 13 and under, and were surrounded by a group of thirty or so people on their way to a wedding.

Their celebrations started shortly after take off when they decided to throw a party in the aircraft aisle. Booze was drunk in large amounts, lots of it from bottles brought on board from duty free in the airport (illegal?) a bluetooth boom box was playing loud 'music', the party goers were blocking the aisle, spilling drink, shouting and lurching into our seats.

The cabin crew were magnificent in their ability to act as if nothing was wrong. Probably the last airline I'd choose to fly with.

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Economy Enter Air LGW - ZTH 07/2016

A Short Flight With a Beautiful View.

It takes barely 45 minutes to fly between Christchurch and Wellington, which meant that we flew at a relatively low altitude and we could enjoy the...

Read more about « A Short Flight With a... »
Economy Jetstar CHC - WLG 07/2016

Delay of many hours

My wife was scheduled today (Tuesday Aug. 2, 2016) for a flight from Miami with JetAirFly on flight TR218 with a departure at 15.20hrs. (3.20pm) to...

Read more about « Delay of many hours »
Economy Jetairfly MIA - BRU 08/2016

Terrible customer service! Flight cancelled with no compensation!

Aweful experience with GulfAir! I would never ever choose this airline again! They cancel my flight 5 months after I booked it without proposing any alternatives.

I had to chase them for weeks to finally receive a call, giving alternative flights 3 days after the initial date. As I had already made arrangements (hotels, internal flights in Thailand) I had to cancel my flight and was only refunded weeks after the cancellation. I then had to rebook my flights - £170 more expensive than the initial booking (as you can expect when booking 6 months later) - and they refused to reimburse the price difference!

Avoid this airline! Really disatisfying experience! Worst customer service ever!

Read more about « Terrible customer service... »
Economy Gulf Air LHR - BKK 07/2016


This flight lived up to its terrible reviews. Delayed outward and inward by several hours.

Lots of leg room on the flight but the hardest plane seat i have ever sat on unlike small planet, your practically sitting on metal.

The dirtiest plane toilet I ever had the misfortune of using. The stewards were lovely people.

Comfortable flight with good pilots but could not understand any of the English that was spoken, totally inaudible and would be of no consequence to anyone in an emergency unless you were Polish.

No food on-board a delayed return flight. Not good for someone with a small child. In brief it took off flew landed, im sitting on my sofa! Dont expect any thrills. it's low budget every step of the way.

Read more about « Substandard »
Economy Enter Air EFL - LGW 07/2016

The worst airlines

The legroom was ok, maybe not enough because I am quite tall.
However flight was delayed for 6 hours, during the flight it seemed like I was sitting in the toilet because the smell was unbearable. Also, before the take off the temperature was definitely over 30 degrees, but the outside weather was 23-25.

On the way back, when everyone was sitting in the plane, we were waiting for the fuel for approximately 50 minutes more.

Read more about « The worst airlines »
Economy Enter Air WAW - PMO 07/2016


The flight was meant to be a Small planet airlines flight but we turned up at the gate to Travel service. I had never head of them before and didnt know what to expect.

The aircraft was immaculate and the cabin crew were very friendly.

The seats were comfortable and the food was great! The captain kept us updated throughout the flight and the landing was smooth.

There was no in TV and I didn't try the radio but the magazines were ok.

Read more about « Amazing »
Economy Travel Service Airlines LGW - CFU More than 3 years

Delayed both ways and terrible flight

Delayed by 1-2 hours on both outbound and return flight, from what the Olympic rep told me I think that's pretty normal for them!

No explanation as to why we were delayed
Landing and take off were pretty hair raising, swaying side to side on landing without any kind of bad weather or cross winds.

Uncomfortable seats with no leg room.

The captain didn't help comfort anyone when he announced that someone had been smoking on board and "this would not be a good idea because if the plane caught fire we would need to land in 90 seconds, which wouldn't be possible from 10,000 feet". This got a lot of people very worried, understandably!

Never fly with the airline!

Read more about « Delayed both ways and... »
Economy Enter Air LGW - EFL 07/2016

Perfect apart from slight delay

Seats were comfortable and plane clean light and airy.

The stewards were fantastic very charming.

The flight was smooth and relaxing. I will definitely use this airline again without hesitation.

Read more about « Perfect apart from slight... »
Business Air Europa Líneas Aéreas EMA - FUE 07/2016

Perfect Flight.

I read reviews of this airline and I was not reassured at all.

Our Lyon - Heraklion round trip went very well.

Takeoff was on time both ways, the flight attendants were very friendly and cheerful. They actually provided food (sandwich and beverage) on a charter flight and a low-cost airline. A small piece of candy was handed out when we landed.

There were a lot of young children and the flight attendants were very busy.

It's true that the seats were a little stiff but that was the only negative point.

Read more about « Perfect Flight. »
Economy Astra Airlines LYS - HER 07/2016

Good Flight Despite Slight Delay.

The flight left with a 35-minute delay but there were no particular problems.

The meal wasn't actually a meal, just a croissant (at 1 pm?).

50 lbs. of checked luggage.

Read more about « Good Flight Despite Slight... »
Economy Montenegro Airlines TGD - CDG 07/2016

Nice Flight With no Unpleasant Surprises.

The luggage check in office at Charles de Gaulle was inconveniently located and difficult to access. I recommend arriving pretty early to avoid the unorganized line.

Pleasant surprise: it was possible to have 50 lbs of luggage per person.

The on board refreshments were minimal (a croissant) but it was possible to have multiple beverages.

No delay on the departure flight.

Read more about « Nice Flight With no... »
Economy Montenegro Airlines CDG - TGD 07/2016

A Terrible experience!

Cost for a flight going from Boston to Munich, and return from Charles De Gaulle to Logan was over $2,000 for two economy seats. Booked three months...

Read more about « A Terrible experience! »
Economy Icelandair CDG - BOS 07/2016
Mark V.

Return Flight (KLX - CDG)

Flight returning from vacation in the same plane as the departure flight: a nineteen-year old Boeing 737-400 registered SP-ENI (I could see the...

Read more about « Return Flight (KLX - CDG) »
Economy Enter Air KLX - CDG 07/2016

Never again

We had a programmed flight from Venice to Dubrovnik. We woke up at 4 in the morning and paid 40 euros to the taxi cab driver, so that we could be at...

Read more about « Never again »

Reply from the airline
Economy Volotea VCE - DBV 06/2016


Flew to havanna via Madrid. All 4 flights were delayed. Massive queues at check in with 2 hour wait in long queue. Not enough leg room, poor service, awful food.

Lost luggage on way back had to rush through airport because of late flights and connections, no information, no staff at airports to explain what is happening. Stressful for passengers. Altogether an awful experience.

Read more about « Terrible »
Economy Air Europa Líneas Aéreas HAV - LGW 07/2016

Single Flight (CDG - KLX)

Very nice flight in my opinion compared to previous reviews between Paris CDG and Kalamata of around 3 hours. The plane was a Boeing 737-400...

Read more about « Single Flight (CDG - KLX) »
Economy Enter Air CDG - KLX 07/2016

A Good Experience.

First successful experience with WOW air.
The plane made a good impression: clean, with a minimum amount of space.

The flight crew was friendly and welcoming. Of course, the coffee and other snacks cost extra, but that's how low-cost airlines work.

Only negative: the flight was 1h30min late.

Read more about « A Good Experience. »
Economy WOW air CDG - KEF 06/2016 1 reactions

Economy Plus Class

Very nice flight crew, old plane and little space for each passenger.

The air at foot level was cold for the entire flight: unpleasant.

Flight without problems, flawless landing. The baby strollers did not come off the plane, they left on the following flight.

Read more about « Economy Plus Class »
Economy ASL Airlines France CDG - HER 07/2016

Garbage Airline!

The worst of airlines.

14 hour flight without water or food on board. I reserved a round trip flight.

On the departure flight they told me that I was allowed 1 piece of luggage, on the return it was no luggage.

11 pounds of hand luggage? I've never seen anything like that. The planes were real wrecks.

The worst of the worst. Zero service, zero sympathy for the customers.

Please do not make a reservation with this airline since the trip will end up being more expensive than one on a regular airline.

I strongly advise against it.

Read more about « Garbage Airline! »
Economy WOW air BWI - FRA 07/2016

An Excellent Flight.

A very good flight, excellent crew. Comfortable seat with a high-quality meal. The entertainment was on a free tablet and was original and...

Read more about « An Excellent Flight. »
Business Air Canada Rouge YUL - NCE 07/2016

Very Good Flight

We left for Singapore as a family: 2 adults and 2 children (6 & 12 years old).

The tickets we bought were inexpensive at €480, which added up to a total amount of €1890 including tax. At that price, we had a few reservations about the airline.

In fact, this is a good airline. The planes were well-equipped with individual screens with a choice of movies and music. Some of the movies were censored, but nothing too bad.

The meals were basic, but personally I've never had an excellent meal on a plane. It filled us up and that's what's important.

The layover in Riyadh went well. There were restaurants, but unfortunately the duty free shop was under construction, which is too bad since a four-hour layover is a little long.

We were agreeably surprised by this airline, having been disappointed by Aeroflot. I recommend this airline without hesitation.

Read more about « Very Good Flight »
Economy Saudi Arabian Airlines CDG - SIN 07/2016
Leao M.

Amazing Trip, Excellent Crew. Thanks Again.

Takeoff was on time, super crew including the pilot. I would use this airline again without hesitation. Thank you for this wonderful trip. In...

Read more about « Amazing Trip, Excellent... »
Economy Small Planet Airlines LPA - CDG 07/2016 1 reactions
Nini 91

A Marseilles-Tunis Flight Without Problems, and Early.

The TU929 flight was the last of the day (Tunisair carries out 3 Marseilles-Tunis rotations a day) and we were afraid of a considerable cumulative delay.

In reality, we left exactly at the scheduled time and arrived in Tunis 10 minutes early. The plane was a Boeing 737-600 that was a little old (put into service in 2001) but seemed in good shape.

The impression of security was total. Luggage check, attitude of the crew, organization of the boarding (first rows 10 to 22 then the others), disembarkation by bus, baggage handling.

Everything was perfect. We got a snack (a little bland) and beverages as well as tax-free articles, which is great for a 1h15min flight.

In short, Tunisair has made progress in the last several months and that's a great thing.

Read more about « A Marseilles-Tunis Flight... »
Economy Tunisair MRS - TUN 07/2016

Very Good Flight.

Flight from Heraklion to Paris CDG.

The flight lasted 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Takeoff + landing without problems.

The flight crew was very professional.

Departure was on time.

Read more about « Very Good Flight. »
Economy ASL Airlines France HER - CDG 07/2016

As Often, a Good Flight.

Check in was carried out by a friendly and professional staff. Boarding and takeoff were on time, the seat was comfortable and they served a...

Read more about « As Often, a Good Flight. »
Economy plus Air Canada ORD - YUL 07/2016

Good Flight.

This flight to Chicago began with a one-hour delay, which was unpleasant.

Boarding was fast, and they respected priority.

The seats were comfortable and the individual in-flight entertainment on the short-haul network was nice.

They served us a beverage, the crew was professional and the landing was smooth, though the one-hour delay wasn't made up for, only negative point.

Read more about « Good Flight. »
Economy plus Air Canada YUL - ORD 07/2016

A Very Good Experience.

This was the first time I've taken Air Canada's subsidiary, Air Canada Red, in Business class (premium red). Check in at the Nice airport was fast...

Read more about « A Very Good Experience. »
Business Air Canada Rouge NCE - YUL 07/2016 1 reactions

No entertainment and some unfriendly staff

London Southend to Palma (and back) on 2 and 9 July 2016. Upon boarding the gorgeous looking plane we were "welcomed" by a disgruntled stewardess...

Read more about « No entertainment and some... »
Economy Volotea SEN - PMI 07/2016 1 reactions


Flown twice with this airline and both times one of the legs has been cancelled, the last flight reported a 2 hour delay, then 3 hours, then 6, at the last minute it was cancelled and rescheduled to the following evening, bar the notice for 2 hour delay no other information was given.

Luton is a terrible airport to fly from.

Overall the experience is terrible and I will never fly with them again.

Pay cheap, buy twice(which I literally had to do in order to get home).

Read more about « Shocking »
Business La Compagnie Boutique Airline LTN - EWR 07/2016

Very Good, Unexpectedly.

ENT flight 919. There were no problems and nevertheless I had been really afraid of flying with this airline because of the reviews I'd read beforehand.

I left with trepidation because of the terrible things I'd heard about the airline. The 2 flights to Las Palmas and back were first-rate. No delay, OK flight, good service (standard low-cost).

Landing in Las Palmas was chaotic but that was understandable considering the heavy winds. So go ahead and take this airline, and don't do what I did and believe the negative reviews you read before you leave.

Read more about « Very Good, Unexpectedly. »
Economy Enter Air LPA - NTE 07/2016

Good Airline.

Very clean plane with a lot of legroom.

The flight crew was friendly, snacks and beverages were decent, check in was fast and takeoff and landing were good.

Read more about « Good Airline. »
Economy Germanwings ZRH - HAM 06/2016

Will not fly with this airline again

Having flown with this airline but this last time was beyond belief. Do they really think that the new Bistro Menu is good enough for an 11hr...

Read more about « Will not fly with this... »

Reply from the airline
Economy Air Transat YVR - LGW 06/2016 9 reactions

Flight Without Problems.

Five-hour flight with a 7-month old baby. There were no problems with the flight.

The baby sat on our laps (there was no baby seat on the plane).

The flight crew was very understanding and friendly; they even arranged for us to have a row with 3 seats even though the plane was full. There were beverages but no meal.

Read more about « Flight Without Problems. »
Economy Icelandair BOS - KEF 05/2016

Lost luggage

Enter air were the airline that Olympic holidays used to fly to Rhodes. It was on time and an ok flight but upon landing I realised that my luggage hadn't arrived.

We reported the missing luggage and was reassured that it would arrive and sent onto my destination without delay. The suitcase never arrived and I'm still waiting (2 weeks). This holiday was to celebrate a wedding, I had no clothes let alone the wedding outfit I had packed.

Enter air didn't answer any emails when contacted, so on arriving back home we reported the luggage again on the advice from Gatwick staff via Enter air customer services.

They replied saying my complaint will be processed within 28 days. I don't hold out much hope to getting my luggage back as I don't feel that Enter air care!

Read more about « Lost luggage »
Economy Enter Air LGW - RHO 06/2016

I have never been to Pakistan, but I have boarded PIA

2011/11I visited Beijing for the first time. I came to Beijing-Capital by Pakistan International Airlines. My flight ticket was the cheapest economy...

Read more about « I have never been to... »
Economy Pakistan International NRT - PEK More than 3 years

Horrible experience

There was a four hour delay at Vienna airport, no announcements were made. The airline rents the cheapest services from airport and the terminal...

Read more about « Horrible experience »
Economy Onur Air VIE - ECN 07/2016


We were to board Volotea Airline on the first of June, 2016 at 7.15am.

The plane was delayed for two hours then a further 3 hours and then finally cancelled.

We were ushered outside the Terminal and left to arrange transport on our own with no help from the Airline staff.

We could not get to our original destination Dubrovik, we had a tight schedule to continue on to our Itinerary.

After purchasing other transport with and another airline we had to fly to Belgrade and spend the night there and then fly to Dubrovnik the next day missing a whole day in Dubrovnik. Costing us heaps.

I Have been trying to contact Volotea through Claims department to claim costs incurred.

But to this day I have had no communication from them.

Read more about « Non-Avent »
Economy Volotea VCE - DBV 06/2016 1 reactions
John G.

Worst delay ever

Almost 4 hours delay. Just sat at the airport and airline didnt orovide any usefull information.

Only "another half hour delay" again and again.

The crew on board was polite and efficient.

No entertainment programs or even radio.

Read more about « Worst delay ever »
Economy Travel Service Airlines TLV - AGP 07/2016

Pleasantly Surprised.

We had France-Heraklion return and departure flights. There was no problem with the punctuality of either flight.

The plane was clean and the seat was comfortable, no bar in the back and they could recline.

There was complimentary food service on board (ham and cheese sandwich on white bread as well as water, soda or coffee).

The flight attendants were available and cheerful.

Our luggage was delivered quickly. We'll be using them again.

Read more about « Pleasantly Surprised. »
Economy Astra Airlines CDG - HER 06/2016

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