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Recent reviews

Worst airline I've ever ever traveled with.

Booked a holiday through Thomson Holidays and were given ASL Airlines France for our departure flight. Arrived at checkout desk 3 hours before...

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Economy ASL Airlines France GLA - PMI New
Marie R.

An awry experience

A strange experience. I left 2 stars only cause they got me to my destination. Unable to make payment online, I was asked several times to pay over...

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Economy Ukraine International Airlines LGW - PEK New

Comfortable flight all along, very polite crew.

Very comfortable seat. Flawless flight, super smooth take off and landing. Excellent air quality in cabin even tho the plane was almost completely...

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Economy Volotea PMO - VRN New

Do not recommend

I flew from JFK airport to Brussels airport and was very uncomfortable.

It was very tight and it was hard to plug in earbuds and chargers on the seats.

They also have absolutely terrible customer service. I was on the phone with them trying to extend and the woman was yelling at me telling me it was too late and that I should've called the day before. I called the day before and I had the 6 attempts recorded in my phone but they dismissed it saying that they would've picked up.

Also after trying to reach them, I emailed them that same day that I tried to get through so at least they would see that I tried, and again they dismissed it.They are very hard to reach since they are open only for 3 hours and don't pick up all the time.

I would not recommend this airline to anyone, especially if you need customer service.

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Economy Brussels Airlines JFK - BRU New

All OK

Nice flight at a convenient price.

Punctuality and kind service at board.

A minor disappointing point is the latening and a few confuse of on-line check-in.

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Economy Volotea TLS - NAP 05/2017

Great ontime flight and top service

My recent experience on Volotea Flights was extremely positive in details such as ontime flights, employees cordiality and professionality, right and timely useful information, onboard conforts and cleanliness. A part the hostes dressing colours I did not so much appreciated, flying with Volotea flights has been a real overall positive experience. To note I'm using a lot of planes during the year.

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Economy Volotea VBS - CTA 05/2017

Really good

A good airline, qualified and available for any inquiries or problems.

OK for: seats, messages, check-in, services of flight attendants and so on.


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Economy Volotea CTA - AOI 05/2017

Volotea is the top

I think Volotea is the best flight company because it is very cheaply and professional.

I fly with Volotea about ten times in a year and can say that volotea satisfies all my needs.

For this reasons I'll choose Volotea for ever. :)

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Economy Volotea CTA - VBS 05/2017

Overbooked flight and incompetent staff

The airline overbooked the flight and there was no room on the plane.

Instead of finding me another flight, I was sent to the wrong counter and then the staff member simply left.

There was no one available to book another flight and I was finally helped by someone from a completely different airline.

These guys are practically scammers. The worst staff and no concern for passengers.

Will demand a refund.

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Economy Jet Airways YYZ - SKP 05/2017

Good routes

On time, staff very friendly and helpful, reasonable prices.

Plenty of room in the seats, no fuss. Will definitely fly with them again.

This is the first time I have been able to fly direct from Toulouse to Alicante.

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Economy Volotea TLS - ALC 04/2017


Flying with Volotea was very nice surprise.

Me and my two girls 2 and 6 years old enjoyed a lot.

I highly recommend it.

Nice, quick, clean. We will fly again.

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Economy Volotea PRG - TLS 04/2017

Excellent flight

A flash of lightning touched the plane.

The crew reaction was perfect.

The plane was controlled at Toulouse very quickly before we go to Ajaccio.

Very confortable and safe trip otherwise.

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Economy Volotea NTE - AJA 04/2017

Nice company

I enjoyed to flight lately with Volotea because of the courtesy, on time, and the rate quality/price.

My advice is to fly with company Everytime you have the need.

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Economy Volotea NAP - VRN 05/2017
Luc T.

“Foolish AirLine ever seen”

Foolish Airline you can ever trip.
1 - All staff do their job like they are creditor.
2 - We were 4 person, and each person can have 30kg baggage, we had 5 baggage (16.5kg, 17kg, 18kg, 21kg, 24kg), they take us 360RM (Malaysia Money Unit) for just one bag! They told me each person, one baggage! Very funny rules.
3 - A passenger get convulsion during flight, no one know somethings about medicine and recovery.
4 - At the end of trip we take our baggage broken and no one responsive.

I never flight with this *** Airline....

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Economy Oman Air KUL - MCT 05/2017

If I have choice, I won't use this company again.

This happened yesterday. The flight was kinda okay, with sandwiches and refreshments.

The problem was I went to the airport in the morning and was informed that I am not allowed to check in my suitcase for my return flight, unless I pay extra.

As somebody on the extra payment queue said 'They expect us to go there, buy suitcase and luggage, and go back'.

Read more about « If I have choice, I won't... »
Economy Bulgaria Air SOF - AMS 04/2017

Satisfaction for economy price

The plane was on time (just arriving from... somewhere )

BOEING 717, reactors at rear, not new but correct.

Taking off 10' early, and landing 20' in advance !

Good flight in good conditions.

The announcements on board were clear and friendly.

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Economy Volotea RNS - NCE 04/2017

excellent first experience with Volotea

Nice flight, very nice interior and kind team!

Flight early on time and largely superior to other low cost companies on all aspects!

I strongly recommend this young company to all of you!

Read more about « excellent first experience... »
Economy Volotea LUX - NCE 04/2017

Worst Airline

In my opinion, the reviews have shown that flights are delayed or cancelled, and the planes do not have the modern equipment necessary to fly...

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Economy Peruvian Airlines LIM - CUZ 04/2017

Almost perfect

The flight was in time and we didn't have any problems.

The only thing was the noise, as we get sit in the rear part of the plane but on the other hand we didn't pay for choosing the places.

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Economy Volotea VBS - NAP 04/2017
Emanuela V.

Worst airlines of India

Sometimes back I took Jet Airways flight when I was served with stale sweets.

After this I was apprehensive in travelling by this airlines.

Recently, I again travelled by this airlines because of it's timing was suiting me. After using it's toilet I found that there was no soap in dispenser.

One of the crew members informed me that the matter was already on the books but nobody cared to rectify it.

Fortunately, another crew member gave me his personal face wash so that I can wash my hands. My other acquaintances had same kind of experiences with this airlines recently. I'm travelling by this airlines since 20 years and I find that their standards are degrading rapidly. One would find better services at lower prices in other airlines.

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Economy Jet Airways CCU - GAU 04/2017

All fine

Pleasantly surprised!

After reading all this bad reviews I was really nervous to fly with this airline.

Flight both ways was on time, staff very friendly, 15kg bag included in the price, reasonable prices on board and I only paid £58 return ticket!

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Economy Smart Wings LGW - PRG 04/2017

Absolute Horror!

We booked our flight for April 6. It was changed to April 5 just a week before. Then the time of departure was changed twice and then again delayed...

Read more about « Absolute Horror! »
Economy Cubana de Aviación SJO - HAV 04/2017
Paul Smith

Horrible airline

They asked me for a return ticket or they would deny my board while I'm being European citizen my destination being another European country. I have noticed them doing this with Eastern European citizens especially. There are better European airlines to fly inside europe who don't misstreat you due you're nationality. I would like to congratulate Aegean Airlines for violating my and European Schengen rights.
They pride of being an line state airline but except the free food and beverages and which the kosher meal was really boring on-board they are really just an low cost airline wich even more bad costumer support and you are even allowed only 8kg of hand baggage .

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Economy Aegean Airlines OTP - LHR 02/2017 10 reactions

For the price pretty good

The non-stop flight to the US and back costed about 950€ which was one of the best prices of a German airline for this route and date.

The check-in was fast and without any problems. The plane itself (767-300ER D-ABUK) was about 17 years old which is ok but it was modern and clean.

The plane departed on time and the flight itself was nice, calm and fast. We got 1 warm meal, which was above the average, and some snacks like some bread and chips.

There where 9" screens on every seat and you were abled to watch recent blockbusters like fast and furious or similar. The seats were good, but you could have had a bit more leg room. overall the flight was really smooth.

The flight attendants where nice and helpful. The flight back was delayed by 1 hour, because there was a burning Boeing 777 in Las Vegas on the Runwy, so we couldn't start. It got a bit hot in the airplane because of the hot weather in Las Vegas, but the flight attendants served cooled water. But the rest of the flight was nice.

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Economy Condor (Thomas Cook) FRA - LAS 08/2015

Never again Oman Air

It was a horrible flight!
After boarding the plane, we were kept inside the oven like plane (plane A/C was not functioning properly in that hot summer day) waiting for almost an hour, for 4 connecting passengers plane to arrive at Muscat airport, and then board our plane!
We the passengers were literally swimming in our sweat, and were in miserable condition!

Read more about « Never again Oman Air »
Business Oman Air MCT - BEY 04/2016

Never take this airline

I agree completely with most of the other opinions, in the plane it was very cold, asking the hostesses to increase the temperature resulted in nothing.

Apart from distributing 2 meals very unfriendly there were always absent.

Looking the news on the screen: only Russia Today with a picture of Putin (that says all), then 3 reports more than 3 months old and only about bad situations in the West.

Some Euronews reports but only cultural events. Pure propaganda. Aeroflot is really Russia today!

Read more about « Never take this airline »
Economy Aeroflot SXF - HAV 03/2017


Flew from Doncaster. One female ground crew removing cases by the dozen. Most 1 to 2 cm more than specified and then charging additional baggage...

Read more about « Dreadful »
Economy Flybe DSA - AGP 11/2016

Worst airline ever (especially for special diets and allergies): Indian customer service at its worst

I booked my whole Indian holiday with Jet Airways: out of 6 flight, only 1 was on-time (international had 5 hours delays while other companies for same destination were all on time…).

Forget about special diet, they have 2 choices: veg and non-veg. For the rest they’ll apologize a lot but you’ll never get your special on any flights. I traveled for 8 hours on 1 apple and a plate of fruit. Crew promised upgrade as compensation for next flight but it never happened.

Staff ignores you, maybe because they don’t speak good English?

Ground staff are useless as they can’t help with connecting flights. Neither will partner companies.
Toilets are filthy, with pool of liquid on the floor, sinks are flooding. They have never been cleaned once throughout the flight.

In-flight entertainment is not relevant or old. Vintage movies and 10 year-old TED talks are the best you find.

Do yourself a favor, book with any other company than jet airways, anyway price is the same.

Read more about « Worst airline ever... »
Economy Jet Airways AMS - DEL 03/2017

Waste of money

Please they need to update their airlines, no individual tv and coming back from our trip, our flight was delayed for more 8hrs, they didn't give us hotel to stay and the costumer service was too poor.

I will never ever use egyptair in life.

Read more about « Waste of money »
Economy Egyptair LOS - YYZ 01/2017

Inadequate Information on Cancellation charges

I had purchased a one-way flight ticket from Toronto to Mumbai by Jet Airways but had to cancel due to unexpected circumstances. When booking the flight, the terms included ticket refund available for cancellation, however the cancellation fee was not stated. After cancellation, I found that I was charged CAD 322 (approximately 48% of the cost of the ticket) for the cancellation. I found this unacceptable, especially when the cancellation fee is hidden from the customer's view when making the booking. I have been charged a cancellation fee of up to Euro 120 on other airlines, but this was ridiculous. Jet Airways would not respond to my query on how they arrived at the cancellation fee, merely stated that this is as per their rules, which again is hidden from the customer. I am posting this to increase awareness of passengers booking flights with jet Airways.

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Economy Jet Airways YYZ - BOM 01/2017

Awful. Terrible.

Arrogant and rude staff and crew. Most cramped uncomfortable seats imaginable. Old outdated plane. Outmoded entertainment "system". Mean spirited and aggressive security. 4 hour delay to Israel. 25 hour delay return flight to U.S.

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Economy plus El Al Israel Airlines BOS - TLV 03/2017

Vol ponctuel

Confort sommaire mais suffisant pour un vol de courte durée et justifié par le prix. Personnel agréable, check-in online aisé. Une idée...

Read more about « Vol ponctuel »
Economy Volotea SXB - TLS 03/2017

Cheap in every way except price

Air Baltic will try to charge you for every smallest thing on top of mid range ticket price : luggage, check in, seat selection, food, not even a drink of water on the house.

Seat and access to toilet so far still included.

At least to me this leaves the most unpleasant feeling of beeing fleeced non stop.

By the same flight via another company (for instance Brussels Airlines) and all of a sudden you get more for the same price while on the very same flight. Maybe its time they had a rethink on what kind of impression all this leaves. In my case, I have taken flights with a stop-over choosing over direct flight with these guys.

Read more about « Cheap in every way except... »
Economy Air Baltic RIX - BRU 12/2016
Inga K.


The flight was quite good: clean cabin, polite personnel, comfortable seats, nice meal (two types of dishes on your choice). Good entertainment onboard (cood collection of video, incl. new movies and cartoons). Check-In was quick and unproblematic. Take off and landing were quite normal.

Read more about « Good! »
Economy Turkish Airlines IST - NUE 03/2017


The flight was quite good: clean cabin, polite personnel, comfortable seats, nice snacks. Check-In was quick and unproblematic. Take off and landing were quite normal.

Read more about « Good! »
Economy Turkish Airlines KBP - IST 03/2017

Extremely poor customer service

My flight was scheduled for March 2nd but was cancelled by Air Côte d'Ivoire staff upon my arrival for check in and reschedule for March 3rd.

I was told on the 2nd by Air Côte d'Ivoire staff that my trip was comfirmed on March 3rd.

Due to poor customer service and Air cote d Ivoire inability to pay attention to details, my reschedule flight was not possible, I waited for hours at the Airport for confirmation but with no results.

I missed my flight yet again. Air Côte d'Ivoire staffs are the worst, very rude with no empathy.

Worst traveling experience thus far...

Read more about « Extremely poor customer... »
Economy Air Côte d'Ivoire ROB - ACC 03/2017

Worst service ever

If you book with Transavia, prepare yourself for the worst service ever:
- When you ask the staff to order a drink, you get the answer 'We'll be passing by with our food and drink service soon'. Read: 50 minutes later...
- They don't tell you in advance when they have to wait 2 hours (...) in a plane for a stopover as they couldn't land in the Netherlands because of a storm, although they had this information before taking off.
- While the total trip was already 9 hours, and including the delay 11 hours, the only compensation was a cup of tea or coffee.

On my way back I took Qatar Airways for also a very reasonable price. Difference in service was huge: Very convenient chairs, able to charge your mobile during the flight, view movies, smiling staff, and they immediately took my order - for free...

Read more about « Worst service ever »
Economy transavia DXB - AMS 02/2017
Miranda G.

Beware of theft on night flight!

In order to have a more fair review, I need to mention that Aegean Airline has good new air planes with neat & clean interiors, the service on board...

Read more about « Beware of theft on night... »
Economy Aegean Airlines BEY - ATH 10/2016 1 reactions

Perfect Service

After reading bad reviews on this airline I was so happy in the service I received.

My seat was the most comfortable I have ever sat on in an aircraft. On board service was quick and efficient.

All staff from the pilot to the flight attendants were very professional. For me the flight went smoothly from the check-in going to the pilot himself, wishing me personally, to have a safe journey home.

I will be using Volotea airline again.

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Economy Volotea BOD - TFS 01/2017


For starters, there was no leg room at all.

My knees touched the seat in front the whole flight. Second to this their 'wifi' did not work at all, even their own website didn't work.

Some things couldn't be helped fair enough (turbulence and other people). Also some of their announcements got annoying, things that are irrelevant.

Some of the little tunes played through out the flight got annoying very fast.

The seating is also very un-comfortable, no room at all and i an a person of average size (5'10).

If I was you I would find a different airline, it may be more expensive but i would have rather got multiple trains and busses back to England than get on the plane...

Read more about « Terrible »
Economy Iberia MAD - LGW 02/2017

Perfectly smooth.. as usual

I have been flying with Volotea since 4 years ago and this is the company I use the most for several reason: for long they have been the only one doing the route I needed, for a often reasonable price and always very kind.

Now that I have more options I still like to fly with them if the price is convenient.

Attendants are always very kind, elegant and never rude. Young and professional.

For sure the customer office online is one of the best I ever tried.

Flying more than 20 times per year with them it happens something goes wrong: they are fast, kind and super efficient. That part makes the real difference with anybody else.

Read more about « Perfectly smooth.. as usual »
Economy Volotea VCE - CTA 02/2017

Awful food and no comfort kit

I flew from Northern Ireland to catch my flight from London Gatwick to Toronto to attend a family funeral. Firstly I was shocked that the airline...

Read more about « Awful food and no comfort kit »

Comment from the airline
Economy Air Transat LGW - YYZ 02/2017 2 reactions


The flight was great, arrived even a few minutes in advance.

Despite the bad weather and turbulence commander made a very good landing.

The staff were always friendly and attentive onboard the needs of its passengers.

Rivolerò with them definitely.

Read more about « EXCELLENT FLIGHT »
Economy Volotea NAP - PMO 02/2017
Antonio M

Careless Airline

Our checked in bag was completely drenched with water that smelled like fish (there was leakage of contents of some other passenger's bag).

We are vegetarians. We have had to dispose the bag and most of its contents since the stench just would not go.

The customer care representative of the airline cannot care less.

They bluntly refuse to assume any responsibility, they are only interested in the money they made out of flying us. Very disappointing.

Read more about « Careless Airline »
Economy IndiGo HYD - DXB 02/2017


The flight was nice, delicious food, and nice staff.

Boarding was well organized with priority barfing and separate for business class passengers.

Service was great as usual on Egypt air.

Read more about « Great »
Business Egyptair YXU - JFK 07/2016
Nora Tanious

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